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Welcome to the Challenge new and returning teammates!! This is the conversation/weigh in thread for your Team :) Keep on losing because our first weigh ins begin THIS Sunday! I am here for you should you need anything - simply message me or tag me by putting an '@' just before my username (NO SPACES) and I will get to you asap! ~ Ashley @AB0215 or Craig @craigo3154


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    Hello Team Run Track Minds and Welcome to February!!

    My name is Tracy @tlgale I will be your captain for this month.

    A little about myself...I started my weight loss journey a year ago and am now 60lbs lighter! I still have a long way to go yet though, about 80lbs. December and January were rough for me but I'm ready to get serious again (for the hundredth time!). My goal for February is to get back into tracking everything, staying within calories for most days and getting enough water.
    I have a 4 year old son with spastic quad CP and his different abilities and needs are my main motivation for wanting to get the weight off. As he grows and gets heavier, I need to shrink and get stronger!!

    Please feel free to introduce yourselves and share your goals for the month as well.

    We are going to be running a (Optional) Mini-Challenge this month: Daily Posts/Ultimate Accountability

    First and foremost is that participation in the challenge is optional. It's up to you as to whether you want to try this. If you don't want to participate in these challenges, you don't have to, the choice is yours, but I would like to encourage you to participate as it seems to help keep us on track and thinking about our goals on a daily basis and it's encouraging to see other's successes and struggles so that we realize that we are not alone!!

    The Daily Posts Challenge is based on another challenge on MFP called UAC (ultimate accountability challenge). The way UAC works is that the aim is to follow 5 basic rules.

    #1. Track EVERYTHING you eat that has calories.
    #2. Stay inside your allocated daily budget.
    #3. Try to do at least 20 minutes of activity a day (anything: walk, run, cycle, swim, gardening, housework, yoga, gym, etc.. As long as it gets you active and off the couch)
    #4. 1 pass day permitted per week (went over calories, could not track, not enough exercise, intentional pass)
    #5. Check in daily (tracking yes/no, calories yes/no, exercise yes/no).

    You set your own daily budget.
    You choose you own exercise and intensity (no step limit, no exercises you cannot or should not do, 20 mins of gardening counts as much as a 10mile run.
    It is not weight based (as weight fluctuates day by day).

    Daily check in keeps you in touch with those doing similar. Longer term weight management is hard to do on your own.

    It works on an honor system. Being honest with yourself and others is a key to making things work. Remember, this is a judgement free zone, everyone has good days and bad days, but the way to get to the finish line is by being honest and when we have a bad day, picking ourselves up and carrying on.

    Your posts should look like this:
    Daily Post (Sunday)

    Track: Yes/no
    Calories: Yes/no (were you under)
    Exercise: Yes/no (what type and how long)
    Goals or Day: (Tell us a brief description about your how your day went or goals for the day)

    Please post your weight on your scheduled weigh in day, as if you miss weigh-ins, you may be eliminated from the challenge and we don't want to see that happen!!

    Your weekly weigh in posts should look like this:
    Week: February Week 1
    PW =(previous weight)
    CW=(current weight)

    Just type PW & CW if you'd like (or if it's easier, you could keep a note on your PC desktop to make it easier to copy and paste from week to week.)

    Please setup your posts in that format as it really makes it much easier to track.

