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  • happy7811
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    Daily post oct 1 Thursday

    Tracked yes

    Calories tracked yes an over at 123

    Water 7 cups not good

    Exercise yes 105 min todsy totaling
    Early walk 20
    Stationary bike 25 min
    Didnt get strength instead replace it with a double dose of carrying an walking

    Unloaded 2 trailer s of wood put in garage that took 60 min.

    So i guess i earned that sneaky cake i had
    But compared to my records i got in 5 veggies an 1 fruit an 1 or two from other food groups.

  • Gold6767
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    Just saw the September results as a team we lost 40.9lbs in September and an especially great job @hollyberry6182 our team biggest loser for the month Wow!
  • beshamama
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    October week 1
    PW: 166.4
    CW: 166.6
  • Gold6767
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    October week 1
    PW: 157.6
    CW: 157.2
  • lsabeIIe
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    October week 1
    PW: 146
    CW: 146

    Daily post : Friday
    Track: yes
    Under: yes
    Exercice: yes

    No loss this week but I'm still happy cause I cheated a little... :o

    I think I need to give myself a goal weight because it helps motivate me...
    So, by the end of October I wish to be 143 (or less of course!) I think it's realistic because there is still 4 weeks. I think I can do it!

    Gold6767 wrote: »
    Just saw the September results as a team we lost 40.9lbs in September and an especially great job @hollyberry6182 our team biggest loser for the month Wow!

    Thank you so much @Gold6767 for brigning that up!! We did great !

  • happy7811
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    Daily post friday October 2

    Tracked yes

    Calories targeted yes over 230

    Exercise no unless u count the walking part while shopping i don't

    Water 10 cups

    What a bummer my calories all come from. Grab an go foods protein though
    At lunch i had a crispy chicken then snack
    Hubby brought some kind of bbq chicken bonless wings had 2 servings of that.
    So Saturday a new day things return to normal here no shopping for 2 weeks.
  • WA_Teacher
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    Daily Post: Oct 1st
    Track: no
    Calories: unsure
    Exercise: 40 walk
    Today's water intake: 60 oz

    Daily Post: Oct 2nd
    Track: no
    Calories: Nope, skipped lunch and had nachos for dinner
    Exercise: Walk and moving classroom furniture
    Today's water intake: 45 oz

  • mram3582
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    Daily Post: Friday
    Track: yes, but I had to write it on paper as mfp won't let me do food diary entries again right now.
    Calories: under
    Very tired today. Those 14hrs seem like they take a week and 2 days to go by. Time for some sleep and then I get to do it all again tomorrow. Nighty night!
  • tina9572
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    September week 5 / October week 1?

    PW : 193,2
    CW : 190,7 !

    Finally making some real progress again, but this evening were going out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.
    This will probably undo some of the progress but I'm ok with that :smile:
  • lsabeIIe
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    @tina9572 Congrats! That's a great loss!
    @mram3582 I hope you got some rest. <3

    Daily post: Saturday
    Track: Yes
    Under calories: Yes
    Exercise: No

    I had a great day!

  • happy7811
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    Daily post oct 3 Saturday

    Tracked yes

    Calories over but not bad 96

    Water 11 cups

    Exercised yes 70 mi total
    Early walk 25
    St bike. 25
    Strenth did yesterdays too an todays together 20 min

    Only thing that put me over was the little debbie nutty buddy bar.Guess they call them buddies for a reason (lol).

    Hope Everyones doing great.
  • mram3582
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    Daily Post: Saturday
    Track: no
    Calories: unsure-close either way
    Too tired to do much of anything today. I was going to get some sleep, but my SIL decided to hang out with my husband until around 2am this morning. They were in the other room, but they kept laughing loud and dropping things. (He was helping her make a ghostbuster trap for a cosplay costume.) So now, I'm tired, cranky, and resentful :# Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure....I'm kicking the cats out too! :D
  • mram3582
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    Daily Post mini challenge weekly results:

    Winner's Circle (Posted 6-7 day)

    The Doing Just Flab-U-Less Crowd! (Posted 4-5 days)

    The shhh...they're hunting wabbits! (Posted 1-3 days)

    I'm so happy we're getting participation again this month! It was getting a little quiet in here a month or so ago. It really does help keep people motivated and goal focused! Keep up the great work folks! GO TEAM FLAB-U-LESS!!
  • beshamama
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    Daily post: Saturday
    Track: yes
    Under calories: yes
    Exercise: yes

    I upped my calorie budget. We’ll see how this goes. I think I was depending on too few and just couldn’t cope...some days by lunch time I’d be over my budget for the day even with exercising and it was making me really discouraged so I’d over eat and stop tracking 🤦‍♀️ Hopefully with the the bigger budget I won’t over eat and finally make the scale go down?

    Exercise has been a struggle last couple of days...still doing it but really haven’t wanted to. I started mixing it up...doing old exercise dvds I have laying around and looking up exercises on YouTube. I wish I could find something I really love that doesn’t feel like exercising and I could do it everyday. I really like bike riding but can’t seem to find the time to go in any rides. Maybe I should figure out a time to go for bike ride every day.
  • daloverlyme
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    October week 2
    PW: 196
  • TypingToaster
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    October Week 1
    Saturday (forgot to do it yesterday)
    PW: 323.4
    CW: 324.6 (gained 1.2 pounds from last week)
  • happy7811
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    Daily post 🌞 day 4th

    Tracked yes

    Calories target yes an i managed to stay under.

    Water 9 cups

    Exercised no todays rest day just sort of do things easy or take a rest.
  • beshamama
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    Daily post: Sunday
    Track: yes
    Calories: over by 11!!
    Exercise: yes

    Wanted to go for a bike ride but time and motivation got away from me. Ended up going on a long walk with doggo and hubby. Later my whole family took dog to dog park and walked around 2x.
  • dheliason
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    October week 2
    PW: 152.1
    CW: 151.6

    Last week I tested positive for Covid-19. My worst symptoms were the headache and loss of taste and smell. Really didn't feel like eating and was down at 149lbs all week. Feeling a bit better and the pounds are already coming back. Hoping to get back to work soon!
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