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    Checking in for Friday

    WW points good
    Water was good too
    Exercise. Nope.
    Overall good day despite the injury.

    Meeting all my habits except exercise.
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    @Katmary71 and @AustinRuadhain The jury is still out for me on yoga. I really want to love it and know all the great benefits, but I find myself lying on the mat thinking, "did I leave the porch light on? Do I have garlic for tonight's dinner?" and stuff like that. I think it making me sore was a positive thing, because I work out almost every day and am almost never sore. So, adding something different was a good wake up call that maybe I need to shake things up a bit.

    LOL, can't stop laughing at this! My mind always wanders too! I eat dinner after my workout so I'm thinking of what time to put things in the oven or start the Instant pot to eat at a certain time and still get in my shower. It doesn't help that my cats love the yoga mat, yesterday one went under me my last 5 seconds of a plank and the cautious one curled up on the other half when I was doing the ending of the yoga routine and was in my way, but I didn't want to scare him off.
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    @Cornanda great loss!

    @raleighgirl09 Great job waiting an hour to eat! I usually try to wait 20 minutes but my hunger cues don't kick in that quick. I hadn't heard to wait an hour.

    @vanjan14 in the green, wtg! Scuba diving sounds exciting, can't wait to hear about it!

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    Friday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- stair treadmill, weights, core/stretches, yoga
    Water- good

    Got back on track with cleaning and decluttering, last week was a dud after 5 for 90 but I cleaned out my kitchen cupboard and there were some things hiding out in the back that can be donated. Two boxes out of the kitchen, I just may manage to squeeze in an air fryer!

    I've fallen in love with the stair treadmill. The yoga routine I did today was for the hips, half of it was on one leg. I really wasn't meant to stand around on one leg and do forward bends! I was mean and laughed when the instructor lost his balance as I don't think I stopped wobbling the whole time! Finished my 5th day of yoga. Was a productive day overall.

    Gym 3 days- done
    Cardio 30 minutes a day- done
    Core/stretch daily-done
    Fit On yoga 5xs this week- did 6, will probably continue to do a routine after core exercises to wind down
    Recipe- made two, not sure if I'll make butternut chili tomorrow as I have some food to get through and am going out Sunday
    Declutter/clean- great job today!

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    Count me in with the anti-yoga crowd. Not really anti, just not my thing. My body/muscles are so tight and not flexible and they like it that way lol. Anytime I do yoga I get hurt. I am terrible at pacing myself and doing modifications. Also I hate things that are slooooow.

    @Katmary71 cool you like the stair treadmill. Stairs are an incredible workout. Where I live there is a staircase going into a ravine it's a hundred steps, so I do a workout there about once a week. I love it and it has really improved my fitness.

    Well a tough weekend with low motivation, but I met my goal of 6 days of exercise- that's if I finish my plan for today. I'm supposed to run but I have to go soon bc we're supposed to get a dump of snow. Then gym for upper body later.

    I've been on track for calories.

    My motivation is again low today and I just want to buy some ice cream or possibly have a few drinks tonight bc I'm just kind of in a low mood. So neither is the end of the world but I think it would be better if I didn't precisely bc I'm in a low mood. Anyway we will see how the day goes.

    Hope everyone else has a great day. I may check in later.
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    Good morning Slimpossibles! :) It’s a cold gloomy day here but that is OK because I’m not going anywhere today. I will do my workout soon, put the beef stew in the crockpot, and do some housework. I have this jigsaw puzzle that I want to work on but promised myself NOT to go near it until all my chores are done. ;)

    @AustinRuadhain, I am not a fan of yoga. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t really ever done it so it’s foreign to me or what. I’ve tried a couple of times and much prefer lifting weights over yoga. There is a beginner program on Beachbody so I might give it a try one day. :)

    @mrmcgrath, that weight will come off next week! <3

    @Cornada, yayyyy for keeping it GREEN!! B)

    @raleighgirl09, I also need to step up my game and give 100% every day and stop playing games with my weight loss. I find myself trying to find a “diet plan” that will work for me when the truth is that I’m not giving 100% to anything that I’m doing. I had this thought last week that I could just eat sensibly and not track my calories. What a bunch of hogwash! I’m back to tracking today. ;) LOVE that challenge to decide if you are truly hungry or not by drinking water and trying to wait an hour. I’ve been wanting to increase my intermittent fasting time and that could be just the trick I need to do.

