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Jp's omad journey



  • asgentrasgentr Posts: 230Member Member Posts: 230Member Member
    Speaking ill of a stranger is the least attractive thing imaginable. I feel sorry for them. I was listening to Dr. Berg last night and he said something along the lines of "get healthy to lose weight rather than lose weight to get healthy." Sometimes it is best to just focus on the habits and let the scale pout.
  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Posts: 661Member, Premium Member Posts: 661Member, Premium Member
    I definitely agree if you focus on health the rest will fall into place
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,439Member Member Posts: 1,439Member Member
    @wsandy8512 & @mistymeadows2005 - Thank you for your input and I totally hear what you are saying. <3 When I saw 30 years old...thank you <3 I am actually an old cow, 45 to be exact... :lol: Back to the topic, truly, I have tried upping my calories in my journey several times and the outcome has always been gaining more weight and before I know it, I am back up to 67kg. I had my 2 kids pretty late as my hubby and I wanted to ensure that we had enough money to start a family. So, I was in my early 30s when I had my kids. After breastfeeding my last baby till she was nearly 3 (before she went to kinder), I started on my weightloss journey. I have done almost every single diet you can find. I even joined the gym so that I can attend the exercise classes. No matter how hard I tried, I failed. My highest ever was at 67kg and whenever I get down to my 60 and sometimes 59s, somehow, hell break loose and before I know it, I am back up to 67kg. I eat more calories, eat less calories, exercise more, exercise less and now, I am even not exercising at all as somehow, not exercising allowed me to get pass my plateau, strange but true. I will just take one step at a time and just keep changing my routine till something works. Anyway, I ended up eating up to 1462 calories for yesterday as we had an impromptu farewell dinner.

    @volgirl1322 & @LiLee2018 - Thanks <3. You know, when I was young, my Grandma always tell me that I must always watch out for other women. Somehow, some women are very nasty to other women and never supportive at all. You will be very lucky if you can find a handful of genuine nice honest supportive girlfriends who will be friends for life. I never understood her till I graduated and went to work. OMG, it was a vicious world, I tell ya... :lol: It was an eye opener indeed. Long story short, a group of us girls were trying to comfort our senior who was in the mid of a divorce as she caught him cheating with one of their friends. Anyway, instead of being there for her, one of the girls in our group took the opportunity to comfort that "hubby" and ended up being his girlfriend and then wife. That didn't last long as they ended up in a divorce too. I am very thankful that all the girls here are so nice and supportive. <3

    @asgentr & @LadyBlanks - Thank you <3 I do agree that we must put our health first. It even better if I can stop weighing myself every day but somehow, my head gets so messed up that it drives me


    Week 38
    CW: 59.4kg

    Thank you for all your posts <3 Had an impromptu dinner yesterday as one of our friends tended her resignation and will be following her partner to another state. All of us had fish & chips in her favourite cafe. So, in total, I had 1462 calories yesterday and I know Mr Scale will tell me so this morning. I was telling them about the 2 girls at the jeans section and OMG, the stories that some of our friends shared were worse than that 2 girls. I think I really am like a little frog living under a coconut shell. However, we all agree that no matter what, when we girls hear it, it does sting.

    We had one of the coldest night yesterday and we were alerted with frost warnings on our mobile phones. All of us have are now wearing our winter clothing :lol:

    Today’s Date: 11 April 2019
    Todays Plan: OMAD
    Weight Goal for the Month: 58kg
    Today’s Weight: 59.4kg (gain weight :( )
    Today’s Water Consumed: 7 glasses (not enough)
    Today’s Exercise completed (calories burned if desired): None
    Hours slept: 5 hours or less (Kids were complaining it was too cold, this and that the whole night)
    Description/Photo of Meals: Total calories - 1100. (Homemade ABC Soup, White Rice, 2 cups Grapes, Cinnamon Bun & Lay's Sour Cream Chips )
    Thoughts : I must NOT fall off the wagon!!!

    Have a wonderful Thursday, you guys <3
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,570Member Member Posts: 1,570Member Member
    Yeah there are some mean girls/women out in the world for sure.... You will not fall off the wagon ---stay strong :) it will come off.....even thought it might be a lot slower than you want it to :)
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,192Member Member Posts: 3,192Member Member
    LMAO we woke up to snow this morning too! Thought we were over this sh**!!! LOL

    Anywho, well do what your body feels best with, but I truly think if you MONITOR your cals correctly and up them slowly, you might FEEL better AND see more results - but what you feel comfortable with is always best <3 Stick it out girl, we've got this :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,023Member Member Posts: 1,023Member Member
    Woooow on the coworker that did that. What a horrible person. Who would even think "Oh so the husband is up for some cheating? I want a piece of that too! He TOTALLY won't do that to me. He's totally a catch!" Geeze...
    I wish I could say I was a good person when I was younger, but I wasn't. I totally *kitten* talked others and boy do I cringe HARD thinking about how I was back then. I was just not the greatest person when I was a teen/early 20's. It was totally a self esteem issue with me and thankfully with age I grew out of doing crap like that and see it for what it really is.

