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    CONGRATULATIONS to all of the June TrimStones winners...WTG ya'll!
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    @angmarie28 Wow, what great pictures...your daughter is adorable in that swimming picture!! I bet with all the work you've been putting in, you really NEEDED that week of break just to get your mental and physical stamina back in and hope you got some rest...looks like you had a terrific time! Welcome back to the insanity!

    Perhaps you and @emmajhare should compare notes and say your hellos, since you're both our in-house cheerleaders!!
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    Jax_Grim wrote: »

    I was able to put up 80 feet of fencing by myself in a miserable southern heat. I'm not sure I could have done this at any other time during my adult life. I did this on top of getting my 5 miles walking in each day.

    @Jax_Grim Are you available for a job in Virginia?!! Looks awesome!!
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    PW: 205.6
    CW: 204.4

    6/27 = 14,472
    Let's go with 8,600, still need to work on those day off numbers
  • UCGRocks
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    Steps 6/28: 11,429
  • RaeWats
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    Steps 6/27 : 11,342
    Steps 6/28 : 10,663
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    ShredWeek1 wrote: »
    Weigh in: Sunday
    Today weight: 148
    PW: 151

    It is in the high 80s and humid here so my steps were lower than average: 5,000.

    My goal is to get up early and get my steps in before it becomes uncomfortably hot.

    Delighted to be part of the group, and bear with me as I get accustomed to the format, et al.


    @ShredWeek1 I show that you registered on Jun 25 and listed 148 as your starting weight...don't see anything listing a previous weight as 151, but wanted to let you know as your Starting weight says 148.

    Secondly, when the humidity gets really high and you can't walk outside, remember you can walk in place, take extra steps around the house, do walk aerobic videos on YouTube (Leslie Sansone is a simple one, but there are tons of them with different styles)...I challenge myself by moving things from front of house to back, one at a time...hanging up laundry, carrying each item one at a time from laundry room to closet...all of it increases your steps AND you're inside where you can breathe! Want to sign up for our Step Team? Set a daily step goal and then you can do fitbit challenges with us as well...please add me on Fitbit if you'd like ([email protected] is my email)! Where do you suffer from humidity? I'm in Virginia!

    You'll get used to the format...

    Weigh Day
    LTD (loss to date)...this is optional...just helps us celebrate your milestones!

    Have a great week!
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    @simbersea Sent you an IM...need some info...also need your steps updated so we can close out June please

    @kmfeig87 Need your steps updated dear so we can close out June please...

    Great job this month everyone on reporting in and not lagging behind...awesome effort and greatly appreciated!!! GOLD STARS all around!
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    @jen_967 no DBS yet, tho Dad had it recently for his PD and has had great results. I'm not quite ready for it yet for my ET, but I've started the process of learning about it.
  • mynacha73
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    PW 194.6
    CW 194
    LTD 36
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    So I have decided to try intermittent fasting this month (and as I write this i smell pancakes from the kitchen that I can't eat). I will not be eating from 7pm to 11am every day. It is supposed to help with improving body fat which is something I'm targeting now. I'm still at around 32.5% body fat and I want to knock that number down.

    6/28 steps - 11,629
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    Good morning! I'm in for the July step challenge. I'll keep it at 13000, no more lazy float days for a while. I think I'd prefer to be clothed....but it is pretty hot here!

    6/25 13,644
    6/26 9,990 Lots of driving
    2/27 7,919 More driving to get back to Alabama
    6/28 16,438
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    I'm in for the step challenge this month with a daily goal of 8,000.
  • H2596
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    28/6. 10,163 steps
  • jenready
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    6/28 2,532
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    We've decided to run a Trimstones motivator challenge each month, to help people share their good ideas and to keep each other motivated.

    For July, we're focusing on healthy habits.

    I'd like you to post, each week, one healthy habit you have adopted, or that you want to adopt, to help your weight loss journey. It could be food related (like swapping healthy ingredients into a not so healthy recipe), exercise related, or an emotional/mental habit to support a healthy attitude to weight loss.

    I'm sure we can all pick up some great ideas from each other so get sharing your WEEK ONE - HEALTHY HABIT!
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