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  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    I honestly don't know if I'm getting sick. I have no idea what was going on yesterday. My nose is runnier than usual in the morning right now, but other than that I've been ok. /shrugs
    I hope I can avoid getting the family's colds.

    I'm gonna have to find myself a giant water bottle. Maybe having it with me will help get my brain to NEED to drink it. Would also help since I wouldn't have to get up constantly to refill b/c this girl is LAZY! lol
  • volgirl1322volgirl1322 Posts: 1,588Member Member Posts: 1,588Member Member
    Allergies here have been horrible with the crazy weather :# ---hope you aren't getting a cold though.

    I will say the water bottle for me has been the key. It is 24 oz and I drink at least 5 a day while at work and then one at night. It just makes it so easy for me to do! I buy the flavor water packets and lay them on my desk at work to keep up with how many I have had :).......

  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,202Member Member Posts: 3,202Member Member
    Catching up here babe - hope you're feeling even BETTER today!!! I'm with ya on the working out, MAN the motivation is just LACKING in that department!

    2 weeks hardcore! Let's DO THIS!!!
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    I think I'll get one.
    Looks like there are gallon size ones on Amazon that aren't too expensive. Just need to find one with a straw b/c I know my kids will be drinking out of it too and don't need them trying to pick up a gallon of water.. or more like don't need them spilling a gallon of water on the floor :P lol

    Aaand just bought one! On sale for $15. No straw, but reusable straws were only a few dollars and come with a cleaning brush so yay :D Now just need to remember to buy a bottle washing brush thing next grocery day.

    Not having to get up to refill my water should definitely help get me to drink more.
    As it is now... you would think I wouldn't have this problem since I get up so much for my kids, but nope.. opposite problem. I get up for them, always forget crap for myself and once I'm sat down I don't want to get back up unless I must lol.
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,202Member Member Posts: 3,202Member Member
    LMAO I'm the same way...I'll make a mental note to do such-and-such next time I'm forced to get up and SURE AS SH** that's the one thing I'll forget :expressionless:

    The bottle helps me a lot, though I'm in the habit mostly now so I don't necessarily use it all the time - I've been washing and re-using the lovely McDonald's cups which are 32oz, so I try to get at least 4 of those MINIMUM AFTER my energy drinks in the morning :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    YUP! Totally me. Do so much crap for my kids that I usually forget to do whatever it was for myself until I'm already sitting again and then just too lazy to get back up. Good times good times lol.

    Alrighty... after asking on reddit about my stalled weight loss.... had my eyes opened to something I knew.. but just didn't think about for myself.

    So... I've been eating like a normally did (same amount of calories) while I was still losing weight. Weight loss has stalled... why? B/c I'm still eating like I was when I was over 200lbs.
    I think it's finally caught up with my new lower weight, so now I have to readjust my calorie intake to account for lower weight. DUH
    Eating 1600+ calories was my maintenance and that's what I was eating most days.
    DUH AGAIN lol.
    It all makes sense now and just... DUH! lol

    But as someone pointed out.... maintenance was working for me so yay for that at least :)
    Now I know what to do. Time to get this going again! :)

    I was thinking about going back carnivore but with how much I eat... I think just staying keto will be better. I'm going to have to eat A LOT more veggies to help with my big appetite. Think it's a mental thing too. Just knowing I'll have to eat less calories is making me want to go eat right now. Like my stomach just literally started growling lol.
    Oh well.... just means more big a-s salads and I loves me some big a-s salads ;)
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,202Member Member Posts: 3,202Member Member
    Bebe if you're going to be logging anyway, update your weight in MFP, go into settings (on your phonee, pc won't work) and adjust your "goal weight" - it'll tell you it's changing your cals, that's fine. THEN when it automatically changes to your goal being "1 lb a week" or whatever, just change it to maintenance. It'll give you the alert again, that's fine. THEN BOOM! MFP will auto-calculate your maintenance and sync with your fitbit (if you have one) so you can plan your deficits accordingly :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    I did and it says my maintenance is 1800. On some TDEE calculators, it shows that amount too, but on some keto? ones I did earlier, it says it's about 1600. I think around both but no more than 1800 sounds right considering I wasn't losing but not really gaining (if I didn't cheat).
    I'm going to aim for 1400 or lower, but if it goes over some days, meh.

    Dinner tonight was chicken thighs, bell pepper, onion in a Japanese curry (prepacked cube things), A LOT of brussels sprouts cooked in butter, low carb yogurt and a small square of 85% chocolate.
    Oh and broke fast w/ a coffee w/ half and half and monk fruit.
    Total calories... about 1100 give or take.

    Delicious meal that was super filling! Yay veggies that hopefully won't give me horrible gut cramps like they did last time! lol
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,202Member Member Posts: 3,202Member Member
    I hope so too! Veggies are AMAZING! I love 'em so much! In fact, I've never found a vegetable I DIDN'T like!!!

    Yes, mine is 1800 too! That deficit puts you at a pound a week loss give or take! WOOT WOOT!
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    If I stay closer to 1200 cal then it could be 2lbs a week which would be pfft... pretty awesome lol. I think it will just depend on the meat we're having for dinner.

    I do love me some vegetables. I just have to hope they don't screw up my gut. Digestive Enzymes.. don't fail me!!
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,444Member Member Posts: 1,444Member Member
    Its great to hear that you have got yourself a gallon size bottle :) My 2L bottle really help me to get the water intake in :) Good luck with your new calorie goal :+1: You've got this :)
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    Thanks! You and everyone else really helped convince me that getting a bigger bottle would help lol. It just took me a while to finally bite the bullet to get something.