    Maybe reverse dieting would appeal to you. I've only seen a few youtube vids on it, but you basically slowly increase your calories. You also exercise a lot during that time too so you don't gain fat. But in the end, your maintenance calories end up being higher so when you eat in a deficit, you're able to eat a lot more.. or something like that. I'm sure there's probably a little more to it than that lol.

    Keep it going though! Don't let that *kitten* of a scale get you down! Keep going and keep kicking butt!
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,439Member Member Posts: 1,439Member Member
    @volgirl1322 - Thank you <3 Yes, even in my little town in the countryside, we have a bunch of women who are just plain mean and they spend so much money to make themselves model skinny, wearing branded clothes, make-up, taking diet pills,etc. I tend to stay away from them so I am drama Currently, I am struggling but I am hanging on.

    @mistymeadows2005 - Thank you <3 Snow? We have some snow here too...not in my little town but up in the mountains. Some of them have even gone I have been trying to up my calories and Mr Scale has indicated that its not the right decision. I will just take it one day at a time and change it along the way.

    @LiLee2018 - Thank you <3 Lots of these "not so good" things happen here...the stories which I hear and read in the newspapers are just so horrid. I am from a small country town and when I went to the city, I was shocked and horrified. But, after living in the city for ages, I got used to it and just MYOB. Now, I am back to my little country town. Not as bad as in the city, but you still have

    Week 38
    CW: 59.6kg (gained :( )

    Good afternoon OMADers :)

    I have been trying to see if it works if I up my calories but I guess its the same old thing... if I eat more than 1200 calories, I will put on weight. That means, from this try out, I have put on 1kg. :( So, from next week onwards, I will just eat around the calories which I am use to and see how it goes. My body is just so different from others. I have been on group fasts, group dieting, etc and it always shows that whatever works on the majority, it just doesn't work on me. :( Been to the doctors for check-ups but nothing is wrong with me as per the doctors.

    Today’s Date: 12 April 2019
    Todays Plan: OMAD
    Weight Goal for the Month: 58kg
    Today’s Weight: 59.6kg (gain weight :( )
    Today’s Water Consumed: 5 glasses (not enough)
    Today’s Exercise completed (calories burned if desired): None
    Hours slept: 8 hours
    Description/Photo of Meals: Total calories - 1015. (Ham & Chicken Fried Rice, Cinnamon Bun & Lay's Sour Cream Chips )
    Thoughts : Hmm...managed to get down to 58.5kg and now I am back up to 59.6kg. I must not give up, I must try try again. Roughly 2 weeks or more till end of the month to reach my April GW.

    Have a wonderful Friday, you guys! <3

    edited April 2019
  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Posts: 661Member, Premium Member Posts: 661Member, Premium Member
    Hi, I was looking at your meal description and it seems really high carb. Have you tried lowering your carbs? Not keto or anything but maybe try reducing the carbs a bit and see if your body responds.

    I know I am struggling with that because whenever I eat carbs my weight shoots up but I don't want to completely give up on them. I need to find that right number/balance where I can still have some carbs and not gain.
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,570Member Member Posts: 1,570Member Member
    I also wonder about fiber or more veggies.....have you tried to see if that would work as well.

    It is a struggle for sure ---we all face those times of the ridiculous gains....But keep it up!!!!! We are here to support you!!
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,023Member Member Posts: 1,023Member Member
    Yeah, maybe a lower carb meal would help you lose? You probably wouldn't have to do it all the time. Maybe start with just 2 meals out of the week, then 3.
  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    I agree that maybe you should try low carb/high fat, you may very well be insulin resistant. Hang in there sweet lady. :-)

    **I'm an older cow than you so :p lolol I'm 49
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,439Member Member Posts: 1,439Member Member
    @LadyBlanks - Thank you <3 My whole family loves carbs. I tried to lower my carbs before but I often fail as I get all cranky and it just drive my family Hmm, may be I should try lowering my carbs again but this time, it will be at a level which will not drive me I will try it asap and will post :)

    @volgirl1322 - Thank you <3 I try to eat more veggies and fruits. I think its the carbs. So, I will try lowering my carbs again and see what happens. Fingers cross!

    @LiLee2018 - Thank you <3 Yes, I think I will try again...lowering my carbs intake. Fingers cross!

