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  • Freeglerock
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    Check in: Sunday 2/2
    Food: logged and over goal but under maintenance
    Water: have not tracked
    Exercise: 6k steps and swim with the kids

    So, progress made - first day of tracking my food in 3 weeks.  Unfortunately most of it was left over Chinese takeaway from last night so had to guess the most appropriate entries.  Tracking felt good, so back on this properly now.  I may make some poor food choices over the next few weeks, but my main aim is no matter what it is I eat, I will track it.  And hopefully with tracking, it will make me more mindful of what I am putting into my body.

    I have not smoked since giving up on Friday.  Last night I had awful insomnia and today struggled with constipation.  I was expecting to find the cravings hard, but can't say I expected these symptoms from the nicotine withdrawal.  Hoping I'll be able to sleep better tonight - fingers crossed!

    @sleepymom5 must admit I had my last cigarette before I had finished my preparation to quit  (I finished last in the pack and really didn't want to buy any more!).  I have a plan for when at home/General out and about, but have not quite figured out the driving to/from work and whilst at work.  They really are my worst for smoking.  I think I will suck on mints/boiled sweets (sugar free) in car, and at work either take a short walk around the fountain out the front of the building, or something similar.  I have always used my cig breaks at work to take time away from the computer and re-think/analyse in my head calculations etc.  I will still need to have these "breaks", just won't be in the smokers garden!  Hoping that as I will be 4 days into this by the time I am next at work, it may be a little easier!
    Enjoy the Superbowl!  I hope in the years to come, and the kids have flown the nest, that they will want to come back home with friends in tow.  Must feel like a very special family home x

    @starcrystal3 Good luck!  I look forward to hearing your progress.  I also have a Garmin - absolutely love it (except when it tells me to relax at the worst possible moments!)

    @xX_PhoenixRising_Xx Welcome, and thank you for the advice. At work, unlike at home, I think I will really need to replace my cig break with a different kind of break.  I work longer than contracted hours, and always work through lunch, so I think I will need a regular short time away from my desk - I think a short mindfulness break could really be the ticket!  I shall give that a try on Tuesday! Thank you x

    @Mrsbell8well your post is very inspiring.  I love the quote at the end.  I have made a note of it - wish I could say I'm choosing tenacity now, but I'm just not quite there yet.  I will be soon though!

    @jedaschultz very impressed with yourexercise regime and goals for the month!

    @CassieGetsFit2013 I find Facebook such a minefield.  I know on my FB there are friends and family that portray the perfect life on social media, but have such struggles in real life.  Be proud of your achievements - no matter the size/type/impact - they are your accomplishments and so are important. 
  • txmama63
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    Sorry, was not able to get online yesterday to let you know, but I will not be able to participate this month. I have way to much going on right now with work and home. Hopefully, I will be able to join again in the future.
  • tryingagain5
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    Sunday 2/2 check in
    Food: logged and on track
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 20 minutes low intensity at home

    Sundays are my less busy day. Church, Sunday school, lunch and then nap a while so I can stay awake for 3rd shift hours. Every other Sunday is book club so a little more busy on those weeks. No book club tonight.

    I'm not into football so have no plans to watch the Super Bowl. Going to eat my dinner and am watching a Hallmark movie that has a cute German Shepherd in it. After the movie I"ll get ready to leave for work.
  • ljdanny
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    @Mrsbell8well I hope you feel better.

    @sleepymom5 most of my ailments are on my left side but my neck is affecting my right arm. My whole body has pretty much gone to crap over the years.

    Today I went to Zumba came home showered and have done nothing since. I had my day planned to meal prep and make some new protein balls I found and no motivation. I did help my son with the baby, she's very grumpy seeing she doesn't feel well. His gf works on the weekends so he has dad duty.
  • tryingagain5
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    Thank you, I'm glad I'm able to give support through my posts. I will try to continue to post daily when I can and if it becomes too stressful one day then I won't post that day.

    Yes, it is easier to start a little lower with goals and then work your way up. I think now that I have all this knowledge on meal prep and crockpot meals from the workshops I took, that I should be able do start doing better with my goals.