    Yall.... just man.... a weight has been lifted off me since figuring out what was going on w/ my stall. I wasn't planning on quitting or anything, but I was beyond frustrated and annoyed at my weight not moving.
    Knowing why and what I need to do now.... it's like I can breath again. I'm not dreading my weigh-ins anymore like I had been for a while.

    I was at my lowest weight 164 in May. MAY! I'm going to get back down to that by the end of the year. Hoping for more of course, but I'll aim for that :)

    I was 177.8 this morning. Cheat bloat has FINALLY disappeared and my weight is FINALLY not 178something anymore. It's on the move in the right direction.
    Might have a gain next week though since I do plan on exercising again, but we'll see!
    Plan on weighing again before breaking my fast and after the coffee does its thing later :P lol

    I am tired as balls today. Sleep wasn't bad, but I woke up at my usual 3am time to use the bathroom and didn't get back in to a good restful sleep. Dang you bladder!!
  • mistymeadows2005mistymeadows2005 Posts: 3,202Member Member Posts: 3,202Member Member
    KNOWING and having a plan really is half the battle! So glad you're feeling positive and back on track! You've got this boo!
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member

    Alrighty... broke fast a little early (about 20min before 3). Just didn't want to ignore the nagging hunger anymore.
    Broke fast with a coffee and then a low carb yogurt.
    Coffee did it's thing and weight after (HAHA) was 177 :)
    I'll still keep 177.8 as official weigh in number though.

    GAH! It's just nice seeing it go down again /cry
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    My stomach isn't that happy tonight.
    Fixed steak and a salad.

    Salad= Cauliflower, romaine lettuce, tomato, pickled jalapeno, 1 avocado, caesar dressing

    Refreshing and I enjoyed it...
    Ate a few pieces of steak and that was all I wanted of it. Just.... did not want anything heavy. BUT... thought maybe it was just the steak I didn't want. So I warmed up some leftover pork ribs. Ate like 2 forks of that and NOPE. Didn't want it either.
    I did want something else though so had another low carb yogurt,, and some tiny baby dill pickles.

    Think I'm gonna go eat a spoonful of pimento cheese and call it a night.

    Calories should be around 1200 give or take after that.

    Not too shabby :)

    About to go lazy down and finish my book!
  • jadepearljadepearl Posts: 1,444Member Member Posts: 1,444Member Member
    That's fantastic - 1200 cals👍👏 Sure hope you ain't falling sick though. Have a wonderful weekend ❤️
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    Thanks girl!

    I definitely am getting sick though. Boooo
    My nose hasnt quite been runny but almost to that point so this cold is right around the corner I think. Greaaaat

    Fast broken at about 3:30 with a coffee
    Still eating dinner.
    Made kebab meat with ground beef and ground venison with minced onion and spices
    Also having sauted veggies.. zucchini, bell pepper, onion sauted in butter
    And I made a tzatziki sauce using diced cucumber, minced garlic, sour cream, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, dill

    Would be soooo much better to have some naan or pita bread but it's pretty good as is too. Might use one of the low carb tortilla shells lol
    I think fat head dough would probably make a good pita replacement.ight have to try that next time.

    Calories so far are at about 700 but still eating
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    Alrighty... calories ended up being about 1000. That seems kinda low, but I measured and weighed everything. OH it should be a little higher b/c I ate some chicken skin too lol.

    We grilled up a bunch of other stuff for dinners this week and I couldn't resist some crispy chicken skin :P lol

    I also had a low carb yogurt and about a cup of fresh kimchi. Bought it today from the Korean market and it's sooooo good. Sweet though and they added in some radish to it, but that's ok. The amount of sugar in it shouldn't be a problem. I am craving it already though!
    Gonna have to jar some up and leave it on the counter to get sour for soup later. YUM
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    I don't want to get a cold! /cry
    Last fall/winter... I was sick for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT!
    We just kept passing around colds to one another and I missed breathing through my nose and not coughing! lol

    Hopefully this cold won't be so bad, but definitely feeling it today. The stuffiness and constant sniffling is giving me a headache. Boooo!

    Anywho... I got my bottle in yesterday and it's GINORMOUS! lol
    I got this one... clear bottle w/ the pink cap/strap
    Also bought some long silicone straws for it too. Good choice b/c picking up a gallon jug and trying to drink from it seems like it would be awkward as heck.

    Felt like it took forever to fill it up, but should be worth it. I'll be too busy getting up to pee drinking this much water to worry about anything else lol.
    I drank about 1/3 of it and I dunno if it was JUST that... but I had to get up like 5x to pee during the night.
    That wasn't fun but... /shrugs

    Debating if I'm going to do true OMAD b/c a nice warm coffee would feel really nice on the roof of my mouth right now. The scratchy swollen sick feeling got worse during the night and just.... damn colds! Need to stop thinking about it or else I will give in.

    Alrighty. Have some chores to do and going to exercise too. Not looking forward to it since I am sick and currently have a headache, but I said I was going to start and I'm going to!
  • LiLee2018LiLee2018 Posts: 1,033Member Member Posts: 1,033Member Member
    Ok I'm definitely going to break my fast soon.
    Did some weight lifting while I did water changes in my fish tanks.
    I upped my weight a lot on the leg things (brain not working right now) so I'm happy with that and really pushed myself even though I could not do a lot b/c every time I strained this headache got worse.

    Just going to take it easy today, take some tylenol and drink some coffee. Maybe eat some kimchi too b/c I've been salivating since eating some. Damn it was good! lol
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