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    Took a slower 45 minute walk with the little one on this gloomy day. At least it was. not raining and she loved stomping in puddles. Got me a couple times too. She loves going around looking at everyone's Halloween decorations.

    I have a ways to go step wise, I'm only at about 3,000 of my 9,000. Haven't logged food yet, so I'll get on it.

    Brrrrrrr....hard frost and possible snow! Wow, its humid and still in the mid to high 60s here. Hang on for winter.

    Amber, that turkey looks awesome.
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    @Gidgitgoescrazy that sounds like such an awesome treat for gameday haha. I LOVE those Montauk cookies - big fan of milk chocolate. I have been trying to avoid the pepperidge farm bagged snacks (cookies & goldfish mostly) because I can really turn the bag into one serving. But maybe I can try your approach.. dress up 1 cookie, call it day.
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    ells_runs wrote: »
    Hi team!
    I'm happy to report that finally my scales have moved!
    PW 211.6lbs
    CW 208.6 lbs!
    LTD 16 lbs

    Good luck everyone! 😍

    Way to go!
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    @SMcFall0215 I am so sorry for your loss.💕 You have a very beautiful outlook on it though. Praying this is the last challenge you face. I hope your new job goes well and congratulations on the house.
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    Sorry for your loss, losing your mom is a tough one.. Have a great first day at the new job, and yay on the new house, do you get to pick out the finishes ?
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    edited October 2020
    Happy Tuesday!
    I am SO glad it is raining today. It will mean fewer steps, but I will get the house and desk work done - it has been piling up something frightful. I keep saying to myself "I have to do that" and today is the day. I just hope I can remember what I said I would do!

    No apologies needed here. If you can't share the hard times, or even fall on your face with this group, well where can you? You have to be strong for your family, your new job, and everyone else. Here it is just fine to blurt out the worries and problems as well as the happy bits. We can take it! You are living through a lot of big changes and challenges - all we can offer is to listen, understand, and send you as many hugs as the air will carry. It's exciting that you will be building a house and that your new job is starting - but it is all big. Be sure to get plenty deep breaths, hugs, and a wee bit of pampering along the way.

    OK, heigh ho, heigh ho - it's off to...

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    @SMcFall0215 so sorry to hear about your Mom. That’s seems like an emotional week and hope the next few are better for you and the family.
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    That running group sounds great! It helps so much to have other people to help get you going. They sound like a good group too - laid back and welcoming sounds perfect. Keep us posted on progress :smiley:

    Those small gains happen - sometimes, such a small amount is just a fluctuation. Those can be fairly large - if you weigh yourself a couple of times a day for a while, it is amazing how much it can vary even if you keep to a consistent intake and exercise regimen. But also, if you are just increasing your exercise, that adds weight for sure - muscle weighs more than fat, as we all love to hear! Measurements can change for the better though. And sometimes, your calorie tracking might not be as accurate as you hope. Try to measure and weigh carefully (if you are not already) and get the most reliable calorie count for the foods you eat. I find in MFP that the variance in calories for a single food item is even worse than the fluctuating numbers on the scale! In any case, you'll find the balance that works for you. It is all an experiment - and discovering the ways that don't work is important too. Hang in there!

    A few more Wednesday people coming up:

    And still waiting for @reflectionofme from Monday. Thanks!
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