    The birthday celebration for my sister was nice. She always has to much food. I definitely have to keep working on portion control. I know what to do I just don't always do it.

    The massage was very nice. I scheduled another in a couple of months.
  • GingerPwr
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    Jogged 2 miles today. Made pizza rolls and game day dip for tonight's game. Ate a little dip, then left the room to get away from it.
    Did my nails instead of eating, lol!

    @sleepymom5 thanks for the news about Angelina. Sending up healing vibes!
  • 33sandy1223
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    feb. week 1
    pw 196
    cw 196.5
  • starcrystal3
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    Feb. Week 1
    SW: 140.8
    CW: 140.8
  • starcrystal3
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    @GingerPwr We had similar days! I jogged/walked 2.5 miles, watched the game and did my nails! It wasn't intentional, but once the polish was on I didn't want to touch anything else and stopped eating.
  • starcrystal3
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    Today's questions:
    1.What I do that helps me: Planning my food & logging it ahead of time. Having a workout plant to follow. Every Tue/Thu/Sun I run or walk and every Saturday is an activity like yoga, swimming, cycling or hiking.
    2. What I do that hinders me: Over-eating when the food I brought to work isn't enough and I'm hungry. That's when I dip into the candy jars or scrounge for whatever I can find. Feels like once I derail it's hard to stop!
  • CassieGetsFit2013
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    @CassieGetsFit2013 I find Facebook such a minefield.  I know on my FB there are friends and family that portray the perfect life on social media, but have such struggles in real life.  Be proud of your achievements - no matter the size/type/impact - they are your accomplishments and so are important. 

    Yes, that is really true. A lot of times on social media, we only see the good and pretty and not really the bad and the ugly. Thank you! I think I am going to sit down tomorrow and make a list of the things that I did get done in January, maybe I did more than I realize and that will make me feel better about the month! Regardless of what I did get done, I'm still going to shoot for a better February! 🥰 I hope you have an amazing month as well! Let's cheer each other on!

  • brown6267
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    02/02 steps 12019
  • Cafelelia
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    Good morning everyone! I am Lisa, co-captain with the amazing @sleepymom5! Welcome all new team members and welcome back to all returning members! I am 53 years old & live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and our two hockey playing sons, ages 13.5 & 9.5. I am a lawyer and stepped back after many years in the corporate world to spend more time with my family. I run a part time law practice from home & love the flexibility. My weight came on in my mid thirties with a busy career & then pregnancies later in life. I am a weight fluctuator and have vowed to break that cycle now. I am about halfway to goal (135 lbs) and aim to get there in 2020 (and stop the fluctuating). I am overcoming an injury from 2019 (sciatica) and have good & bad days with that. I am a runner, but am learning to love other forms of exercise since the injury. January was not a great month generally. My FIL passed away just before Christmas, and my husband and I were exhausted by mid January just dealing with everything and trying to maintain some normalcy for the boys. Apologies to everyone for stepping back completely last week during my vacation. I really needed the time to unplug, sleep and rest. I put on a few lbs during vacation, but that’s ok because I feel so good now! We took my MIL and the sunshine really helped her too, which warms my heart. I am still catching up on posts and have missed all of you!

    My February goals are to lose 3 to 4 lbs, do a few short runs a weeks (2-3 km, my leg permitting), continue to meal plan & prep on Sundays, and continue IF (exploring what forms work best for me).

    I know that many team members are dealing with a number of challenges, and we are here for you throughout your journey!
  • jedaschultz
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    Username: jedaschultz
    Week: 1
    Weight in day: Monday
    Previous weight:196.6
    Current weight: 196.8

    Up slightly, disappointing.
  • sleepymom5
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    Sunday 2/2 check in
    Food: started to log until dinner...
    Water: 64 oz
    Exercise: 30 minutes on stationary bike, PT, stretching and strength.