    @wsandy8512 - Thank you <3 Yup, I think I will lower my carbs and try again :) As my son always say " No Mama, you ain't old. You are forever sweet 16 <3"


    Week 39
    CW: 59kg

    Good evening OMADers :)

    It has been a hectic few days for little old me :( #2 was fighting with #1 for the whole weekend :( Her computer monitor ain't working anymore and since we live 45 mins for a town where one can get a monitor screen, we had to wait till today when we go grocery shopping that we could get her another monitor screen. OMG, they drove me nuts. Furthermore, #2's fish pass away and she was just so cranky and upset over it. She also insisted that she wanted another fish and only today, we could get her another one...this time a little goldfish. Hopefully, she will take better care of this one this time...fingers cross! Even though we love our kids to death, when they both gang up, they can really drive my hubby and I nuts especially when they want more computer time. These are the days I wish the school holidays are over..ain't I a bad mother :( And to top everything, my vertigo came back :(

    I was talking to my hubby and me lowering my carbs and he reminded me how cranky I was when I went on a very low carb diet and it nearly killed I was telling him that this time, I will still eat carbs but just trying to lower it to a level which I am NOT cranky. He said that I can give it a try but if I start to get cranky, he will put a stop to it. Well, I guess I will start tomorrow and see how it step at a time.

    Today’s Date: 15 April 2019
    Todays Plan: OMAD
    Weight Goal for the Month: 58kg
    Today’s Weight: 59kg
    Today’s Water Consumed: 5 glasses (not enough)
    Today’s Exercise completed (calories burned if desired): Don't really know but I did walk around town from 10am - 3pm.
    Hours slept: 7 hours
    Description/Photo of Meals: Total calories - 1052. (Creamy Pasta Salad, ABC soup which consists of carrots, wongbok, potatoes and onions & Ice Milo )
    Thoughts : Am going to try to lower my carbs...fingers cross!

    I am just wondering were are you guys from? If its too personal, my apologies. I know that @volgirl1322 is from Tennassee ( hopefully I am right).

    Have a wonderful Monday, you guys! For me, I will going to bed soon :)
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,439Member Member Posts: 1,439Member Member
    This is me.... lol

  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,570Member Member Posts: 1,570Member Member
    LOL that image is so funny!!!! Yep I am from Tennessee :)….

    Hoping lowering your carbs to a level where you are not going to kill someone will work for you :) it is a hard balance I am sure....but we are here for you and hoping it works....

    Sorry about your kiddos ---that is the not so fun part about being a parent is the fighting LOL...…..I remember those days!
  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Posts: 661Member, Premium Member Posts: 661Member, Premium Member
    I am from Pennsylvania
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,023Member Member Posts: 1,023Member Member
    When you lower your carbs, make sure to get in electrolytes. LOTS of electrolytes!
    Good job trying it out at least. It doesn't even have to be an every day thing. Maybe just do it.. a couple times a week at first and build up to doing it all week long or something. Or halfing your normal serving of something.. like the ice cream. Eat half the amount you normally would and increase a portion of meat or veggie to make up for it.

    I hear you on the kids. Of course we all love our kids, but that doesn't mean they don't drive us completely crazy sometimes... ok... A LOT of the time. My kids stress me out now.. I don't even want to imagine what it's going to be like when they're teens. Lord help my sanity! lol

    OO fish. I've been in to the fish hobby for years now and have 3 running tanks at the moment :)

    And I'm located in South Carolina :)
  • Brendalea69Brendalea69 Posts: 3,572Member Member Posts: 3,572Member Member
    NH girl here :)
  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    Hey Jade, I hope going low carb works for you and that you don't want to kill people. LOL

    Until this time, I've never done low carb, but my bad labs were a game changer. Anyway, I have not been hungry or cranky at all. Healthy fats, healthy fats, healthy fats as many as you can squeeze in. Low carb, moderate protein, majority fats (and of those healthy ones). Olive oil, avocado oil, and their food equivalents, walnuts, pistachios, pecans, chia seeds, flaxseed, eggs, full fat from dairy, etc. Just try not to use bad for your heart oils like veggie oil. Also maybe look into some keto fat bomb recipes. I am in love with bullet proof coffee, there are all kinds of recipes for it, mine is super basic though; MCT oil, ghee and coffee. You can even make bullet proof tea.

    The reasons for fat=keeps you fuller and more satisfied and doesn't spike insulin like other foods. I also eat a lot of veggies when I do have my meals, though I'm not perfect. One of my favorite treats are low glycemic fruits from the berry family smothered with half n half along with chia seeds.

    You can do it! And, please, don't kill your husband. lolol
  • SoulSisterSoulBrotherSoulSisterSoulBrother Posts: 220Member Member Posts: 220Member Member
    I would just cut out the chips, buns w icing, chocolate etc and stuff for a while - things that were not part of a normal diet 50 years ago (like for a week or 2) - I wouldn't do anything drastic. See how that goes. I think sometimes we make a mistake of doing drastic things and then throw in the towel out of frustration. :/ Good luck to you!
  • LadyBlanksLadyBlanks Posts: 661Member, Premium Member Posts: 661Member, Premium Member
    I would first check my serving sizes. I find it easy to go over on items like cereals, rice and other pastas. I check the portion size and weigh it out so I can get a visual for what a true portion size is and then can just eyeball it from there. If you are good on your serving sizes, you may consider half a serving of the high carb items.
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