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  • jugar
    jugar Posts: 8,374 Member
    The Week 3 Challenge is UP! And you are climbing up your own ladder. Go for it!

    The week 2 Challenge is also going to stay active if anyone wants to continue the daily commitment and reflection. It works!
  • H2596
    H2596 Posts: 286 Member
    PW: 175
    CW: 174
    LTD: 1 lb

    Stayed the same this week

  • H2596
    H2596 Posts: 286 Member

    11/7. 10,283 steps
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,051 Member
    schlerin wrote: »
    7/8 = 6,291
    7/9 = 4,006
    7/10 = 3,092
    7/11 = 7,429

    Hey @schlerin ...also need your steps for Jul 7th...looked back and I saw 4-6 and 8-11, but nothing for the 7th. Let me know...
  • ShredWeek1
    ShredWeek1 Posts: 188 Member
    SW: 148
    Today: 146.8

    I had gone as low as 145.5 this week, but did that thing I always do, and I'm going to stop doing: Said: Oh, this is easy, I can eat a little more. Well, NOPE!
  • Beka3695
    Beka3695 Posts: 4,126 Member

    1st Mission Slimpossibles 0.59%
    2nd Weight No More 0.45%
    3rd Shrinking Assets 0.08%

    1st Mission Slimpossibles 26.6 Lbs
    2nd Weight No More 22.1 Lbs
    3rd Shrinking Assets 3.5 Lbs

    1st @GretchenReine 3.09 %
    2nd @ProfDawnLee 2.72%
    3rd @Emmajhare 2.64%

    1st @GretchenReine 9.2 Lbs
    2nd @ProfDawnLee 4.0 Lbs
    3rd @Emmajhare 3.9 Lbs



  • Beka3695
    Beka3695 Posts: 4,126 Member

    50+ lbs lost

    Under 250


    Under 175

    Under 150




  • TeresaW1020
    TeresaW1020 Posts: 3,231 Member
    :star:The Green Challenge :star: Percentage of people who lost weight this week. No matter how small the loss the weights are recorded in green. Remember slow and steady wins the race! B)

  • ShredWeek1
    ShredWeek1 Posts: 188 Member
    7/12 Steps: 9903 The weather is amazing and we took a long walk in a nature awesome!

    Congrats to everyone this week. Thanks for including me in this fabulous group!
  • Arc130
    Arc130 Posts: 1,143 Member
    Sunday 7/12- 11385
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,051 Member
    I'm going to try posting this one more time, because not one person responded...I'm hoping it's because the weekend was busy...

    To All:
    It's funny, but we all know each other just by our nicknames and the postings we my challenge to you is to share 3 things this week:
    1. What made you choose your nickname when joining Fat2Fit?
    2. What person(s) in our TrimStones family have made the biggest influence on your weight loss journey? and finally,
    3. What funny visions pop in your head when you see certain people's nicknames/postings in our chatroom?

    I'll start...

    1. I chose mine (zero creativity here) because it's my first/last name and my favorite number...I'm so thought provoking (*insert eye roll here*).
    2. My biggest inspirations in here (this is tough because there are so many)... @mulecanter for his creative puppy stories/pictures (although he hates me and hasn't posted one in a LONG time... @Emmajhare because she's always SO positive @Arc130 because she posts great pics of her farm on occasion and I love those pictures and @kmfeig87 because she's just fearless and walks like a beast!
    3. @kmfeig87 reminds me of Figgy pudding and that's why I call her Figgy...
    @simbersea makes me think of Simba from Disney's Lion King
    @Arc130 makes me think of Joan of I predictable or what?!

    I think we all need to make an effort to post more often...especially now when we're all cooped up and need inspiration from all sources...I'll admit I'm suffering from a little please post this week...send a pic or two...I love animals and nature...even cute kid pictures...ya'll make my day!
    Jessica :blush:
  • Jax_Grim
    Jax_Grim Posts: 381 Member
    So I'll go:

    1. What made you choose your nickname when joining Fat2Fit?
    My nickname is just a combination of the general area I live (Jax = Jacksonville) and the first part of my last name (Grim = Grimmett).

