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    @Jactop great weigh-in!

    @rachelleahsmom nice loss, this could be the time it's gone for good!

    @wrknonmedaily great loss! Hope your day was awesome!

    @nbbaby I think finding what works for you is most important, you'll find your groove and things will fall into place. I haven't found the perfect diet/exercise routine yet but will keep tweaking as I go.

    @WishUsDonna great water intake! I tried all the alternative milks and couldn't believe how great oat milk is. I've looked into a lower FODMAP diet, I'm trying everything I can before doing it as it turns out I eat probably 80% high FODMAP. Best of luck to your husband, it's a strict way of eating during the elimination phase.

    @Cornanda great job logging! The habit tracker is fun. I started a bullet journal which is similar. I can't use it with my cell phone and kept forgetting to come on with my laptop, I had 5 days of checks to add in, it was fun!

    @its_cleo I'm sorry you're struggling right now. I have issues with depression and some days it's really hard to get started, even though I know I'd be proud of myself afterward. Can you listen to music while doing it? If I start one of my playlists I can usually push myself to exercise and it puts me in a more lighthearted mood than a deep-thinking one. I didn't dance on purpose the first time recently, I put on disco and couldn't help myself. I slowly started coming out of it and think I'm on the right track though it hasn't been easy. I hope you're doing well as soon as possible.

    @sunshineplace WOW, you killed it today! I'm doing the same thing right now, a week ago I had relatives in town plus we had a Christmas celebration with high calorie foods, the little I tracked had me a few thousand over so I've been cutting back since. I DO think it's good to have days you just let it be an over day buta few in a row or really high calorie I'll cut back/not eat exercise calories for a bit. Don't know if it's the right thing to do either!

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    Monday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- stair treadmill, weights, core/stretch, Fit On yoga
    Water- over

    OK, tomorrow when I say how much I hurt remind me of a week ago when I said how sore I was after doing an hour! I planned to do 30 minutes then got fired up about beating my flights of stairs from last week, I did 30 more! For those of you I'm friends with you saw this already but I've switched my workouts from biking every day with elliptical and weights 3xs a week to various things (aside of core/stretch). So far it's going really well, I'm finding when I do the bike or strength/weights I'm making gains or feeling stronger. I thought I was doing a stretching routine on my app and turned out I did yoga for the first time! The instructor was crazy-flexible, I don't think even after a year I could do that, especially with a fused lower back. It frustrated me how bad I was so that means I'll have to do it more to improve! I also think aside of stretch/core it's the best thing I could do to help my limitations.

    5 habits
    1. Gym 3xs a week- went today
    2. Strength exercises/stretching daily- done
    3. FitOn apps, this week 5!- did 1 today
    4. 30 minutes cardio- done
    5. New recipe- made butternut squash soup yesterday and will be making soup or curry with garbanzo beans if I don't eat them all first! Seriously, if you like beans and don't make from dried they're pretty amazing!
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    I so just want to go back to sleep 💤 .
    Check In
    Username: mrmcgrath
    Weigh in week: Week 2
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Weight: 196.3
    Todays Weight 196.6 💥

    Calories: slightly under
    Water: over/under? Over
    Macros: fat high

    Yesterday’s Fitbit/mfp stats:
    3540 steps. 4500 goal steps
    1.54 miles
    2166 burned calories
    10 active
    82 sleep score
    63 resting sleep
    1815calories consumed

    Macros by grams. carb 179g, goal > 237g, fat 88g, goal 44-77g, protein 831g, goal 70g

    Basic Goals
    30 active (heart rate driven) minutes: 👎
    Complete food diary: 📖
    Stay hydrated(more than 64 oz): 💦
    Stay below sugar goal: 👎
    Meet fiber in range: 👎
    Daily self care: meditating, crafting, reading, etc.👎
    Sleep: minimum 7 hours 💤

    My vision for 2020:
    To find out who I am outside of “mom” since I will be an empty nester in the 5 months.
    To love me no matter where I am at in my journey.
    To pursue habits and hobbies that I will enjoy and that will enrich my soul.
    To focus on total health (mind, body, and soul)

    Don’t let any one weigh-in dictate what I do.
    Choose to do the work.
    Choose to show up & do the actions.
    Don’t give up when you get your first bit of resistance.
    Stick to your habits no matter what. Ignore your ego and avoid complacency.
    Keep a connection with others who understand what this journey. Isolation is not helpful
    Don’t hide when weight gain happens. Assume it will. Share your truth, and don’t let your mind tell you no one will understand.
    Make up your mind that you are and will be successful.
    Accept that this is your struggle, and you will not be fixed. I will need to continuously manage my condition.
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    Good morning Team Slimpossibles!! <3

    Can you believe that we are already halfway through this month? How are you doing on your goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the month? Did you create a vision for yourself on what you want to achieve this year? I just went and reviewed what I had written and it's now been printed it out and put where I can review it often, maybe even daily!! ;)

