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    1st @queenieamy 3.43 %
    2nd @darleenturner 2.93%
    3rd @iHUSTLE4MUSCLE 2.35 %

    1st @cnb124 6.2 Lbs
    2nd @queenieamy 6.0 Lbs
    3rd @darleenturner 5.8 Lbs



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    I am struggling. It's a combo of PMS and anxiety. I am eating too much junk. I am grumpy. I am sad. Basically, all the feels.

    Awww Kelly, hope you feel better! Drink water to flush the negative feelings out with the salt from any junk eating. Your step count and exercise amounts are amazing. You are super inspiring to do all this with a young baby at home. Hats off to you!

    I didn't lose weight this week for the first time since joining the group a month and a half ago, and it was inevitable cause it's always easier at first when the willpower is fresh! I decided to adjust my goals to losing 2lbs a week instead of 1.5 and it slashed 300 calories daily from my allowance, but then I allowed myself to eat my exercise calories so I doubt I've actually changed anything. 😉 Only time will tell!

    We're having new countertops installed in our kitchen on Tuesday so I won't be able to use the sink for 24 hours afterwards which means takeout food the night before weigh-in.... Any recommendations on non-salty options?

    Great week everyone, next week will be even better!
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    Step and Exercise update for 17th October:

    Steps - 2379
    Exercise - 35 min core workout
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    @micki48 steps for Saturday: 18,360

    And yes, I did do the math to get to 100k and realized at 11:20pm Saturday that I could get that last 2k in. Also helped me to just get in under my calorie goal for the day!
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    I am feeling very unmotivated lately 😕 I feel like I just go through the motions with food and workouts. I am trying to figure out a way to take a break from weight loss but I want to be able to maintain. Im thinking a planned break for 1 or 2 weeks.Not sure how to do this but I have been working on my weight for over a year and a half. I need to get my spark back. Any ideas welcome!

    I got my new dresses in the mail this weekend. One is going back but the other one is amazing and I love it so much!
    A planned break (a planned plateau!) is a very good thing to do from time to time. We cannot just lose, lose, lose. It is better to decide to have a pause than to just let one happen any old way. Maintaining for 2 weeks is so good for your body - it gets a chance to become accustomed to the new reality, finish building what it needs to build, and take down what it needs to take down. Just be careful not to give up altogether and just eat all the things and not exercise - that will confuse your poor body something terrible! Plateaus are good things, and you will get your energy back to take on the next level after you sit with this one for a bit. So call it "tracking lite" or something. Move, enjoy, but don't go crazy.

    And wear that new dress often! Try it on every couple of days - it will inspire you. Get people to take your picture wearing it. Loving a new dress is a great feeling.
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    PW 167
    CW 166.2
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    Once again, another week gets rolling fast! Time for the bedtime (for me!) weigh-in update -

    Due today (Sunday):

    Due Monday:

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    Steps for last week:

    10/11: 1,900
    10/12: 8,306* +15 minutes moderate strength training/arms & core
    10/13: 5,399*
    10/14: 6,413* +15 minutes moderate strength training/legs
    10/15: 2,774
    10/16: 6,785* +15 minutes moderate strength training/arms & upper body
    10/17: 9,111*
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    @KellyBgetsfit So sorry you are struggling :( PMS really sucks... I have some issues around that time of the month as well so know how it feels! Be kind to yourself and remind yourself there is a reason for the way you're feeling right now... and hopefully in a few days time you will be right back on it and feeling better!

    Also, if you're really struggling, consider allowing yourself a little break whilst you feel rubbish... If you eat junk, OK, not great but you know you'll get back to eating healthily soon enough. A few days won't make too big a difference in the overall picture. I think it's much worse to beat yourself up about it and feel loads of guilt.

    That is my approach anyway... I am probably losing more slowly than some because of it, but I am managing to keep mostly happy whilst I'm doing it.
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    I think I made a good impression on our new CCO, so that's good. I didn't need to be up all night being anxious about it after all.

    Unfortunately I was, so I'm super tired today. I'm on that train to sleepytime junction.

    @conleywoods I took a break this last June during vacation. Set my calories in MFP to maintain and still logged everything more or less but just kind of chilled out about it for a couple weeks. Discipline is all well and good but you have to cut yourself some slack sometimes too. It's refreshing.
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    PW 243 lbs
    CW 243 lbs
    LTD 26 lbs

    I weighed myself throughout the week to see the fluctuations, the lowest I got was 242.1, but the average stayed right around 243. I had a decent loss last week so I'm not too surprised to have maintained this week.

    I went to the gym 3x, and took the pup for 2 walks, so that's quite a bit more physical activity than I've had lately. I've also been logging consistently the past 16 days which is much better than the last couple of months.

    @Kali225 ugh I do that type of thinking too.... I've been off and on MFP for years and I've told myself the same thing, if only I had stayed on track consistently I would've lost all this by now. However, I find that type of thinking to be more discouraging than motivating so whenever possible it's best to reframe. You're absolutely right that weightloss is very much a mental process!

    It was exactly 1 year ago today that I lost my 365+ day logging streak and started to spiral into a pattern of weight gain. I'm happy to not be in that place any more! I'm feeling more prepared for the holidays and long winter ahead.

    @conleywoods as others have stated, there's nothing wrong with a planned maintenance break. Much better than an unplanned streak of the eff-its!
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    Step and Exercise update for 18th October

    Steps - 5186 including 23 min run.
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    I love Monday evenings - we have no weigh-ins on Tuesdays, so you don't have to read my reminders!

    I'm wondering what helpful reading or activities anyone has found lately. A good blog post on nutrition, ways to make that exercise habit stick better, a fun or inspiring video - whatever has piqued your interest. @YinxFed talked about her inspiring and welcoming running group, there are some good mfp blog posts that people have mentioned - if you have not seen or found anything like this lately, it can be good to go look around and see what you find. So let's have a Tuesday trade-fest - drop off link, title, or idea, and take some when you leave.
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