    It is funny how you fall right back into old habits. I did well all day until I put the food out for the Superbowl. I was starving and snacked as I was putting it out. I had healthy options but basically didn't touch those. I didn't make the best choices but I didn't stuff myself either. I did stop before I normally would have so that was at least good. I also didn't drink even though I wanted to. I am not going to lie though, if someone else had a drink, I would have. Ok-new day, new week...Today I have my food planned. I am getting ready to take a walk, it is beautiful out. I spent way too much time on the computer this am. I really need to check in at night or I have a ton of posts to catch up on. Hope everyone has a great day!

    I will keep you all posted when I hear from Angelina. I am not sure when that will be
    I know she would appreciate all the well wishes . Thank you :)

    Great job!! Not a bad showing for January's Keeping it Green-I didn't realize we were continuing it in February so my apologies for not including it in my earlier post!

    @jedaschultz No worries about the weight. That is basically maintaining. You have been doing great! I love your goals for the month. I think I will make them my goals too. You really have had such an awesome streak since Oct. I am so glad your routine is working for you. Let's keep it going through February(and beyond!)
    @CassieGetsFit2013 I agree with what Freeglerock said. Someone described FB as a "highlight reel" and it is so true. Most people make sure it is just the highlights on there. Most don't put their struggles. Although some do that too... Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for your successes. It is important to celebrate your own successes along with your friends. It is ok that you didn't post but don't feel any of your successes are any less than anyone elses. It isn't a competition. Nice loss this week too! I am with you, let's have a great February!!
    @rundgrenrocks Sounds like you are starting February strong! Sounds like food and your activity are on point! I think it is so cool you do that step bet! That would be so motivating for me. I need to build back up to where I was before this hip and then maybe give it a try. I am exactly the same way with Football lol! I am glad they put all that stuff in there or I would struggle watching the game. My husband thinks it is weird I take my bathroom break during the actual game and not the commercials Lol! OMG that ravioli! I am not a cook at all. I can cook but don't like to and have to follow recipes but to think you can actually think up something from leftovers and make it into a ravioli...Wow! Maybe I should start getting a little creative. I feel like we are in the same sorta stage in life although I am a bit older. I am trying to get used to being sorta an empty nester. 3/5 kids out of the house, 1 in college and 1 in grad school but living at home. My youngest is a sophomore so I was busy with taking care of my kids for about 22 years and it abruptly ended. I still have things to do but not that it takes up my day anymore. It was hard but I am starting to like it now Lol! Maybe I should take part of my time and figure out cooking. My husband is like yours and wants to eat or order out all the time but even weekdays. I give in way too much.
    @Freeglerock Sounds like a good day! Remember to be kind to yourself. You are right, you are going to have good and bad days. Keep in mind the food logging is for you, not to impress others. If we all ate so well, we wouldn't be here right? ;) Your bad days may be motivating for your future self to see how far you have come. Log the good and the bad the best you can. Sometimes it is hard to be accurate when you are out or order out, just make the best estimate you can. Those are strange symptoms for nicotine withdrawal..I would think it would be the opposite for sleeping, I would think the nicotine would keep you awake. Be sure to keep up with water, fiber and exercise for the pooping. Hopefully both of those will be better soon. I am glad you have a plan for some of the situations that may come up. Driving maybe call a friend or maybe listen to a podcast or book. They make you think a little more than just listening to music. I also don't know what limitations you have for your old smoking break but can you do a short walk? If you take 10 min to smoke and do that 3 times a day, that could be a half hour walk per day. Even though it is broken up, it still all counts. Or maybe go to the fountain and fill your water glass up? I am so impressed you are doing this. February will be a good month!
    @txmama63 We will miss you. I do know you are super busy though. Please come back when things settle down.
    @tryingagain5 That sounds like a perfect Sunday. Hope you had a good shift at work. What book are you reading in book club? I am glad that you are going to continue to post when it works for you. I feel like the daily posting keeps me accountable. If I say I am going to do something on here, it is a little harder not to honor it.
    @ljdanny I agree, I never had some of these issues before. I was just telling my friend that I want to write a book to warn the younger people what they need to do to avoid some of the things I am experiencing Lol! For example, I think everyone should have PT exercises and stretches to do. I think my whole hip and shoulder things wouldn't have happened if I had kept my body moving. Well moving more than just cardio and strength. You need to keep all those joints moving like they are supposed to or they wont have that range of motion. Sounds like you could have used the restful day on Sunday. It was good you went to zumba first. I hope your little granddaughter is feeling better. She is going to have a cousin soon! I love that they will be so close in age and are the same gender.
    @GingerPwr Sounds like a great day! I love the idea of doing your nails to avoid eating. They take a while to dry so you can't eat even if you want to! I know Angelina appreciates the good thoughts coming her way. I will post when I hear from her.
    @33sandy1223 That's not too bad of a gain. How are things going? Remember that we are here to help or support you in any way!
    @starcrystal3 Not a bad weigh in. Maintaining is better than gaining. How are things going? I love your routine, you seem like you have an excellent plan! Sounds like you had a good day yesterday. Funny about the nails lol! I need to start doing that. I guess you found your way over here. I didn't see your message until this am. Sorry about that. I try to get on twice a day but with the Super bowl that didn't happen yesterday. I also have the same struggles that I am trying to work on like you. Maybe for work, when you are hungry, have some healthy snacks on hand instead of hitting the candy. I know I used to not plan snacks because I didn't want the extra calories but then I realized I was eating junk and a healthy snack would have been better.
    @JillyBT Although you didn't lose the weight you wanted to. It is awesome that you actually lost fat and gained muscle. The scale is going to catch up with your progress eventually. I think you had a great January, you were so consistent. You just need to use that momentum and keep it going in February! I have no doubt that you will. What a fun weekend you had! I have been to Disney World more than I can count, my parents retired to Florida. I have only been to Disney Land once. I loved it of course. My favorite part was we ate in a restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That has to be about 25 years ago so I am not even sure that exists anymore. Disney is definitely a workout! Awesome steps!
    @Cafelelia I am so glad that you had a nice vacation. I am sure Toronto seemed a little chillier than usual on your return. :) That post with the dog is how I feel today too Lol!
  • sleepymom5
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    edited February 2020
    Day 2 - it is Monday

