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    @cassiegetsfit2013 - I agree with everyone that you should go to urgent care to get checked out. With those symptoms and the higher BP reading, going to get checked is very advisable. Take care.
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    @CassieGetsFit2013 did you tell your Fitbit that you were doing a workout and have it track it specifically? Or did it automatically pick up walking? Also do you have MFP set for negative calorie adjustments based on your measured activity?

    If you didn't specifically tell it it was a workout, then the calorie burn could have included calories that you would have burned during that period of time anyway.

    If you have MFP set for negative cal adjustments, then it will adjust your exercise calories during the day depending on how much you move, and how active you are overall compared to the activity level you have MFP set to. It won't give you the calorie burn from specific exercise, but the difference in calories between your set level and your actual level. Even if that's a negative number.

    Also - go get checked out! Don't wait for the 24th. I am also concerned for you. BP over 140/90 is considered high, and while yours isn't super super high, you're experiencing symptoms and you don't feel right. You need to get checked! I know you said you're not walking fast, but it's concerning.

    I guess my other question here is are you eating enough? And I also say that from experience. If you've cut your calories too low, it could also be causing all manner of feeling terrible. Once upon a time I cut my calories down and also my carbs down a bit (before I studied and really knew what I was doing with nutrition) and wound up feeling like crap for a few days, kept exercising and eating low cal because "weight loss" and then I fainted. And TBH I was just eating MFP's recommended calories, and not eating back any exercise calories. I do like to learn things the hard way! After that I learned that I could eat a lot more and still lose a lot of weight. Just a thought, I obviously have no idea what your calorie goal is.

    Yes, I went to the little walking guy on my FitBit and started it so it showed me the minutes and the miles, then when I was done, I held the button and it showed me the stats, miles, steps, calories burned which was 399, max heart rate, etc..I don't know about the negative calorie adjustment on MFP or where I would go to see that?

    Yeah, I feel pretty crappy today, but took my BP earlier and it seemed to be in the okay range. I ate to see if that would make me feel better, but it didn't really. I'll check my BP again in a few. I'm usually pretty good about telling when it's high cause I feel it. I read somewhere before that a lot of people don't even know that they have high BP cause they don't have symptoms, well I DEFINITELY have symptoms when mine is up, lol. I've had Hypertension Stage 2 for so long now that I can easily detect when it's up...The first time I was diagnosed, I was 21! Different Dr's. That I went to, were in shock and didn't know why I had that at such a young age...I see my Psych the day after my Dr. Appointment and every time I go there, my BP is always up, last time I went, it was 158/106. 😬 When it's up like that, my left arm will hurt and ache a lot and I usually feel flushed through my body, mostly my face and my legs feel off balance. One time I had a panic attack at a new Counselor I was seeing and I cried and I couldn't even stand! My legs were shaking so bad, I had to sit there for over an hour til I could feel my legs again and move them. No clue what my BP was at that time though! Lately while walking the doggy, my lower back and left side of my hip has been hurting. Not sure why, maybe cause I haven't been doing a whole lot of walking, except once or twice a week when the dog needs to be walked, and this week it has been 3 days in a row? Hmmm, I'm not sure.

    I haven't been counting my calories very well lately, but I am trying to get back to it and back on track! When I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, I was actually starving myself myseld without knowing that I was...Cause I was consuming somewhere between 1,200-1,500 and walking a ton with some exercising and not eating any of my burned calories back. I never stay on a good schedule so a lot of times I don't have my first meal til 4 or 6pm, then I'm eating dinner at like 9 or 10...Sometimes later. But some days I'll have my first meal around 2pm, then again at 6 then again at 9 or 10...It's always different, but I'm working on making it more of a routine and trying to stabilize it. MFP has me at like 1,780 goal, I usually try to consume around 1,500 though and don't eat any burned calories back.
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    @CassieGetsFit2013 I really think you should go to Urgent care or the ER if you are still not feeling well! I am concerned for you! I think Fitbit over estimates on the calories burned. I think 125 calories is more accurate.

    Thank you, Kirsten! 🖤 I'm gonna check my BP soon and see how it's doing. I don't think it's high right now as I don't feel the usual things that I feel when it is high. My head hurts a little and my eyes are sleepy, but that's about it. Yeah, I assume everything over estimates on calorie burns! Lol, I just want something to tell me the truth and be accurate! If I decide to eat any burned calories back, not gonna be very good if I don't know exactly how many I have to consume! Argh!
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    @kirsten11872 kids are tough. I agree with getting counseling. When my 22 year old was in 7th grade he started having problems in school by 10th grade I could barely get him in the door of the school. I got him into counseling he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Unfortunately for him he fell through the cracks in the school system, dropped out in the 10th grade but the next day he went over and registered for class to get his GED. Passed with flying colors and now has a very good job. Things will work out in the end. Good luck.

