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    @dheliason I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with that, take care of yourself!
  • lsabeIIe
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    Daily post: Monday
    Track: Yes
    Under: Yes
    Exercise: Yes
  • mram3582
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    @daloverlyme Wonderful weigh in!
    @TypingToaster Not too horrible of a gain. It should come off fast!
    @happy7811 Excellent day!
    @beshamama I'm sure that your dog was loving every minute of it!
    @dheliason I'm so glad that you ended up with such a mild case! It still sucks though...especially being out of work for the count. :/ Hope you get back to it very soon!
    @Isabelle Perfect day!
  • mram3582
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    Daily Post: Monday
    Track: yes
    Calories: over-stupid pizza....I know it is going to kill my stomach later too! :s
    Well, I got another heart wellness check today....It all started with a letter from the IRS.....2hrs on hold.....only to be disconnected when a live person tried to answer the line.....and I didn't drop dead!!! So....I figure that my heart is good for another year! <3B)
  • happy7811
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    Daily post monday oct 5

    Tracked yes

    Calorie s target yes

    Water yes 9

    Exercise yes

    Calories sky rocketed today supper everything was planned but i ended up over by calories by 485 .the bad guy was a suzy q.
    I figured heck with tomorrow coming up an i cant have nothing to eat after 9 tonight i might as well enjoy dont get eat .got test in morning

    Exercise was a little short on my end today
    Did alot of running

    Other wise all my choices for food was really good all fruit an veggie an proteins.

    Well i am hoping for best tomorrow an hope to get to eat before i get to hungry.
    Then i will have trouble controling my food.
  • mram3582
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    CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WEEK 1 WINNER 1st -@looneycatblue. - 4.38%

    October Week 1 is now in the books!! Great job to all our winners!

    Below are the full results for Week 1.

    The Biggest Loser Is...
    1st - @looneycatblue. - 4.38%
    2nd - @loraloha22. - 2.78%
    3rd - @lesockie. - 2.47%

    The TEAM Biggest Loser...
    1st - Gutbusters. - 1.22%
    2nd - The Big Butt Theory. - 0.56%
    3rd - The Slimsons. - 0.47%

    Top 3 Individual % by Team:

    The Big Butt Theory
    1st - @loraloha22. - 2.78%
    2nd - @avennlou. - 1.48%
    3rd - @roz0810. - 1.44%

    The Slimsons
    1st - @lesockie. - 2.47%
    2nd - @RetroJoe28. - 2.42%
    3rd - @AaronT1982. - 1.54%

    1st - @looneycatblue. - 4.38%
    2nd - @Shaverbug. - 2.13%
    3rd - @jillsmith8297. - 2.01%

    Run Track Minds
    1st - @Intrinsicat. - 2.03%
    2nd - @AmyG1982. - 1.56%
    3rd - @Rpspencer1. - 1.38%

    1st - @Tina9572. - 1.29%
    2nd - @dheliason. - 0.78%
    3rd - @Ryjar80. - 0.62%

    Individual Top 3 Pounds Lost
    1st - @looneycatblue. - 7.4 lbs.
    2nd - @loraloha22. - 5.4 lbs.
    3rd - @gjaholy33. - 5.3 lbs.

    Overall Pounds Lost by Team
    The Big Butt Theory - 15.9 lbs.
    The Slimsons - 17.5 lbs.
    Gutbusters - 31.3 lbs.
    Run Track Minds - 7.9 lbs.
    Flab-U-Less - 5.3 lbs.

    Overall Total Lost: 77.9 lbs

    Week 4 Snapshot

    Yay for 1st week down! Congrats to our top losers: @tina9572 @dheliason @Ryjar80! You guys keep up the great work! GO TEAM FLAB-U-LESS!
  • beshamama
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    Daily post: Tues
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: yes
    I wanted to go for a bike ride. But my daughter saw me getting ready and didn’t want me to go alone. She wanted to come with after school. We ended up making muffins after school and then took our dog for a really big long walk.
  • beshamama
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    @dheliason feel better!!! 💕
  • dheliason
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    Thank you so much @Gold6767 and @beshamama !!! I am feeling so much better and hope to get back to work Thursday! My case was not severe, but I still tire easily. The horrible headache behind my eyes was the worst! Happy to say I'm almost over it. Hopefully!!
  • mram3582
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    @dheliason I'm so glad that you're feeling so much better!
  • mram3582
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    Daily post: Tuesday
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Doing better today. I got a lot done since I only had to work a 6hr work day today. It was like a mini vacation!
  • lsabeIIe
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    Good evening team! :)

    Daily post: Tuesday
    30 mins yoga

    I wish you all a good night and a great day tomorrow!

  • WA_Teacher
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    Oct. WK # 2
    Previous Weight: 229.8
    Current Weight: 228.8

    I’m so sorry this is late. It’s been one of the busiest 2 weeks of my teaching career. Monday was the first time since March that I had an in person class with student. It was WONDERFUL but there are so many things that have to be done prior to my cohort arriving and once they leave. I’m exhausted but so happy.
  • beshamama
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    Daily post:Tuesday
    Track: yes
    Under calories: yes
    Exercise: yes
  • mram3582
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    @Isabelle @beshamama Perfect day for the both of you!
    @WA_Teacher Great weigh in today! Keep it up!
  • mram3582
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    Oct. week2
    PW: 268.0
  • happy7811
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    Happy week 2 oct 7th
    Wednesday s
    Pw 177
    Cw 177.8

    Back to week one. Weight must of been water weight.
  • happy7811
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    Didnt get chance to post laat night
    So heres

    Daily post for Tuesday 6th

    Tracked yes

    Calories target yes over 4.5 calories

    Water yes 8

    Exercised yes got in 70 min totaling
    Did 20 min walk
    Full body work out 25

    Stationary bike 25

  • mram3582
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    @happy7811 Excellent day! Very nice workout!
  • mram3582
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    Daily Post; Wednesday
    Track: yes
    Calories: under
    Tomorrow is new primary care doctor day. He has a job ahead of him. I wonder if I should be concerned that his name is Dr. Philip Morris?? I wonder what his preferred brand of cigarettes is? :D
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