    What changed or what did you discover to get your weight loss going? Just think about the beginning. How did it start? What was your "Monday"?


    You can post here, post on the link or post on both! I have to run because my "Monday" story isn't going to be a quick post! Lol! I will post later

  • kirsten11872
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    Hello everyone & welcome to a new month! I see I am late to the new month, so many posts already! I am going to try to catch up with everyone!

    Here is my intro: My name is Kirsten, I am 48 years old, I have been married for 20 years, have 2 sons - 19 & 15. I work full-time in the financial industry. I live in NJ, not far from NYC. I have had to watch my weight most of my life. I gained a lot going into my senior year of high school and the start of college. I changed my eating habits and starting working out daily, right before I turned 21 years old. I lost a ton a ton of weight & felt great and have kept the majority of it off, but I tend to fluctuate. I am also a Lifetime member of WW. I have been Lifetime for many years and still attend weekly meetings on Saturday! I am currently over my WW goal, so that is my motivation, trying to get back to goal & not have to pay for the meetings & E-tools.

    I really wanted to have a successful January, but that ship has sailed & I am a month closer to summer & summer clothing. The months just go by so quickly, if I just stayed on track last month, I could be 10 pounds down or more, but I am going back up. I am really trying to figure out what I need to do in order to get this weight off. Going through menopause is definitely affecting my weight. I have to make a conscious effort to of everything I am eating & stay active!

    @sleepymom5 I agree, carbs have become the enemy, lol. I never had an issue with carbs, but I think as I am getting older, I have to change what I eat. I am not a big carb eater, but I did eat a lot of carbs on Saturday & the scale was not my friend this morning! I agree, February is going to be our month! :smile:

    So far today I have walked almost 10K steps, I have eaten well. I need to plan for a healthy dinner & workout as soon as I get home, no excuses! I found a WW Air Fryer Brussels sprouts recipe, looks really good! I am in a good mindset right now, just need to stay here!

    Have a wonderful evening & great week! I will try to catch up with your posts and respond later! :smiley:
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