    My weight is up a little. I don't get my period anymore but I get all the symptoms when its supposed to show. The dr told my son's gf the baby is place and ready to come. Its just a waiting game. I feel like this has been the longest pregnancy. We are supposed to go out with my husbands work friends on Saturday, I think I will only have 1 drink if any just in case.
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    Week 2
    Pw 187.6
    Cw 188
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    02/13 steps 8236
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    Quick check in for Tues through Thurs
    Food: good
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 40 minutes Tuesday, 60 minutes Wednesday, 30 minutes Thursday.

    Had a session with my trainer on Tuesday and Wednesday, book club on Tuesday, walking group on Wednesday and volunteering with the little kids on Thursday.

    I have to work tonight, which means sleeping all day. I'm going in at 8:30, instead of my normal 10:30. Tonight is all OT, so 10 hours tonight plus 2 OT hours on Wednesday night so my check is going to be nice next week with 12 hours of OT on it.
    I'll try and catch up with all the posts this weekend.
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    Friday weigh in
    Week 2
    pw: 161.2
    cw: 161.3

    I like it!
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    PW 203.5
    CW 202.4

    Yay 😃. Good luck with all of your weigh-ins xx
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    I just saw that I transposed the numbers on my weigh in.
    should be 162.1 and 161.3
    Happy that I dropped almost another pound
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    Happy Valentine’s Day Sweethearts!!!!
    I had a super productive day yesterday. Molly had the day off and we accomplished lots of errands that needed to be done.
    By afternoon I was dragging but pushed through to do shopping.
    I was so happy to be home. Made a frozen vegan pizza and salad for dinner. I took Molly out to lunch and let her pick the restaurant as part of Molly month. We usually go to my favorite but I let her pick this time lol.
    It’s noon and I have already accomplished a lot today. But now I am going to organize the baking and the Tupperware cupboards in the kitchen, bake chocolate strawberry shortcake cupcakes for my sweetheart then start dinner prep. Very easy afternoon planned. I made my goal of 8K steps yesterday. It was a push but I did it. I need a rest day so shooting for 5k today. But resting a priority.
    Making polenta with red wine mushrooms, balsamic salad, local sour dough bread and the cupcakes for dessert. And drinking the other portion of red wine with dinner.
    Hope you all have a great day!
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    Hello, TGIF & Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you are all feeling extra love today! :wink:

    I feel like I did well with my food & exercise this week, but the scale is the enemy, lol. I went to the gym last night, did an hour on the elliptical & was planning on eating a light dinner. All was going well until after I ate dinner, I was just disgusted & went on a little binge. The scale stayed the same, I guess my hour on the elliptical helped. I am hoping that I can manage to get down a little so I do not have a big gain this week. As of this morning, I am up 3 pounds which blows my mind! Between WW, IF, MFP, my workouts etc, I should at least be the same, not up 3 pounds. I am not sure what is going on. I am blaming menopause & my age, I am 48, but it is not getting easier. I am also going to have my thyroid checked to make sure my levels are still normal. My aunt wound up with a thyroid issue around my age. I am also going to try to change up my diet. I am going to try to cut down on the fruit and add more protein. I am gong to make egg muffins and vegetable soup, I got a recipe from WW. I am not giving up, but I have to figure out what I need to do to get results!

    @ljdanny thanks for sharing about your son! Sounds like he went through a lot! My son has asked me to sign him out of school, but I told him he has to at least get his HS diploma and then figure out what he wants to do after that, maybe a trade school. He loves to stream online and is really good with making & editing videos. He does get up and go to school every day without giving me a problem, it is once he is there that he does not cooperate. We will get through this, it is just tough!

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx thanks for sharing about your daughter! Glad she is doing well! Sounds like she was dealing with a lot as well! I am trying to get him & I through this!

    @CassieGetsFit2013 just make sure to take care of yourself & listen to your body!

    Have a wonderful, heart-filled day! enjoy your weekend! :smile:
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    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx it’s so funny because I have been craving hummus like every day! My big problem (I have lots of little ones) is portion control. If I knew I could have a couple bites with two pieces of the mini pita bread I would be fine. But once I get going it just doesn’t stop!! That is true with everything I eat. I always have a clean plate when I’m done eating. If I have a carry out box from a restaurant it’s very rare!! It might happen if I talk more than I eat and everyone is ready to leave. Other than that the plate gets emptied!!
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