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  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,713Member Member Posts: 1,713Member Member
    LOL that is too funny!!
    I love all things steak :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Exercise is done for the day.
    It was pretty good. I didn't know how to do one move so skipped it, but I did the other ones with no problem. For 2 of them... I think I'm going to increase the weight next time. It was a dumbbell step up and dumbbell single leg calf raise. I can easily increase the weight for those 2 things. I actually really liked doing the step ups. I dunno for some reason it was just fun doing them.
    I also did a dumbbell seated press. 3lb weights were actually enough for those. Dang I'm weak right now, BUT I'm working on it :)
    I took out 2 moves b/c it works areas that I don't want to work out. I know that sounds kind of stupid, but it's like a side crunch and a shrug move and I just don't want to work out those parts of my body.
    So next time, I'm going to replace those with a lat pulldown on my home gym and just regular bicep curls or hammer curls... or maybe both.
    Those 3 things are supposed to help build your strength up to do pullups which is one of my fitness goals.. to be able to do a pullup.
    It's going to take a looooooong time to achieve that b/c I can't even hold my own weight up (and probably won't be able to until I'm at my goal), but I'm not in this short term. :)

    Tired today b/c I slept horribly, but feeling ok. Still no period which means I'm definitely going to have it during our trip, but... whatever. Not going to let it ruin the day :) Just gonna suck having to worry about that lol.
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,639Member Member Posts: 1,639Member Member
    You are doing amazing with your exercises 👍 Keep up the good work❤️ Sorry to hear about your bad sleep. Hope tonight will be better.
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Alrighty, so food for today was
    2 coffees
    steak burrito in low carb tortilla shell w/ pimento cheese, hot sauce, steak, lettuce
    fried coleslaw mix w/ soy sauce, sesame oil, 2 fried eggs, salt, pepper, chili sauce
    couple sprays of whipped cream
    about 1-1.5c of kimchi for a snack

    Not too bad I think :)
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,639Member Member Posts: 1,639Member Member
    Not too bad at all :) Love anything kimchi <3
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Simmering some pig's feet right now. I don't like the skin part at all, but all the bits under it? YUM.
    I wish I knew how to keep the inside parts all tender and good but get the skin crispy.
    I might try frying them after they're done slow cooking. See if that works.

    Today is daughter's last day of 1st grade. Dang this school year went by so fast. I remember being in school and it feeling like an eternity.
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Ok so to finish off those pork feet, after boiling them for a few hours, I popped them in the air fryer for about 50 mins. First 30 was on a low temp, then the last 30 on 370. It didn't give that cracklin type crispiness, but it still make the skin crisp which is what I was hoping for.
    Yum :)

    For dinner I pan fried some chicken breasts and had myself a big salad.

    Today officially starts the first day of summer break and it was nice being able to sleep in an extra hour.

    I did NOT want to workout this morning, but I've set a goal for myself and I'm going to stick with it.
    I didn't do the workouts assigned for today though b/c I didn't know what a good number of them were. If I had to sit down to look them up, I wouldn't have done anything.
    So instead, I just did a few different random exercises.
    I did DB curls with 8lb weights. First time doing them at that weight and I think I did ok :)
    DB bent over rows w/ 3lb weights. I think I can go up to 5 for these. I need to look up how to do these again bc I'm not sure I did them right.
    Leg extensions on the home gym and DB squats.
    My squat game could still use A LOT of work. I can't squat low... guessing it's b/c of my crappy flexibility and just lack of muscle too. I'll be able to do them properly one day. Just have to keep at it like everything else :)

    I did weigh in thiis morning and yeah, still up 168.2 but that's expected b/c I'm still bloated.
    Not sure what the heck my body is doing right now, but I'm annoyed as hell that the longer it takes for my period to start, the more likely it will be heavy during our trip and just... GRRRRRRR. Stupid body!
    Wants to be regular for months.... suddenly a trip comes up and it's time to get irregular again! :\ What next... one of the kids comes down with a stomach bug the day before???
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,639Member Member Posts: 1,639Member Member
    Don't be so hard on yourself❤️ You are exercising now, so your weight might hover but eventually it will even out and you will see the woosh👍🤩 Oh no, not your kids falling sick too? Sending over quick healing vibes.
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    jadepearl wrote: »
    Don't be so hard on yourself❤️ You are exercising now, so your weight might hover but eventually it will even out and you will see the woosh👍🤩 Oh no, not your kids falling sick too? Sending over quick healing vibes.

