What are your Long-Term Goals?



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    Hi all, I am new to this group and have been active on another group on MFP for the past five months now. As I am struggling with losing at the moment and settling back onto healthy maintaining I thought it would be useful to remind myself of my long term goals to keep things in perspective.
    I am 38 and will turn 39 in April 2020 and 40 in April 2021.
    1) hit my 40th birthday in good health. This means, fit and in a normal weight range
    2) give myself better chances to stay healthy in my 40s and 50s, especially by avoiding cancer and diabetes which both run in my family
    3) give myself a better chance of being fertile in my early 40s.
    4) be fit so that I can go back to being active in a way that makes me happy: more dancing, more hiking, more cycling around in places I love
    5) be fit makes me feel freer and happier. Find my way back to health means feeling happier and freer day after day.

    Ok this is the big picture for me. Just writing on a very low mood day when I find myself having to work on Sunday and already given up eating at a deficit this week as it does not seem feasible in the state I am in. I am struggling to accept the situation but here I am, logging and writing to you guys.

    Hi @Lenascrivente,

    Welcome to LL. You have some good goals. I don't love deadlines but yours is pretty far away.

    I am of the opinion once you decide that a deficit is not going to be a good idea for a small period of time you should be firm with your choice. In other words, don't let that decision lower your mood even more. I have made similar choices in the past and looking back I believe each time it was the absolute right choice for me in that moment.

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    Those are great goals!....I know you can get there!
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    Long term goal is to reach 250lbs by my birthday in April 2020. Almost seven months to lose 48lbs...be happy even to get close, but hope to do better. Quite a few very active weekends between now and then, giving myself 1800 cal/day along with daily workouts. Longer term goal is to reach 230 by this time next year!
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    @jjlewey swimming a mile sounds tough! the Ironman race was here last month and I think that includes a 2.4 mile swim, but even a mile is an excellent challenge.

    of course, yours doesn't have to be an open water swim. :)
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    • Be Happy :smile:
    • Be below 200 - not sure where I am stopping but that was the number I was fighting with when I was a teen
    • Wear off-the-rack clothes <- just need to go to a shop now DONE
    • Be comfortable again on an airplane
    • Travel with my wife without feeling like an anchor - almost there
    • Buy a bike
    • Ride a bike again
    • Participate in a charity 5k next month (walking not running)
    • Hike 5+ miles
    • Be a better uncle now that my nephew lost his father
    • Be more spontaneous Changing to: Have more active and social activities outside the house.
    • Lose my main 3 prescription medications
    • Reach a weight and level of fitness that meets the criteria of appropriately healthy.
    • Watch my fellow LLers change their lives

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    yay new clothes!
  • michne16
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    Long Term Goals:

    1. Get to a healthy BMI
    2. Reach 150 lbs
    3. Reverse NAFLD
    4. Lower my cholesterol to the normal range
    5. Fix my sleep apnea
    6. Strengthen my knee to alleviate OA pain
    7. Run a 5K
    8. Know that if I lose my luggage on a trip that I can walk into any store and replace my wardrobe
    9. Not make decisions about what I want to do based on my weight/size/fitness level
    10. Complete a real push up
    11. Complete a pull up
    12. Be more adventurous
    13. Live with purpose
    14. Stop putting off things
  • papayahed
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    Long Term Goals:

    1. Reach 200lbs
    2. Get off BP medicine
    3. Get of Metformin
    4. Be physically fit enough to not wheeze at Macchu Picchu (next fall)
    5. Make mindful eating second nature.
    6. Reach 150
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    Long Term Goals:
    1. Get into a healthy BMI (this would be around 140 lbs)
    2. Reach ultimate goal weight of 125 lbs (the middle of the healthy BMI range)
    3. Get blood sugars down so that I'm no longer in the diabetic range (diagnosed as prediabetic Aug 16, 2019)
    4. Buy a bike
    5. Start riding a real bike out in the real world
    6. Reach some strength training goals
    7. Be able to do all the local hiking trails this spring and summer
    8. Learn how to paint with acrylics
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    Physically fit and healthy at my leanest livable weight range!
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    New long term goal: Clear out my closets. I have two closets full, that's right, two closets full of clothes that I have outgrown. I want to get into them again, then get RID of them when they are too big - never to wear that size again.

    Then I will fill them with all NEW clothes that I can walk into a regular clothes store and buy. Not a Plus Size store or online shopping.
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    Updating my long-term goals:
    • Lose 50 lbs.
    • Lose as much weight as my daughter weighs (70 lbs)
    • Bike 10 miles.
    • Fit into size 50 pants
    • Fit into 2xl shirts
    • Sub-300 lbs.
    • Complete the Couch to 5k program.
    • Start strength training regularly at the gym.
    • Lose 100 lbs.
    • Fit into xl shirts
    • Fit into size 40 pants
    • Bike 15 miles.
    • Complete a 5k race.
    • Bike 20 miles.
    • Feel comfortable enough to swim in a public setting, shirtless.
    • Lose 150 lbs.
    • Fit into L shirts.
    • Fit into my high school jeans, size 34.
    • Lose 200 lbs.
    • Take my family back to Disney and enjoy it this time.

    Finished the Couch to 5k program this morning! Very happy about that, even though it's really just a start with my running. Going to keep running 3x/week going forward and try to work on my pace before entering a 5k race.
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    Congratulations on finishing Couch to 5k program!
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    C25K graduate! Way to go!
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    Goal list I made myself from now until Dec 2020...(only the fitness part) I think that's it for now...
    • unassisted chin ups
    • Unassisted pull ups
    • squat over my body weight (need to buy a rack... don't have one)
    • Hip thrust 350+
    • dead lift 200+lbs
    • stop skipping exercises just because I don't like them. ughhh
    • Handstand
    • continue to maintain my weight - I have 50+ vacation days coming up in the next 6-7 months and I would like to make it through without gaining weight (outside of obvious water weight from flying, etc)

    Non-fitness - they don't really have a specific time frame or end date or a tangible "finish line"
    • declutter my life - why do I keep things I don't even like?
    • trim the stupid tree in my yard.
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    This is a great group. I am new to this program but not new to weight loss. I was over 400 lbs 5 years ago (I am 5'10"). I had a gastric sleeve and lost down to 198. Life got in the way and before I knew it I was back up to 250. I went to try on winter coats and had to take a picture to compare coats. It was at that time I realized that I was not where I wanted to be. So back at it!

    Here is my goal list in no particular order:
    • Fist goal weight back to 199
    • Second goal weight 175 (this is the top of my healthy BMI. can't even imagine it)
    • complete a whole Zumba class without feeling like I am dying
    • Buy clothes at a regular store (not a plus size store)
    • Be more comfortable in my skin!
    • Ride Roller Coasters without worrying if I am going to fit
    • Go to the beach without a cover-up
    • Feel confident enough to meet new people.