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    A quick update :

    Yesterday was another crazy work day. My steps were lower than goal and I did not track all my food. I have got to find a better way to cope with the additional stress.

    I am fixing to head in to the office but seriously contemplating stopping by the gym first. I have a sneaking feeling if I wait till later in the day, I will let stress exhaustion win and just head home.

    One thing for sure, I need to get out of this chair and get some movement in.

    Have a great Saturday!
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    Saturday catch-up!!! (check-in pending!!)

    Wow, everyone is set on high gear, I love it! Took some coffee time and read through all of the posts and will check-in later; had a great Thursday and a sucky Friday, food wise, more to come. For now, I have a walk to take, a drive to go on and gonna get out and enjoy a warm January Saturday!

    @its_cleo I hope that the week has progressed upwardly and that the weekend calmly sees you through to a better week!
    @MaegyS it can feel surreal to have a big loss but it looks like you've done some great things and saw results quickly. It's really awesome and a great way to start! It sounds like you were on an 'up' that was temporary and readjusted with your usual, better habits
    @mrmcgrath awesome weigh-in, great way to start the year and month!! => I have the same issue balancing work and personal life sometimes - if I get all caught up in the work (which is kinda what they pay me to do), then I can easily not take the breaks to take a walk, get the water, etc. It's when there is hectic stress that it happens which is cyclical for me at work
    @TeresaW1020 I'm thrilled for you, it's starting in the right direction and is a great motivator - love your "Joe Cool" perspective!
    @gwamajtw91 that night eating urge can be a beast and I do best when I plan for it, but I can still be swayed to slink on into the kitchen sometimes (last night) and just pickpickpick. I have to be kind to myself and not worry that a night's slip up is going to plummet me back to square one. Based on yesterday, I'm planning something for tonight because I have a pattern of more than one night in a row, when it happens. Like @metubal I also am more prone to it if I am up late - although not always hunger driven, it becomes more likely the later I'm up. Agree with @sunshineplace - water really helps when I take that tactic and I have been known to drink a big, tall glass to avoid the pantry
    @rachelleahsmom uhhh-in the domino effect with you last night - quite the bummer that I was no unaware of while going back in several times. I'm one who could sliver a cake all gone, although last night it was cheese from a small block....one thin slice at a time. I can often decide to not do it when I feel it but sometimes I just allow it to get the better of me and I can't pretend I don't know it's happening
    @sunshineplace you did really well with the indulgence - I look at my slender sisters and they have this down pat: indulge without being a crazed person over it
    @Motiv8tedMom you are really an inspiration on the exercise! Nice way to break into 2020!
    @vanjan14 that is so awesome, congrats! Kicking butt in the green this week and overall, that's a remarkable amount since 15Dec!
    @Katmary71 I personally have found that the feelings of low blood sugar are remarkably similar to the feelings of high blood sugar and the wider the swing, the more intense - so if I can get the swing to have less arc, the less intense it feels. Confusing and makes it hard to know what to adjust... =< Adding good fat and protein to a snack with some carb was what I finally landed on for a solution to low. YMMV, for me the lows were not life threatening. And I totally agree - @AustinRuadhain is killin' it, most consistent efforts overall and quite the inspiration!
    @TeresaW1020 that is a great visual, looks fun!
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    Friday Check-in
    Calories: all good, on-plan choices; on target
    Water: slightly over
    Exercise: platform stepping (80 min); wee bit of martial arts practice and body weight work at home
    5 Habits: Checks for all of them! ✔️
    2 Minutes to Start: got in a few minutes each of yard work and decluttering my closet -- baby steps!

    Goals and Improvements for today
    - Work my 5 Habits
    --- Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- Meditation (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- Exercise (6 x week/45+ min)
    --- Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily)
    - Decluttering - home office (2+ min)
    - Volunteer work (big meeting today, need to prep, eek!)
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    Hello to the weekend ☺ Which can be frustrating for me. I am not usually hungry until aroung 4:30 - 5 unlike workdays where it seems like I wake up starved. I have to have my coffee, fill my water bottle and eat breakfast right away when I get to work. I sit thinking about lunch an hour later then what's for dinner. I have been good with offered sweets at work and home since the start of the new year. As in "No thank you!" Water be at an all time low too. Maybe it's the structure of the weekday that I feel I don't need for the weekend.
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    @digger61 - Good job staying steady as we come off the holiday weeks! 👍🏽

    @TeresaW1020 - Great find! It's another version of the HabitTracker for the more graphic among us! 🎨