    Oh no no. Kids aren't sick for now. I was just saying that with our current luck, one of them would get sick the day before our trip lol

  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,275Member Member Posts: 3,275Member Member
    Just caught up on your threadddddddd - you're doing great babe!!! Look at that fanny pack! What a freakin NSV!!!

    Also WE DON'T HAVE PIGS FEET EITHER and I want em :disappointed:

    Bloating AND the exercise will keep your weight up, but you're still down from your 171!!! GET IT GIRL!!!

    Proud of you <3

    I should be around like normal now for better responses LOL
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Ok so one thing that is telling me that AF should be right around the corner sooner rather than later....
    I'm hungry, but I want absolutely nothing healthy. The thought of eating any more meat or salads is making me want to cry lol. Well... unless the meat is fried chicken or on top of a pizza..... and unless the veggie is in the shape of a french fry ...... or on top of a pizza too :P lol
    Got hungry and just suddenly felt a "I'm SO utterly and completely over eating healthy today" feeling and my dramatic butt did actually want to cry thinking about needing to stay healthy and not giving in.

    I might just have a cheat dinner. I won't be able to go out for anything, but maybe even just making myself a PB and Jelly sandwich sounds good right now or hell... buttered toast. Or 2 rows of chocolate chip cookies with a tall glass of cold milk. It's not even that I want to go binge eat... I just do NOT want anything that I should be eating. Damn I want a pizza now that I mentioned it lol

    Please tell me I'm not alone in these emotions. What did yall do?? Just give in for the day and get back to it once you were feeling better or just hold strong?
    A part of me says to hold strong b/c I'm gonna be cheating next week... but then another part is like
    "You're already up in weight, go ahead and have something. You know you're gonna get back to it tomorrow etc etc"

    Stupid hormones!
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,275Member Member Posts: 3,275Member Member
    Listen...this is why I refuse to restrict the types of foods I eat ****I'M NOT JUDGING AND I UNDERSTAND SOMETIMES IT'S MEDICALLY NECESSARY****

    I get like that every f-ing day after a WEEK if I restrict like that - I just can''s hard enough to restrict the TIME, I'm not adding any more to the list.

    But yes hormones :(:(:( They're the worst
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Yeah unfortunately with my relationship with food... I have to remain strict or at least keep the cheating under control.
    I wish I could stick to a diet where I could eat whatever I wanted, but just keep it in a deficit, but what I eat doesn't keep my body feeling satisfied so I want to keep eating and eating and eating.

    I did have my cheat dinner and desert after.
    I ate an egg sandwich.. yum! I also ate a PB & J sandwich... yuuuum.
    I then filled the remainder of my stomach... and then some with chocolate chip cookies and milk.

    My kids drove me crazy today.... my body is just... I dunno.... cheat meal.... I'm good with it.
    Back to better choices tomorrow :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    So just got back from Target with a bikini top. I don't plan on flaunting myself in a bikini or anything, just want to wear it under a shirt for the amusement park and whenever else.
    Yikes man...ok first...
    Almost nothing in my size!! I guess there are a lot of large ladies out there.
    Next... could the lighting in their fitting rooms be any worse? Holy crap.
    Wanna see all of your flaws and blemishes amplified by 10k?? Go try on something in a Target fitting room. lol
    Feeling good and need to be taken down a notch? lol

    Anywho, I did find one that was ok. I think an XL in this style would've fit me better right now, but the large fit snug which is fine. Hopefully by the end of the summer, it will be fitting perfect or loose :)
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,639Member Member Posts: 1,639Member Member
    I cannot restrict, I need my chocolate and carbs fix. So, if I have to just eat whatever a diet states, I will surely fail. That's why I prefer OMAD where I can eat anything. Even trying to cut down on carbs, I can get cranky 😅 We have Target here too and the lights are just too bright and I hate trying clothes there. So, I just grab and go 😁
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    I think my relationship with food in general has gotten a lot better.
    Before starting this, cheating once would've had me right back to poor eating habits all over again. But now.. I cheat and have absolutely no problem getting back to healthier eating. Sometimes I find myself wanting to continue to cheat, but it's a far distant urge that's easily ignored.
    Once I'm at my goal, I know I'll be able to ease up some. I'll probably always have to remain low carb if I don't want to gain, but eating something like... a baked potato or even just french fries or a sandwich isn't going to be a problem. Not like now.... if I want those, I can expect to retain water and have to wait 2 weeks for my body to get back down. Annoying.. lol