    Welcome to February! Let's all have a great month 😀
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    Would anyone like to volunteer to be co-captain and help me out??
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    Hello Team. I'm Sarah. Can't wait to start. I might not have a huge amount to lose, but I am dedicated to losing it! I have a open dairy if you want to add me as a friend to maybe help me if you see something holding me back. I work nights, so my post aside from the weekends will be in the afternoon. We got this! Hope to see and hear from all the members soon. Eyes forward, head up, one foot in front of the other! (Sorry I would help you team leader, but I just have such a off schedule I can't this time around)
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    Hi everyone.
    Im excited to be back to MFP- was here a few years ago and was able to be close to/ or maintain my goal weight of 145 (im 5”7 and athletic build). The weight has crept back over over the years and im currently 169 - size 8. Looking to get back into my old clothes (total loss of about 20-25 pounds) decided to join this challenge as extra motivation.
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    Hello. I have previously lost weight with SW and then piled it all back on. I’m aiming to get to my goal weight by the end of the year and am hoping to loose 2lb a week if I can!
  • GEPG
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    Oh and I’m in the UK. Anyone else?
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    I am a very busy Mom/Wife. My husband refers to me as a married single mom. He is a truck driver and is gone for sometimes more than a month at a time. We have three amazing little boys ages 8, 7, and 3 and one beautiful little girl who is 1. Our oldest has multiple special needs and keeps me on my toes and always always busy.

    I have struggled with my weight for longer than I can remember. I was 204 in 6th grade and 275 all through high school. My highest weight was 330 and I am now down to 297. I started WW and the program seems to be a good choice for me. I like joining in on challenges because I find it a good source of extra motivation.

    I am finding it hard to get my steps in right now because it is a brutal winter here in Michigan this year. I try to do the Leslie Sasone videos on youtube but usually end up tripping over the dog, cats and children when I try to walk in the house.

    I am looking to lose 10lb by the end of February. Figure that is a solid goal and should be attainable.

    Wishing every one good luck.
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    Hi! I’m Stacy. I’m almost 47 and have 55 pounds to lose. My kids are finally old enough that I feel I have time to work on myself. Started at the gym in October with barre 1-2x a week and cardio 3-4 days a week. I haven’t seen much of a change so I’ve decided to pay attention to calories and really get things going!
    Looking forward to meeting some goals with you all!
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    Hi, I’m Andrea and looking forward to some accountability and community to help keep me on track to achieve my goals.....
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    Hi Everyone, Welcome aboard new members!
    I'm Andrea, married with 4 wonderful kids. I live in Massachusetts just North of Boston.
    Im going on my second month in the group. For me the accountability helps. I started January at 166.8 (Im like 4"11)!! tomorrow is my weigh in day. I will find out then what my total loss is for the month. The plan was to be back in the 150's. It all falls on the scale now.
    Whatever the number is, Im going to be ready for the spring whether it kills me. I want to look and feel good in my clothes and put on a bathing suit without hiding under a coverup. So thats the long term goal.
    This month's goal is to get to 152. Ive got alot of work to do!
    Goodluck everyone.
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    Is the pw what you weighted the last time you weigh yourself? Or are we starting with a fist weigh in? I weigh myself Saturdays. Just curious as my last weight was 169.8. Do I put that at PW? Then if I lost any put it on my weight this Saturday?
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    Hi everyone and welcome new members. I'm Zoe from the UK I'm 38. Ths is my 2nd month for the challenge however I've been a member of mfp for a few years however since July when I applied from a promotion and the stress of it my weight increased.

    My big goal is to lose 28lb by end of July for our big trip to Orlando (massive disney and Harry potter fan here)
    Sounds so easy to do when you write but I really struggle with losing weight tend to bounce up and down the same few lbs so hoping being part of the group will help push me to meet my goal.

    My mini goal was to lose 14lb by 16th Feb when we go away for my husband's 40th, however i eont hit that i am hoping to get close to 10lb.
    I was also planning on start some walking exercise dvds which i didn't so this month is a must x
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    Is the pw what you weighted the last time you weigh yourself? Or are we starting with a fist weigh in? I weigh myself Saturdays. Just curious as my last weight was 169.8. Do I put that at PW? Then if I lost any put it on my weight this Saturday?

    @Slivnfree1982 for your first weigh in, your pw is the one that you gave as your starting weight. And if you weigh on Saturday, your first weigh in day will be February 9th. After that, your pw is whatever you were the week before.
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    Username: flaurier
    Week (feb 1st friday)
    PW: 169
    CW: 166
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