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Do You Identify as a Food Addict?

ladyzherraladyzherra Posts: 258Member, Premium Member Posts: 258Member, Premium Member
Like so many of us here, I am an emotional eater who has felt obsessive about food. Food is always on my mind. I am immoderate with it. I've hidden it. I've allowed it control my mood. I've felt guilt and shame around it. I've hurt myself with food. I go to food to help me numb emotions that feel too much for me. Food has come between me and going out with friends. Binge-eating disorder is what I have, but I realize recently that food addiction is a thing. I've been reading about it in books and also started attending support group meetings for the addiction. For the first time in almost 40 years I actually feel like I am beginning to see what has plagued me through my life. Does anyone else identify as a food addict?



  • NeuroticVirgoNeuroticVirgo Posts: 3,679Member Member Posts: 3,679Member Member
    Yes! No official diagnosis but researching it and it fits my brain. I've been looking for a support group near me but have yet to find one. The most I found was overeaters anonymous, and...while it had good principals, the overall experience was uncomfortable. I think because of the religious aspect for me personally.

    Did you find the support group just through searching or through like your insurance?
  • ladyzherraladyzherra Posts: 258Member, Premium Member Posts: 258Member, Premium Member
    @neuroticvirgo, a friend of mine attends the meetings. There are OA and FA meetings in my area. The OA principals do not really resound with me, either, but I appreciate the community.
  • ladyzherraladyzherra Posts: 258Member, Premium Member Posts: 258Member, Premium Member
    @Cindy4Change I use a fitbit sometimes, especially to check in with how many calories I burn on average. It's not very much!
  • Cindy4ChangeCindy4Change Posts: 20Member Member Posts: 20Member Member
  • irishjeepgirl1969irishjeepgirl1969 Posts: 188Member Member Posts: 188Member Member
    There is addiction and disordered eating in my family (both sides) going back for generations. My addiction is food. My brother is an alcoholic, so is my dad, my grandfather, my grandmother had an eating disorder, my mom, my aunt, now me. It's scary how it is passed down.

    Food is my co.fort, my shield, my best friend and worst enemy. I am, at present, completely powerless over my addiction to food 😑
  • damaddox7damaddox7 Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    I've always been a compulsive eater and a stress eater. So many bad habits I tried to hide my emotional eating from my children when they were young so they wouldn't pick up these habits. So that resulted in eating at night in front of the tv. Which is another habit I'm trying to stop.

    Things that have helped me control my compulsive eating was to stop when I get overwhelmed and take a breathe maybe meditate, pray whatever works for you.