    @Katmary71 - It sounds like you are making smart choices as you manage blood sugar and not doing TOO much exercise. ✔️

    @wrknonmedaily - You had a great day Friday! ✅

    @sunshineplace - Woohoo! Great work on those habits yesterday! And hurray for managing your food plan so planfully! 😄
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on all-or-nothing thinking and the value of not hiding! 💖
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    Good morning Team Slimpossibles!! What goals are you planning to crush this weekend? I've got leg day with my workout this morning and then its a day of cleaning and reorganizing my house. :)

    Look at this fun graphic I found on FB! I printed it out and plan to color every day that I either do a BOD workout, walk on the treadmill, or get 7500+ steps a day. It could be used for anything you want to track and I thought it would be a great addition to our habit tracker. What do you think?


    You could use this chart for anything! I saw it on a crafting website, too, to remind people to get their creative juices flowing. You could use it for organizing, water intake, etc. The possibilities are endless. It would be fun to use a different color every day so you'd have some beauty, too!
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    Reporting my Friday weigh in:


    I did not do much tracking this week. I'm going to fix that this week.
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    Hey all,

    Thanks for the wishes, I just lost a pet last week and it's hit me pretty hard. I feel a little better at the moment though.

    Anyway I'm trying to do self-care. But all week I've done really well with calories and I've almost met all my exercise goals.

    Today I went for a quick run and it was pouring rain, but I enjoyed it. Then I just felt like doing nothing but I went to the gym and did a bit of mobility work and upper body. Now it's time to flake out :)

    I checked my weight today and it was down and tomorrow is my official weigh in day so I'm optimistic.

    @Cornanda at least you stayed steady with the weighin!

    @wrkonmedaily good luck with the weekend. I know when I go in to the office I always eat more.

    I made steak for dinner which I flove.

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    Last chance for week 1 weigh-ins!

    I've been known to miss a post or two so apologies if I missed yours but here is what hasn't been recorded:

  • TeresaW1020
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    Saturday Check-in:
    Calories: under
    Water: over
    Exercise: Leg day on LIIFT 4 program. Plus, I was on my feet most of the day. I'm tired!!

    So, today was all about reorganizing my house. I'm moving my mother into our home on March 1st which means lots of stuff to do and clean! At least I got in a bunch of extra steps! ;)
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    its_cleo wrote: »
    Hey all,

    Thanks for the wishes, I just lost a pet last week and it's hit me pretty hard. I feel a little better at the moment though.

    Anyway I'm trying to do self-care. But all week I've done really well with calories and I've almost met all my exercise goals.

    Today I went for a quick run and it was pouring rain, but I enjoyed it. Then I just felt like doing nothing but I went to the gym and did a bit of mobility work and upper body. Now it's time to flake out :)

    I checked my weight today and it was down and tomorrow is my official weigh in day so I'm optimistic.

    @Cornanda at least you stayed steady with the weighin!

    @wrkonmedaily good luck with the weekend. I know when I go in to the office I always eat more.

    I made steak for dinner which I flove.

    I'm so sorry to hear about you losing a pet, that's awful!

    I'm so glad you're reaching your goals! Huge kudos for running in the rain. I debate on walking because it's chilly, but I'm in CA so wearing a jacket with pockets is all I really need to do! Glad you had a good dinner, I love when it's my favorite!
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    Username: davors19
    Weigh-in week: Week 1
    Weigh-in day: Friday
    Previous Weight: 282
    Todays Weight: 285

    Vacation gain :neutral:
    Next week reset
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    Weigh in
    Week 2 - Jan 2020
    PW 165.12 (74.9kg)
    CW 161.5 (73.3kg)

    Was feeling unwell so didn't eat much. It shows as lost water weight.
    Aim to not log food this week but concentrate on portion size and not snacking.
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    Week 2
    Sunday weigh in
    Previous: 160.5 lbs
    Current: 160 lbs
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    Saturday check in (copied in on Sunday morning because MFP was being cranky last night!!)

    Hey = Habit Tracker was so awesome today!! When I went in to complete it, I realized I hadn't done any PnP work today so I stopped and did that - yay!! @TeresaW1020, how 'bout that!!!! =>

    Man. Thursday and Friday -both low hunger days. For me, a 'low hunger' day is when I have coffee and water and am not particularly hungry until in the mid or late morning, no undue hunger before lunch or dinner or after dinner, able to go 4-5 hours between meals without hunger or high focus on food/the next meal. I don't count urges in this mix - for me, I know the difference. Urges can be very compelling, all-consuming, kick my behind mental torture. Hunger will come without thinking it into existence, it waxes and wanes, increases with time if not addressed. Over the years, I have become familiar with how each feels and watched myself do them each well - and also eff them up, royally, sometimes.