    @vanjan14, great weight loss this week!! You will reach that goal as long as you keep your focus and do what you know to do. :)

    @Katmary71, look at you crushing your workouts and habits!! B) If you do make the butternut chili let me know how you like it. I’ve seen recipes for it before and always wondered if I would like it or not. I just reorganized and decluttered my kitchen the other day. All my kitchen cabinets and drawers are so clean and organized. Now to see how long I can keep it like that! :D

    @its_cleo, I have the same tight body/muscles which might be why I don’t like yoga. I’m trying to embrace more stretching after my workouts but rush through them most of the time so I can just be done. I do hope your day goes better and that your mood will get brighter. <3

    Tip on the week and knowing which week - I always write in the day, the week# with the date (Thursday was week 3 for me, 16Jan2020). I copy from my previous week's weigh-in and change the week# and date so I can keep up with it - it took me at least to the 2nd month to figure that out so I am passing along! The only drawback is having to go back and find the previous - if anyone has any other tips, I'd love to hear them!! =>

    My tip is to use an Excel spreadsheet and save it to your computer so you can copy/paste your weekly weigh-in and so that you can have a great visual as you go forward. I have every month since I joined the Slimpossibles. Here is a picture of my January so you all can see what I do.

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    @raleighgirl09 you are very analytical. I was attempting to decipher your percentages but gave up. Lol. I am impressed you gave up the alcohol for the food calories. I am currently doing the same but that bottle of wine is calling to me so here I am distracting myself. [/quote]

    @sunshineplace I love the data but what I am capturing isn't terribly scientific - but enough to show me when I am trending and I especially want to know when I am trending in the wrong direction. Simply put - I have 4 data points in my assessment that I want to do 7 days a week; 7 days x 4 data points = 28 opportunities in the week to work toward a trend in the right direction. Well, if I only hit 18 out of 28, it's not much over 50% of the opportunities with a green check mark - and 10 opportunities I didn't take to get to get to my goal. Hence, me not losing weight as well as when I mee f the opportunities. I work in clinical research (more on the reg side than the clinical side) so data and analytics are very much a part of my day. Here's the thing - even when it isn't terribly scientific or 100% accurate, the numbers don't lie in the trend. And the ultimate data (my weight loss, over time) supports even this crude collection of data in a 7 day period. Yeah - I just need to stop believing any BS I might tell myself about what my actions are, look at what I'm doing by the numbers, and work toward a higher number of opportunities taken this coming week.
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    @TeresaW1020 It's great having the kitchen organized! It's tough with the cabinets here as it's a really small kitchen and everything's is double or triple packed into cabinets and the openings are really small. I went through my pantry for the first time in years and was depressed at all the stuff that expired, I filled up two garbage cans with stuff I'd never use. Cleaning it out makes it a lot easier to find what I'm looking for and cooking is more accessible and I love seeing it clean and organized. The worst now is the freezer and spice cabinet, I have more spices than I ever have and the freezer has food I no longer eat that I feel like I'm wasting if I get rid of! BTW, I realized I hadn't read the end of the December thread and came across ways to lessen additions to coffee. I'm still at least adding stevia or sugar-free syrup and recently bought a peppermint cocoa almond creamer for Christmas as a treat, but I've cut the amount way back and love adding cinnamon to my coffee. I add a lot! I used to add a ton of sweet cream creamer and buy white mochas or frapps at Starbucks or other coffee shops, switched to cold brew with light sweet cream (dropped about 500 calories), then started making my own.

    @its_cleo You're doing a great job staying on track despite not doing well! Do you feel better when you exercise? I really dragged for all of December and stopped going to the gym the second half and it was horrible to get started or even get out of bed. I think sticking to a routine helped me. It sounds like you're doing a great job of doing that with exercise. Honestly adding in dance helped because disco is so fun to listen to though I haven't done it recently. Well, I switch from heavy metal or a symphony rock band to disco and funk when I do my body weight exercises as the beat is the same when doing reps so I guess I'm still getting my mental fix of it!

    On yoga, the stretching is probably the fastest I've seen improvement in my body. Weights was big but took a while. With my back problems and the fusions there's a lot of tension in my torso and I noticed yesterday I can squat lower and can take bigger steps. I'm also paying attention to my breathing, I tend to hold my breath and I'm always a little anxious so breathing is good to be aware of and will probably help me slow down a bit. I'm awful at waiting between sets when doing weights at the gym as I'm all fired up from music but yesterday I focused on my breath and waiting more than 30 seconds. Yoga and stretching isn't really my personality, I tend to get all worked up and "attack" my workouts rather than relax but I think on an ongoing basis it will make me slow down and is already having a calming effect. I honestly picked the first routine on accident and ended up liking it. The workouts are pretty short too so they're not bad to add in after my exercises and it's a good cool down. OK, this ended up really long!
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    @TeresaW1020 that sounds like a great day....I hear you on stretching. For a while I had a couple of good podcasts I was listening to while stretching and that made it a little easier, but I can't seem to find a new one I like.