    I don't eat in my car this was another issue I had. When I got stressed or not hit the drive thru get a shake or fries. I'm trying not to eat alone so that way somebody sees what I'm eating. That's not always possible.
    Putting my fork down after each bite. This is harder than it sounds. This and not eating while watching tv has been hard for me. It seemed as though every time my favorite show came on I had to have a snack.
    @FitnessLoveHealth add me.
    When food is Love by Geneen Roth is a good book. She has several good books that have helped me. Great discussion thanks to all who shared. I got alot of inspiration.
  • dawnireynoldsfbdawnireynoldsfb Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I'm an emotional eater. Work stresses me out. People stress me out. I'm trying to log in here every day and I'm also trying out Noom. I've also started dancing every night since I now live alone. I'm not graceful but who cares. It is exercise and as exercise goes, it's kinda fun. I think I'd like to connect with people who are like me who start eating and simply cannot quit.
  • paba2025paba2025 Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
    I also ID as a food addict. Also, it is my emotional go to. I also start eating and can't stop even when physically full still feel wanting more. I am aware that I am trying to fill something missing with food. I also agree with reading When the food is love book. It is one about the only one I found that resonants with the way I feel and approach food. I am up connecting with others who struggle with overeating and we can support each other.
  • HeatherLeBretonHeatherLeBreton Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Yes, I 1000% identify as a food addict. I've been in therapy for a couple of years now for PTSD and anxiety and it was only when I started therapy that I learned my comfort eating was so much more. It's been 1 year since I have given in to my trigger foods. I finally decided under the support of my therapist that I wanted to really push things up a notch and see how long I could fight giving in to my trigger foods and binge eating my stress and anxiety away. July 9th was my year anniversary. The struggle is still very real. I have to fight cravings all the time. But I have learned to listen to my body for real signs of hunger. It's a constant daily effort. Sometimes I want to say f**k it and throw in the towel. But I've come so far I don't want to surrender. I have a health coach who turned me on to MFP. At first, I was leery because when I was younger I was obsessive about watching my calories and starving myself. And then I'd lose control on the other end of the scale and stuff down everything I could eat because I was starving. I know how easy it is to slip into that mindset again of going from one extreme to the other. For many years I've been an emotional binge eater. I would often attempt to 'diet' and lose weight but I'd always go right back to gaining the weight lost and even more. But thankfully MFP has become a really positive tool for me to use in order to reach my goals of healthy weight loss. For the first time in my life I am actually actively living the concept of 'lifestyle change'. I'm hoping to meet others on here that can relate to my journey and we can provide each other with a positive support system and friendship :smile:
  • MalimalaiMalimalai Posts: 186Member Member Posts: 186Member Member
    I'm 65 and I was addicted to carbs and sugary foods like a lot of people .I found out that ''eating too much carbs and sugary foods make me craved more of these foods''. I got fatter as time went by.So 7 months ago, I change from eating low fat and ate too much carbs to eating low carbs/ high in good fat/ high protein.I'm losing weight, got rid of my cravings and my metal health improve too. It's easier to stick to my new way of eating .I only have to be mindful not to snack when I'm bored but not hungry.I want to get my BMI down to 20 from 22.Then I'll increase carbs but still maintain my weight. I won't go back to eat sugary foods again because I can eat low carb desserts in stead.x 🥚🧀🥩🍗🍤🐟🦑🥗🥦🥑🍮🥜🍰🍪
  • sunlovrsunlovr Posts: 2Member, Premium Member Posts: 2Member, Premium Member
    Great inspiration here. I so identify with the other posters. Starting low carb today. Any easy suggestions especially for desserts that don't include fake foods are appreciated!
  • MalimalaiMalimalai Posts: 186Member Member Posts: 186Member Member
    @sunlovr, I get recipes from the net, Low Carbs group here and groups on Facebook. I replace sugar with sweetener.I like low cal jelly a lot.It's easy to make , filling,tasty and lower in carbs and calories than most keto snacks.I don't eat desserts often . Most of my carbs come from vegetables.x 🥣
  • RastaLousGirlRastaLousGirl Posts: 2,009Member Member Posts: 2,009Member Member
    I love food. I love the taste of food, smell of food, and it really takes alot of food for me to feel full. So, I don't realize how much I am eating. Logging helps.
  • stewykins43_stewykins43_ Posts: 46Member Member Posts: 46Member Member
    I'm not sure if food addict is 100% for me, but I definitely experience more than just emotional binging. Even days when I feel fine I end up hiding from my family in the kitchen to sneak some sweets or chips, or I stay up until 3am munching while I watch the tv and everyone else sleeps. I do my best to log everything though, even 3500+ calorie days. It's hard and it kills my self esteem, thus perpetuating the cycle. (Yaaaaay /s)
    My heart goes out to everyone here. :( Feel free to add me if you like.
  • damaddox7damaddox7 Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    Hi Everyone, Watched a great documentary called Fed Up about how addictive sugar is and how the food industry is making millions off of it.
    It's very informative about what's in processed foods. It's on Amazon Prime or free steaming channel Tubi. It helped me alot we all know cooking meals with fresh vegetables etc. is the best way to go.
    But sometimes I'm lazy and I don't want to cook. I think sometimes I just look for excuses not to. Now its so convenient to get groceries delivered or picked up. I use to say I hate grocery shopping. I have no excuse except I'm lazy at times. My goal is to cook more vegetables, eat less carbs and sugar.
    I seem to go over on the sugar 50% of the time. I can stay on point with every category but sugar. Because that's my drug of choice I guess 😊. I hate it and I'm gonna beat it. Everytime I blow it and binge it's on the sweets. Glad to be in this group.
  • ClockWorKittenClockWorKitten Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    Yes, I think I will need to keep a food diary and use calories, I know calorie aren't accurate or a good way to lose weight but because of my food addicted I will need to keep record so I don't over eat.
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