    So Thursday was about perfect. Low hunger, planned meals and met 4 of 5 of my habits (damn you, sleep). Nothing out of the ordinary for hunger or urges, didn't obsess over food or eating - even around a 3 hour drive to the coast after work which cuts into dinner and can create obstacles, if I let it. I didn't let it.

    Enter Friday. Low hunger day but urges come around midday/late-ish day and I honestly think what happened was a mental thing. It's a Friday - a historical day of letting go in the food/drink department for me. Not as often in a full-breakway mode now but for years and years so I still get that primal, deep-gut thinking at some point, on many Fridays. Late brekkie, not a biggie but the midday devil on my shoulder whispered 'chips' and off to the chips I went. But - not a biggie because I hadn't had much to that point, right...? Sigh - Maria. For real. Had a heavier calorie dinner planned, had some drinks planned, had some plans planned and eff it all, as the late afternoon became evening I kinda just...started bargaining. I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say that I swapped food in my brain and in my diary, lied to myself that it was ok, had drinks and kept going back. I slivered a few ounces of cheese, I ate deli meat, I had more chips, more cheese...I mean, I just kept slinking into the kitchen. And when sane Maria spoke up (with cheese crumbs on her lips), Friday Maria just slapped that biyatch down to the ground. It's not that I didn't have a voice of reason - I murdered the voice and said 'shut-up, this is not your party.' Well, I didn't add everything to the diary, didn't close the diary. I'm just not a super-person, in that regard.

    I don't have any big revelations about this report, it just is. I'm thinking about it and I don't know if this is something to solve or it's part of what sometimes happens and I should learn but not obsess...? I don't know. What I *do* know is that it doesn't get me closer to my goals. It's just that simple.

    Today was better and I worked to not repeat yesterday - which is an all-too-real aspect of having those kind of events for me. So not repeating yesterday, today, is a win. I'll take it for now.

    Planned and Prelog 3 meals? Yes, B - L skip, dinner was planned out
    Times? B 1145a, L skip, D 630
    Non-planned eating and thoughts?
    Hunger? Low hunger day, hungriest was for dinner - it was a long break
    Things that went right? Mindful eating, planned apples (my "free" food), good water intake
    Things that could be better? more intentional exercise than just a few short walks (less than 10,000 steps), weekend breakfast and meals seem looser which is good at the moment but not as good overall
    Exercise? 1 mile walk on the creek boardwalk, 1 mile walk out by the ferry, walking around in general [steps logged the next day] (steps 10Jan2020 10,193)
    Sleep? 1115p-830a [log the morning after]
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    Back to school (I’m a teacher) really kicked my butt last week! Extra deadlines and extracurriculars left me exhausted by the end of each day. Sad to say Monday was the only morning I made it to the gym. I teach karate, so fortunately that got me moving Tuesday/Thursday evenings for a few hours.
    I had done a good job of food prepping, but most of it got cleaned out of the fridge when my husband packed his lunches (he works out of town for 4 day stretches and packs his lunches). I really thought we had prepped enough for both of us. Sigh. Left me scrambling in the midst of an already crazy week.
    However, I hit the reset button Saturday with a morning sweat session at the gym, trip to the grocery store, and an afternoon of food prep—I made extra! Sure loved hitting the reset button. I felt great afterward, and I’m ready to take on the week ahead.
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    Sunday morning (with coffee and a bit of rain outside - but so cozy inside!)

    I did it!! I broke the slink cycle, me slinking into the kitchen for a nibble after dinner! Typically this will happen a few or several nights in a row before I can get it back on track. Slinking is quite different from when I make a plan to have a snack and follow the plan. I actually planned to have a big glass of unsweetened chocolate almond milk before bed, having ditched my cereal plan when I knew I wouldn't need it and this morning I realized I forgot to have it. Must not have needed anything!