    I want you to click on the link below and either review your vision that you already posted, revise your vision if need be, or write your vision for 2020. Remember...“When you have a vision that is strong enough and powerful enough, nothing can stand in your way.” Lewis Howes

    Your Vision for 2020

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    edited January 2020
    Monday Check-in
    Calories: all good, on-plan choices; on target
    Water: slightly over
    Exercise: martial arts class (80 min)
    5 Habits: Checks for all of them! ✔️
    YAY: I didn't get the first 3 done at the usual time, as I had an early morning run to the airport that messed with the morning routine. But thank you, Habit Tracker, I got a reminder later in the day and made sure to catch up later so I could check all those boxes. Yes, I am still inside the same exact person I was in first grade when a sticker on a page was super exciting. I can fight that or use it!
    BOO: No progress on office cleanup yesterday. Time to buckle down in a big way. I need to get ready for tax work, but that's not something that gets me excited. Hmm. I am going to set up a game for this --set aside some time, and remember to celebrate after I get chunks done.

    Goals and Improvements for today
    - Work my 5 Habits
    --- Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- Meditation (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- Exercise (6 x week/45+ min) - Goal today is an outdoor walk. It is cool and foggy
    --- Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily)
    - Decluttering - home office (2+ min)
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    My mind is clearer this week as both my kids are back to school- less distractions. As I took a walk today, I started thinking about the obstacles that I put in front of myself. I'm very clever and able to do this in a way that I don't realize it is ME causing the problem. An example--how I struggle with planning my exercise. I can never decide, things don't seem right, this won't work-is too hard-isn't good enough.....etc, etc etc! I enjoyed a group class because I didn't have to plan anything and I try harder than when I exercise by myself. But I make excuses to not go- you're too out of shape for that...... So, I just continue to spin my wheels and be frustrated. Wow. This was a revelation! I come home and read all your thoughts and comments-especially the post on creating a vision for my year. My current vision is to magically get thinner and more in shape with no planned steps! Sound productive?! All right. Key now is to start planning and moving forward and NOT beat myself up. Put one thing in place and keep stacking up the steps until I'm headed in the right direction. Joining the group and tracking were a great start, now I need to keep on going! Glad to be here with you all.
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    Weigh in

    Week 2 - Jan 2020
    Monday 1/13
    PW 181.3
    CW 180.3

    Weekly report:)
    Calories: tracked and under
    Exercise: 4 days out of the 6. Walking in the snow and pilates at home
    Snacking: Saturday night after midnight. At least it happened once only!
    Sleep: 7hrs 30mins average, from 7hrs. Really good:))
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    @Katmary71 thanks you're right, music does help. Normally I have the radio or something on, yesterday I didn't, I think I just wanted to mope. Yoga is not for me, but yep the instructors can be amazing.

    @metubal that's a great weekly report- both the exercise and the snacking!

    I'm still miserable, struggling to get exercise done but trying not to be too hard on myself.

    On track for calories.
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    Tuesday check in

    Gah. So many days behind!! Ok - the down and dirty: Sunday was a struggle - after-hours eating. Yesterday better but mental work. Today, great. Thoughts: If I plan a snack - I don't eat at night...maybe I should, if planned? Instead of planning a snack - maybe I should say it's an apple or the bran cereal because the not planning allows me the luxury of being dishonest with myself about just 'falling' into the pattern. I am not always getting all of the water and I am seeing a trend (thanks Habit Tracker!) that those are the days I don't do as well. Or if I don't get enough sleep. I need to get around to being back to a routine that includes all of those things and getting things done. Hm.

    Planned and Prelog 3 meals? yes, all three
    Times? B 9a, L 1230p, D 630p
    Non-planned eating and thoughts?
    Hunger? low hunger day
    Things that went right? a little bigger breakfast and lunch, smaller dinner
    Things that could be better? exercise - i have let the focus go and have not been working at it
    Exercise? a few short walks outside [steps logged the next day]
    Sleep? 1030p-530a [log the morning after]
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    In keeping with my promise I am making time to check in everyday. It will be quick and then I will catch up on posts tomorrow.

    It was a decent day. Things I did well and things I can improve. Looking forward to weigh in day.
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    Had a slip day today because I hosted bunco night and had to enjoy all the yummy food I made for it. Back on it tomorrow.
  • Motiv8tedMom
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    🎉 HURRAY, TEAM! As a team, Slimpossibles lost over 36 pounds last week! That is so SO great! Our team is on the leaderboard for both Team Percentage and Team Lbs Lost!

    @Motiv8tedMom - Wow! What a great weigh-in! I am so delighted for you! ✔️👍🏽

    Thank you!
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    Tuesday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- bike, core/stretch, yoga
    Water- good

    Get back to gym- went yesterday, going tomorrow
    Cardio 30 minutes done
    Core/stretch done
    FitOn- 2 this week, 3 to go
    Make a new recipe
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    Username: leonadixon
    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    PW (1/1): 197
    Check in weight (1/8): 196.6
    Check in weight (1/15): 196.2

    At least it's green! I feel like this is going so slowly, but at the same time, I am THRILLED that I am consistently lower each week! Woot! :smiley:
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    Tuesday Check-in
    Calories: all good, on-plan choices; on target
    Water: over
    Exercise: platform stepping (45 min)
    5 Habits: Checks for all of them! ✔️
    Office Cleanup - I put this on hold as my husband needed help with an urgent project that had to be finished yesterday. Got that project done, so saying Yay! anyway.

