TRIMSTONES Team Chat - July 2020



  • Arc130
    Arc130 Posts: 1,143 Member
    Friday 7/10- 10340

    Saturday 7/11 weigh-in
    PW: 193.7
    CW: 194.4
    LTD: 24.1

    Ugh! I was expecting this. Not much exercise this past week and a little too much food.
  • ShredWeek1
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    Friday steps; 8,234

    We had a massive thunderstorm Thursday night and the weather was unbelievably beautiful all day Friday. It was such a joy just to stroll...!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Cw 216

    @vikster11111 This is your first posting in the Jul chatroom. Your PW was 218, from your 6/27/20 post in the Jun chatroom. Not sure where the 217 came from as I can't find a mention of it anywhere. Please make sure you post weekly...for the last few months we've only seen you every other week and we don't wanna lose ya!!! **hugs**

    @angmarie28 PLEASE BE SAFE AngMarie!!! I'm glad you get a few days off...I've never seen anyone work as hard as you do! **big hugs**

    @mulecanter I'm trying to get back into gear so I can commence your butt kicking, but I have COVID hair, COVID stress and am feeling COVID eating patterns take's horrible!! If I keep this up, I'm gonna have to buy you a gift card!! NOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!! At least I'm keeping up with my walking...don't know about you, but this week was insane for me...I'm working harder at home than I did at the office!! It's CRAZY! OK, I'm gonna go drink some water, take a walk and watch a that order!! Hope you're having a good weekend, my friend...go eat some some pizza, a burger or two and a large slice of chocolate cheesecake, covered in fudge!!! :smile:
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,045 Member
    @simbersea I've had the MODS move you back from Maintenance into the regular weigh in chart, but I have no doubt that as soon as your injury gets better, allows you to return to your regular activity levels and you pop back down those few pounds, you'll be RIGHT back in Maintenance again...we're pulling for ya!!! GO SIMBERSEA!
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,045 Member
    To All:
    It's funny, but we all know each other just by our nicknames and the postings we my challenge to you is to share 3 things this week:
    1. What made you choose your nickname when joining Fat2Fit?
    2. What person(s) in our TrimStones family have made the biggest influence on your weight loss journey? and finally,
    3. What funny visions pop in your head when you see certain people's nicknames/postings in our chatroom?

    I'll start...

    1. I chose mine (zero creativity here) because it's my first/last name and my favorite number...I'm so thought provoking (*insert eye roll here*).
    2. My biggest inspirations in here (this is tough because there are so many)... @mulecanter for his creative puppy stories/pictures (although he hates me and hasn't posted one in a LONG time... @Emmajhare because she's always SO positive @Arc130 because she posts great pics of her farm on occasion and I love those pictures and @kmfeig87 because she's just fearless and walks like a beast!
    3. @kmfeig87 reminds me of Figgy pudding and that's why I call her Figgy...
    @simbersea makes me think of Simba from Disney's Lion King
    @Arc130 makes me think of Joan of I predictable or what?!

    I think we all need to make an effort to post more often...especially now when we're all cooped up and need inspiration from all sources...I'll admit I'm suffering from a little please post this week...send a pic or two...I love animals and nature...even cute kid pictures...ya'll make my day!
    Jessica :blush:
  • dillyg08
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    Dillyg 08
    Saturday weigh-in
    Week 2
    PW: 182 lbs
    CW: 181 lbs
    LTD: 17 lbs
  • ShredWeek1
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    Saturday steps: 7,384
    Jax_Grim wrote: »
    So the back pains stayed away but my ankle injury has started hurting again. My dog rolled over on it a couple weeks ago and the pain hasn't gone away since. Usually a dog isn't a problem, but it was my 145 pound English Mastiff. It took months to get over it the first time, so I'm back in a brace. I'm just going to get the ankle exercises going again.

    I feel for you! Our lovely neighbor has a Bernese Mountain Dog, who I have known since he was a puppy. Every time he sees me he runs towards me and knocks me over he's so I've had a couple of experiences with big dogs myself.

    7/10 steps - 13,897 steps

  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,045 Member
    @jenready Need your weigh in for this week please...thanks!
  • jugar
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    F2F has a new chat thread for members from any team who are now at their goal weight, getting near it, or are just want to see what maintenance is like. Drop by any time!

    If you are already at goal, or want to stop where you are to see if it is indeed your final weight goal, be sure you are in the "Goal Zone" section of your team spreadsheet. Then come to this chat to explore this new and much longer phase together with others. Let's not be a statistic and just gain it all back, right?
  • jenready
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    7/10 4,898
  • jenready
    jenready Posts: 2,659 Member
    Previous Weight 241.6
    Current Weight 242.5
  • Emmajhare
    Emmajhare Posts: 224 Member
    06/07 - 14,564
    07/07 - 15,794
    08/07 - 15,548
    09/07 - 13,535
    10/07 - 10,793
    11/07 - 18,793
  • Jen_967
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    kmfeig87 wrote: »
    Trying again with the quarantine hair. I started out I'm good with just growing it out for now!



    Looking Good! :)
  • Jen_967
    Jen_967 Posts: 1,911 Member
    Sunday Weigh-in
    PW: 214.2
    CW: 210.2
    LTD: 55.8lbs :D

    Recovery seemed to be going well. Until that is about 3 days ago. I started having a lot of pain and itching in my hands. MY hands are bright red. I got up this morning and decided to take a shower. (big mistake) The pain was unbelievable. Going to the ER this morning to see whats going on. Hope everyone has a good week.
  • schlerin
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    edited July 2020
    Week 3
    PW: 205.4
    CW: 205.0
    Ltd (Jan 1st) = +1.8 lb
    Since joining MFP: +5.0 lbs
    Best weigh in: 189.8
    Up down up down up up up ugh.
    7/8 = 6,291
    7/9 = 4,006
    7/10 = 3,092
    7/11 = 7,429
    Not a lot of steps but did a lot of playing with niece and a friend's little boy. Both 3 and lots of energy.
  • Arc130
    Arc130 Posts: 1,143 Member
    Saturday 7/11- 13731
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