    @Katmary71 exercise does help me feel better usually, earlier this week I had some rough starts where I felt bad but if I carry on sooner or later I start to feel better. I've learned to stick to the routine and that definitely helps.

    Yeah, yoga will help with breathing and it's good to focus on breathing with strength training too. I definitely love attacking workouts but bc I have a trainer he slows me down. I always tell him I want to race through my weightlifting- like literally- it's a running joke we have. He always says- no- lol. One thing I've learned is to focus a lot on form, how is my body feeling as I move, are my muscles activated, how can I squeeze every last bit of strength out. But that has taken me yrs to learn to focus like that. I feel like parts of me were just asleep and it took me a long time to feel something and be like- ohhh so that is how a glute feels lol.

    I made it out for my run today and it was snowing but the full blizzard hadn't hit yet.

    Take care all.
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    Today's high was 4 below zero. So, no outside walk for me. I've been walking around the house trying to get those last few steps in. My cat either chases me or looks at me like I'm nuts. We might be above zero by Tuesday! I'm a little worried about Monday's weigh in. Any chance I can lose 5 pounds between now and then? Ha!
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    Sat week 2
    PW 214
    CW 213
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    @raleighgirl09 I have never seen anyone approach weight loss quite in this way which is why I am intrigued. It all sounds very good to me.

    Checking in...

    I haven’t tracked anything yet but I’m still on track today for WW points. I don’t think my water is where it should be however. Leg is recovering. I think it was a muscle spasm actually. Now instead of pain it is more just sore and so is my calf which is what leads me to believe it was a spasm and not a pulled muscle. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Either way I hope it will be well by Monday.
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    Check in 1/17
    Tracked: yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: yes
  • Katmary71
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    Calories- under
    Exercise- bike, core, yoga
    Water- good

    Gym 3xs a week- done
    Cardio 30 minutes- done
    Strength/stretch daily- done
    FitOn yoga- done
    Decluttering/cleaning- cleaned fridge, need to finish freezer
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    @digger61 good loss!

    @sunshineplace I hope your leg continues to improve and you're not in pain.

    @rachelleahsmom Cats are funny about workouts! I thought of you when Jasper rolled my yoga mat and stuck his head under it, it was impossible to focus on my deep breathing! Both were laying under my foot when I pedal my bike and swiping at my shoe. I think they want to be part of the excitement!

    @its_cleo Great job running in the cold! I was focusing more on form than strength Friday. I definitely have a ways to go with breathing! I was doing good until the dumbbell I'd put on the weight bench to rest rolled off on my foot, luckily it's just a bruise but that broke my restful breaks!

    Had a good day, did some cleaning, upped resistance on my bike and stayed on a long time to finish my book, and did my strength exercises and yoga. Oops, forgot the recipe each week habit, I made butternut squash bean turkey chili. It took half a bottle of chili powder, don't know if it's a typo but it's definitely flavorful! Tomorrow's my brother's birthday celebration.
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    1st Mission Slimpossibles 0.41%
    2nd Downsizers 0.38%
    3rd Weight No More 0.37%
    3rd Shrinking Assets 0.37%

    1st Mission Slimpossibles 22.2 Lbs
    2nd Weight No More 19.8 Lbs
    3rd Shrinking Assets 19.3 Lbs

    1st @twyla77 2.79 %
    2nd @Freeglerock 2.70%
    3rd @kayla7303 2.56%

    1st @DreaRN15 6.0 Lbs
    2nd @Freeglerock 5.3 Lbs
    3rd @kayla7303 5.0 Lbs


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    Sunday weigh in
    PW 215.0
    CW 212.0
  • its_cleo
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    week 3 weigh in

    its cleo
    PW: 156.8
    CW: 157

    Well almost the same. I'm just glad it didn't go up more.
  • its_cleo
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    @Motiv8tedMom great loss!
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    Congratulations to Mission Slimpossibles for being the #1 Green Team on the spreadsheets this week!!

    #1 Mission Slimpossibles 70.4% green
    #2 Weight No More 66.7%green
    #3 Trimstones 65.4% green
    #4 Downsizers 59.1% green
    #5 Shrinking Assets 56% green
    #6 WaistAways 47.05% green
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