    Something I am having trouble with though is restarting OMAD again. I'm not going to start it back up until after next week, but I REALLY need to commit to it now more than ever. August is right around the corner and I don't want to still be this big then. I still need to buy a new bathing suit top for the beach trip and it would be nice to have more cute options to pick from that I'd feel comfortable wearing :)
    I need to take some of this willpower and recommit to OMADing. After I'm done with the coffee I have left... I'm not going to buy anymore. Right now, it's my OMAD kryptonite. If it's in the house, I'm going to cave and drink some in the morning when I want it the most. It's not even about the caffeine from it... I just really enjoy the flavor and how soothing it is.
    I gotta do it though... I gotta do it! /nodnod

    150's.... you've been just out of reach for some time now... but I'm coming for ya..... I'm coming for you! 140's..I'm eyeballing you too! :lol:
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Thankfully no more weird hormonal things today lol.
    I've had 2 coffees, pork rinds, rotisserie chicken, slow cooker pork, and this strawberry cheesecake no bake thing I made.

    The slow cooker pork was.... not good. Flavor good, but it's soooooo dry. Did not work out lol.

    Strawberry cheesecake thing...
    Sliced up strawberries. Added in vanilla and powdered swerve and set aside.
    Blended softened cream cheese with vanilla and powdered swerve until smooth. Then added in heavy whipping cream. Didn't measure, just added it until was lighter.... maybe a cup worth?
    Then added in the strawberries and mixed in and globbed a bunch in a bowl and ate it up lol.
    Wondering if it would be better if I added just a little bit of citric acid for more tartness, but it's good on its own too and I'll probably have more later too lol.
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    It's finally starting!!!!
    Good grief. Only like 5 days late :\ SIGH Going to be in the middle of it for our trip which really sucks, BUT it's supposed to be only 70degrees so at least I won't have to worry about the water park area and getting wet. Although it might rain.... Oh well. We're going and we're going to have fun /nodnod

    Thankfully no other funky food issues have come up again. Although I would like some rice tonight with dinner. Debating if I want to have some or not. Kimchi and rice... if I had spam too that would be my dinner lol. Mmmmm fried spam.
    MMMMMM kimchi fried rice with fried spam in it! lol Damnit... I'm hungry.

    Lol overall.. feeling pretty ok. Not great. Tired and hungrier than normal and I can feel a headache coming on, but overall, I'm good :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    I did. I had some rice and I loved it! I definitely held back and only had about 1 cup of cooked rice... a heaping cup, but no more.
    Also had a chicken thigh and lots of kimchi.
    Having another 2 thighs now and yeah... feeling good and satisfied.

    I know I'm bloated though. I was SO thirsty yesterday and drank a ton and didn't really pee that much. Good ole hormones.

    I'm good though thankfully. Thankfully other than the bloating, the PMS symptoms have eased up and thankfully my periods aren't too bad with symptoms usually. Sometimes they can be bad with cravings or blah feeling but I'm good today and I'll take it :)

  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,078Member Member Posts: 1,078Member Member
    Dang... DANG.... already close to the middle of the dang month! Seeing Tracey's new thread really opened my eyes to how close August really is.
    In my mind... August is still like 3 months away lol.
    Holy crap.
    Ok.... time to get serious.
    This week... not OMADing. Just... not. My mind isn't in the right place to start it, BUT I was planning on starting it again next week and I'm really going to commit to it no matter what until beach vacation!
    I'll have to start tracking my food again to make sure I remain in a decent deficit. I'm sure some days will be better than others.
    Gotta do it though.
    I really want to be in the 150's, like well in to it (155 or better) by the time of our vacation b/c I am going to be cheating that entire week along with when we're home b/c 2 of our kids have birthdays (Aug 8th and 9th) and I'm having me some birthday cake too :P lol
    I can imagine my weight will be back up in to the 160's after so need to get it down as much as possible before then.
    Gotta do it, gotta do it, gotta do it!!

    I'll take this week to just.. relax though as far as eating goes. Relax and get back in to the right mindset to be strict OMAD again for the rest of the time. I can do it!!!

    Exercising is done for the day. I did it as soon as I got up. I knew if I waited or put it off for a little later, I wouldn't do it so I just got up and got it done and out of the way.
    I increased weights just a little. Still kept is a bit easy for now.
    I replaced some of the workout with different moves but overall I'm happy with what I did :)
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