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  • YinxFed
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    Steps and exercise update for 21st October:

    Steps -2022
    Exercise - 0 (rest day)
  • PlaneMonkey
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    Pearl4686 wrote: »
    Now need to master the dreaded weekend. I've been eating terribly every weekend since starting and can't seem to get that under control. I think that's really holding me back so I'm going to try my hardest this weekend.
    88 kg is my 'stuck weight' (for years managed to lose till 88 and then gave up when things slowed down to a trickle) were my body likes to stay so if I can successfully beat 88 I'll be very happy!

    I find the weekends hard as well. It's easy when you plan your lunch ahead to take to work because the availability of bad food choices isn't as prevalent, but the weekend.... For me, that's when the wine with dinner and bacon for breakfast shows up. If you can keep up the discipline for those couple extra days, you'll beat that 88! I'm the same as you, my body likes to sit around 220lbs. When I get up to 240 I do something about it and when I get down to 190, I call it a success and return to old habits until I make a full pendulum swing back the other way. The first 20lbs are the easiest to lose cause you're freshly motivated but once it starts to plateau it can be discouraging. You seem to have a plan so I totally believe you'll do it and 88 will just be a blip in the radar within a few weeks

  • Pearl4686
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    Friday Weigh-in
    PW: 189.2
    CW: 186.1
    That is one impressive weigh-in! Woo!
    Kali225 wrote: »
    Do you guys log your weight on your weigh-in day each week on the app? Other days? Randomly? Not sure what makes the most sense for me.

    I log on mfp weekly as I like to see the graph. Mine looks quite mountainous with lots of peaks but overall is trending down and that is a good motivator.
  • conleywoods
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    Weekends are similar for me with wanting something delicious 😋 I am probably more on par with @Gidgitgoescrazy, fewer meals but more calorie dense. If I can get my husband on the same page as me, the weekends are better. If he knows we're having brunch and a special dinner ahead of time he doesn't make more requests during the day. That helps! I just do low calorie snacks on those days. Other weekends I stay more balanced but it just depends.

    I change my weight in MFP when I hit a new low. Recently I had to increase it because I bounced up a few pounds and was totally stuck there. Hopefully I will get to put a new low in soon🤞
  • SMcFall0215
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    PW 159.6
    CW 159.6
  • jugar
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    Things are looking good this Friday! Lots of good losses, and that includes the small ones, and the staying put ones. It's all good.

    I did not list the reminders last night so here are the weigh-ins that are still due:

    @conleywoods (did I miss yours yesterday?)

    Enjoy the rest of the day!
  • happimess01
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    Pearl4686 wrote: »
    PW - 294.3 lbs
    CW - 291 lbs

    Wow! very impressive loss!
    PW 84.4kg
    CW 84.2kg

    It's a loss! Own it. I'm trying hard to appreciate the small lossest and embrace the motto 'as long as it's going down'.

    Thank you :)
  • YinxFed
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    Steps and exercise update for 22nd October:

    Steps - 2488
    Exercise - 37 mins Upper body strength
  • CanadianGiraffe
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    Friday weigh-in
    PW 172.8
    CW 173.2 :(

    This has been a difficult week. Lots of stress, emotional eating, lack of sleep. So I'm actually pleased it wasn't worse.
  • jugar
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    It is a wild and windy night (dark and stormy? no precipitation but howling out there!) and the week will be wrapping up tomorrow. There have been a lot of great suggestions this week for videos, podcasts, websites, how to deal with weekends, and the usual ups and downs. If you have a minute to go back and re-read a bit, I highly recommend it. And you'll get another chance to see the heron posted by @micki48 yesterday! I think it is a little blue heron, in any case. It is beautiful.

    I'm going to see how my healing posterior will put up with some time on the exercise bike - enough of this "take it easy for a couple of days"!

    Saturday weigh-ins:
  • micki48
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    Do you guys log your weight on your weigh-in day each week on the app? Other days? Randomly? Not sure what makes the most sense for me.quote]

    I log my weight each week. Seeing the graph and trend is helpful to me. If I happen to weigh other days, I usually don't log it.

    Did a little walk with a little walker to the end of our street today. Not much else beyond that except my PT. Not at my step goal yet today, but I'll try to get there. Not feeling real hopeful about my weigh in tomorrow. It's been a stress eating week. I am thinking about taking a pass. We'll see. I don't want a gain to hurt the team. I have no idea where I am as I don't get on the scale usually during the week.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  • jugar
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    @jugar I am taking this week off from weighing in. I need a break from my scale and I also raised my calories by 500 a day temporarily to counter the I've been on a diet forever feeling. I wanted to give myself a break without worrying about the scale. I am doing lighter exercise and making sure I get 8 hours of sleep. I will give you a weigh in next Thursday or Friday and be back at it for November. I just needed a moment.

    No problem!
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