    Wednesday Goals and Improvements
    Hey @TeresaW1020 - Thank you again for the Habit Tracker! I am loving it!
    - Work my 5 Habits
    --- Breathing Exercises (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- Meditation (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- M.A. Forms Practice (daily 2+ min) ✔️
    --- Exercise (6 x week/45+ min) - Goals today - weight lifting; martial arts class; Essentrics session (Plantar Fasciitis Release)
    --- Food weighed/measured/on plan (daily)
    - Decluttering - home office (2+ min)
    - Roast my golden beets and try steamed beet greens (got adventuresome in the produce section!) ( @Katmary71 - Hey, Ms Food Adventure -- thinking of you on this one!)
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    @AustinRuadhain Have you tried golden beets? Beets aren't my favorite but I'll eat them with other vegetables. I thought I liked them when I recently roasted but I'd put fig balsamic on them and it was really the vinegar I liked. I seriously get a thrill buying something new! I have no clue what I'll do with the yucca, haven't researched it yet as I have regular produce to get through first. I've decided after the bookstore and produce department is my happy place! I bargain shop but was thinking a fun reward would be to hit Whole Foods, the Nugget, or the Farmer's market for some new stuff. Sprouts has horseradish and celeriac, but I hate raw celery so I may skip celeriac.

    Oh, I'm like you about checkboxes, especially since I'm doing the bullet journal AND habit tracker! I don't want to miss a box, and I upped my Fit On workouts to do more yoga so my fitness is well-rounded and am awful at it so far! One stretch last night he said was great for planter fasciitis was sitting on your ankles with toes on the floor, it felt so good I felt like a dog when you scratch the perfect spot! You have some serious exercise going today!

    @leonadixon way to go on being in the green!

    Well, as I told you all before my weight was going up 1lb a week for 7 weeks when I barely upped calories for msintaining. It was getting to me so bad I stopped weighing. I've been cutting back some and not eating most exercise calories back after going over by 3500-4000 weekend before last. I even thought I looked bigger in my hips. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and will be weighed so after showering last night I weighed myself so I'd have time to get used to the weight gain. I went the complete opposite way since after Thanksgiving, I'm under my goal weight! I need to weigh in the morning to see the real weight but this is the fastest I've lost since I first started at 222 so I have to stay on top of it and switch up what I eat. I planned to sit at 125 after hitting 100lbs down and am 117.5. I definitely need to eat more if I'm going to work out like I do, I'm just really thrown off with first gaining at this weight pretty fast then losing faster around the same amount of calories. Sorry so long, i haven't told anyone about it and am processing.
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    @Motiv8tedMom - Hey there! Hurray for being back on plan today after bunco night! 🙌🏽

    @Katmary71 - What a great day you had! And great work on your 5 Habits! 👍🏽

    @raleighgirl09 - I so love your taking a look at the Habit Tracker and your journaling to make connections between water, sleep and snacking. That is so inspiring! 🤔💡

    @its_cleo - 🎉 Big HURRAY for being on track for calories yesterday, even when feeling blue. For me, food on track is the #1 thing for losing or maintaining weight. And if you miss exercise but a big workout feels like too much, maybe something short like a walk to the mailbox or around the block? (Outside time helps me when I am blue.)
    Also, I love @Katmary71 's suggestion of music, and hope you are able to listen to something you like today! 📻

    @Metubal - Woohoo! Great weigh-in! And what a great attitude! SO super great that you were kind to yourself about snacking on Saturday, and that you got right back on track on Sunday! 💡

    @Cornanda :
    "keep stacking up the steps until I'm headed in the right direction."
    Hey there - you are definitely already headed in the right direction with your tracking your food. That's huge! Planning definitely helps make exercise happen! I'll bet you figure out your stumbling points as you work on this and get that ironed out.

    @wrknonmedaily -- Good for you for noticing you were getting off track. Did you have a good, back-on-track food day yesterday? 👍🏽
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    @AustinRuadhain Somewhat. I made the mistake of making lasagna. Hopefully my son got to it today. Will bring some for a friend at work tomorrow. So over all I am getting back on track.
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    Monday was way over on calories. Tuesday and today are much better. I also did yoga for the first time today! I'm so pleased with myself! I'm mostly good about exercise in general and am usually pretty close on getting my steps in, so food is really my issue. But, trying something new today has really boosted my spirits. Oh, and my water intake is improving daily, too. Now, if it wasn't do darn cold outside (it's 9 below right now and this is the warmest part of the day).
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