    2. What person(s) in our TrimStones family have made the biggest influence on your weight loss journey?
    I haven't really been here long enough to point out a specific person. The whole general environment helps because you have people who are in different points in their weightloss journey. You have some that are at the same point, some that are near the end, and then some that are just starting or starting over. It creates a nice little support structure.

    3. What funny visions pop in your head when you see certain people's nicknames/postings in our chatroom?
    I can't say I've actually visualized any :)
  • Jax_Grim
    Jax_Grim Posts: 381 Member
    7/12 steps - 11,402
  • mynacha73
    mynacha73 Posts: 119 Member
    PW 192
    CW 188.9
    LTD 41.1
  • UCGRocks
    UCGRocks Posts: 215 Member
    1. Yeah, I’m lazy too. So just my name 🤦‍♀️
    2. The whole community. More recently jax_grim: I liked the intermittent fasting results you mentioned. Giving it a try this week but am still having my morning coffee so not sure if it still counts as fasting.
    also all the steppers: I’m amazed at the massive step counts
    3. Haven’t really envisioned either
  • kmfeig87
    kmfeig87 Posts: 1,990 Member
    7/9 15,653
    7.10 18,681
    7/11 14,820
    7/12 12,205

    I managed to get out a bit earlier for my walks the last two days and it was cooler, thank heavens. Feeling a bit perkier than last week when the heat was getting to me and my pace was lagging.

  • kmfeig87
    kmfeig87 Posts: 1,990 Member
    Good morning all! Sorry @jessicakrall8 to be slow to respond to your challenge. I've been distracted by COVID and inconsistent with my presence here.

    1. Alack, my name choice is also really boring. I chose it at the nutritionist's office when she introduced me to MFP. I had no idea what a game changer this site would be and therefore I picked a user name that I might have a chance of remembering when I got home. First initial (full name is Katrina, although I also go by Trina), middle initial, last name. 87 is college graduation year. Perhaps that means you know my age, but potentially I was a child prodigy who went to college at age 12, maybe I went back to get my degree at 65, or maybe I went at a relatively normal age and took 20 years to finish! LOL
    2. There are so many in this group to admire and be inspired by! @jessicakrall8 for keeping us all awake, on task, and in the conversation and for her kindness and perserverence. I too love (and miss) @mulecanter 's sagas of his two canine companions. @angmarie for her hard work and fabulous home gym! @Jax_Grim for his huge loss and amazing stepping. Love the pics from those of you who post your kids, pets, and beautiful views! Love you all!
    3. Names
    @Jax_Grim Fear the reaper!
    @Arc130 Chasing chickens.
    @mynacha73 - Mine atcha!
    @schlerin -- Chocolate vibes are the best!
    @JennReady -- Your pic is pure sunshine!

    Someday I will have to change my name to something more interesting...but the problem is, once I try to go for something interesting the pressure is on to choose perfectly!!

  • schlerin
    schlerin Posts: 801 Member
    7/7 = 1,057
    7/12 = 2,226
  • jessicakrall8
    jessicakrall8 Posts: 4,051 Member
    @ShredWeek1 Perhaps I missed your response, but I've asked a couple of times...can I get your daily step goal please? I just need to fill it in the chart after your name. Thanks!!

    @mulecanter I have a large Chicago style pizza and homemade lasagna coming to your house...oh and chocolate cheesecake for, Eat, EAT!!! Not that I would ever sabotage your plan... [insert innocent look here]

    @kmfeig87 You CANNOT change your will forever be Figgy to me and thank you for your kind words...I know I nag everyone to death because of my anal retentive tendencies and large does of OCD from both my Mom and Dad's genes...but I do try to do it with kindness. :smile:

    @arc130 I forgot about her chasing chickens...that's a good one from Figgy...

    @angmarie28 and a couple of others who may not be here anymore, used to post the prettiest scenic pictures...LOVE those...but I'm definitely partial to pictures of everyone's pets! KEEP EM COMIN!

    I'm going a little COVID crazy myself...the news and data is scary especially with the rush to reopen. I'm very concerned about the kiddos going back to school. I just wish the US had shut down nationally and everyone followed the health guidelines in the beginning and I think we'd all have been better off now. I certainly hope a vaccine comes early next year...and I'm praying every day for all the families dealing with the's so sad...I kinda like working from home, but it does get a little lonely and I do miss the personal freedom of getting up and going as we used to do.

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