    Was proud of myself for dinner out last night. I had in mind that I wanted Spanakopita (yes, I'm on a roll with this food, this happens sometimes that I get stuck on something I like and want it a lot) and a Greek salad and then my hubby decided he wanted a different place. I was ok with it and figured I'd find something and - well, the new place had that, too! Other wins: didn't eat from the bread basket, didn't have alcohol (saves money and calories), saved half of the Spanakopita and brought it home so I could weigh it and then finished it at home after having an idea of amount so I could look it up. I did wait to see if I was hungry for it and I was, which may be why I didn't need a snack, dinner was in two sittings. =>

    So this last may be a bit crazy making. I am in a program that teaches body cues and smart choices over calorie counting and weighing/measuring food. *Clearly* I am not there yet, this is a sticking point for me. I'm working on eating according to my body and not worrying if it is under calories. When it looks to go the other way, I'm working on options that will work within the calories - rearrange meals and food, make swaps that will give me volume, reduce alcohol or food planned for later, etc. Hey = I think I've done something just by havong small apples around and not logging them if I have one; I'll never overeat on apples so it feels 'safe.' I just am not ready to not log calories and I feel as strongly about not forcing myself out of this habit as I feel about not forcing myself when it comes to other aspects of my food life. I'm taking my wins, recognizing areas that need work and working each day to make it all something that works for me in the long run. Send mojo.

    @AustinRuadhain what is "body weight work" that you do at home? Is that like isometrics?
    @Cornanda awesome job identifying the change you can make from one week to the next!
    @its_cleo a run in the rain sounds amazing - I don't run but I kayak and have kayaked in the rain, from just drizzle to outright downpour. It doesn't get planned that way but when it happens, it's almost magical, especially in the downpour - usually very quiet except for the bubbles popping on the water. What a nice way to be able to get your run in! =>
    @TeresaW1020 what a great day on water and cals! And keeping your exercise plan on an organization day that was busy - that's awesome, way to go!!
    @davors19 ah, vacations can do that but now you have all of your calm and relaxed muscles pumped for your reset!
    @Apple852hk that's a super loss, good for you!! - curious, are you working to intentionally to not log to move away from calorie counting or some other style of less rigorous structure? Or is it a less structured move and something new o try?
    @Canzone777 great loss this week, YAY!
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    Killed it at the gym yesterday and it felt great! Food and water. Should have been better!

    Check In
    Username: mrmcgrath
    Weigh in week: Week 2
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Weight: 196.3
    Todays Weight 💥

    Calories: maintenance
    Water: over/under? Under
    Macros: in range
    Exercise: lower strength and stair machine

    Yesterday’s Fitbit/mfp stats:
    4012steps. 4500 goal steps
    1.71 miles
    2338 burned calories
    45 active
    78 sleep score
    64 resting sleep
    2038 calories consumed

    Macros by grams. carb 267g, goal > 273g, fat 68g, goal 44-77g, protein 71g, goal 70g

    Basic Goals
    30 active (heart rate driven) minutes: 🏋️‍♀️
    Complete food diary: 📖
    Stay hydrated(more than 64 oz): 👎
    Stay below sugar goal: 👎
    Meet fiber in range: 👎
    Daily self care: meditating, crafting, reading, etc.👍 saw Little Women at theater
    Sleep: minimum 7 hours 👎

    My vision for 2020:
    To find out who I am outside of “mom” since I will be an empty nester in the 5 months.
    To love me no matter where I am at in my journey.
    To pursue habits and hobbies that I will enjoy and that will enrich my soul.
    To focus on total health (mind, body, and soul)

    Don’t let any one weigh-in dictate what I do.
    Choose to do the work.
    Choose to show up & do the actions.
    Don’t give up when you get your first bit of resistance.
    Stick to your habits no matter what. Ignore your ego and avoid complacency.
    Keep a connection with others who understand what this journey. Isolation is not helpful
    Don’t hide when weight gain happens. Assume it will. Share your truth, and don’t let your mind tell you no one will understand.
    Make up your mind that you are and will be successful.
    Accept that this is your struggle, and you will not be fixed. I will need to continuously manage my condition.
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    1st Downsizers 1.17%%
    2nd Trimstones 0.95%
    3rd Waist Aways 0.69%
    3rd Mission Slimpossibles 0.69%

    1st Downsizers 55.0 Lbs
    1st Trimstones 55.0 Lbs
    2nd Waist Aways 43.2 Lbs
    3rd Mission Slimpossibles 36.2 Lbs

    1st @MaegyS 5.58 %
    2nd @DreaRN15 4.90%
    3rd @kguin0323 4.04 %

    1st @DreaRN15 13.8 Lbs
    2nd @MaegyS 12.9 Lbs
    3rd @kguin0323 7.6 Lbs



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