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    I need your help&advice on getting a better workout routine.

    I tried my best to not get tempted by food and now I can have self-control in that area.
    For years I tried lots of methods to stop eating sweets/added sugar, but at the end, the method that helped me was way different than "you should avoid sugar because it is unhealthy". So I'm sure there are also some methods to help me to back on track for exercising that I'm not yet aware of and I would highly appreciate getting any help regarding this.

    At the moment getting back to have a good working out routine seems impossible for me. I gave up going to the gym because of the corona situation and feeling that I m not yet at that point. I intended to do walking/biking/pilates for 7 hours per week. I could do it by having 4 hours of it at the weekends, but yet I can not find the right plan to exercise on working days. also doing pilates is yet so hard for me that I even have not started doing it ( i used to do 3 years ago but can not do it now ). The main excuses that I make every day are:

    - I am too busy with work and my workload is too much (but I do not have kids, so seeing moms/dads at MFP doing daily routine shows me that I m doing something way wrong.)
    - I have other tasks to do in my free time (chores, reading extra work-related materials)
    - I'm so exhausted after work to workout.
    - I do not know where to begin.
    - I yet need to buy some stuff to exercise (I bought an aerobic stepper and some resistance bands, but yet they are at the corner of my room).
    - I m afraid to harm myself to do exercises in the wrong way.
    - ...

    If I want to be honest with myself all these are just excuses, but I do not yet know how to avoid making them and take the actual action and where to begin.
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    jugar wrote: »
    So let's have a Tuesday trade-fest - drop off link, title, or idea, and take some when you leave.

    Most of my inspiration comes from this site: https://www.aworkoutroutine.com/blog/

    It gets posted a fair amount in the forums, but this guy is so down to earth and sensible that I even joined his mailing list.

    And if anyone else gets value out of video and YouTube the way I do, I recommend Obese to Beast: https://www.youtube.com/user/ObesetoBeast

    Dude lost hundreds of pounds and now makes videos busting myths, encouraging others to be safe and healthy, and generally being a cool dude with a really relaxing voice. I've started listening to him while I'm on the cardio machines at the gym.
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    @mbakhtiaruz I had an incredibly hard time fitting exercise in at first. It took me about a year to really start working out consistently. I don't go to a gym because there are too many obstacles. If I work out at home it takes way less time. I used habit bundling to build my exercise habits. Basically you combine a want to do with a need to do. Mine was I want to lay down because I am exhausted but I need to exercise. The answer was pilates with Robin at The Balanced Life. It could be I want to read so I read on my exercise equipment.
  • once_mas
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    Thank you all for the helpful hints. I ll start using some combination of them from today. :smiley: I've searched before for the apps and YT channels, but I was not aware of these mentioned ones, these ones look good to start with.
  • jugar
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    One more thought - you said
    If I want to be honest with myself all these are just excuses, but I do not yet know how to avoid making them and take the actual action and where to begin.

    You just did it. You began by telling us here, and that means you are starting to figure it out. Start with those 10 minutes a day. Or with something else. We'll be there!
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    Step and exercise update for 19th October:

    Steps - 2496
    Exercise - 44mins Upper body strength workout
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    Thanks @jugar for the nice suggestions, I'll keep them in mind :)
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    @jugar sorry for my late post. Last week wasn’t as good as I wanted but I managed to loose a bit. This week I’ll just try and exercise twice and limit my carb intake for 4 days. I need to get back to drinking 2l of water a day too.

    Pw 88
    Cw 87.5
  • jugar
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    Heads up! Wednesday weigh-ins:



    The week goes on! How do they go by so fast :grimace:
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    @micki48 That's the spirit - keep on going lovely :) A 30lbs loss is fantastic, doesn't matter how long it took you, and even if you haven't lost much recently you have maintained. I recommend you go find something that weighs 30lbs, pick it up and see how far you've come! That's what you were carrying around every. single. day.

    I am feeling election stress on behalf of you guys (and the world I think!) - can't imagine what it's like over in the US. Fingers crossed for a good result, or as good as we can hope for!

    P.S. Did you see any shooting stars??
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    @mbakhtiaruz Thanks for your honest post! I loved the responses and found some sites I didn't know about before!
    I agree with everyone that just starting with 10 minutes is the best way to get started. Once things are in motion it's hard to stop...

    On nights when I want to encourage myself for the next day I plan ahead: I sleep in my yoga pants and cant take them off until exercise is completed, or if I am going to the gym I set up my bag for the day, or I tell someone my plan for the next day. It helps me (and them) to keep me accountable. Sometimes I will call up a friend to take a hike or bike ride. Its another way to bundle activities.

    On days when I want to try a new workout I pull up a YouTube video from POPSUGAR fitness. They have a wide variety of positive energy routines - if I don't feel like exercising right away I just put one on in the background and eventually I am trying something... :blush:
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    This is my 3rd time typing this, I keep accidentally tilting my phone and when the screen rotates, it resets me to the community home page and deletes me post! Grrrr mobile!

    PW 224.2
    CW 222.4
    LTD 21.6

    Just swapped a couple of digits there but it looks like my overindulgence from Thanksgiving has finally been sorted out.

    I love all of the exercise suggestions and will have to save them somewhere as I don't expect to have the time to explore them for another month or so. I'm also a queen of excuses and haven't done a workout since they closed our gym in March. My hockey season has also been pushed back due to Covid so my motivation to get my cardio level up got pushed back with it. I keep saying that once our home reno's are done I'll have the time to dedicate to exercise, but there will always be yardwork, or cleaning, or something that I've left on the back burner to distract me. Starting with 10 minutes at a time is a great plan. Results can be addictive and motivating in themselves.

    Happy Wednesday everyone!
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    spyro88 wrote: »
    @jugar Great question about recommendations. I have been really enjoying a podcast called "We Only Look Thin".

    It is presented by an American couple who have both lost a lot of weight (100-150lbs each!) so it feels really relatable. It's called "We Only Look Thin" as a reference to the idea that you can lose a lot of weight and look great, but inside still feel like a "fat" person, and still have all those same psychological battles around cravings etc that you have to keep fighting daily.

    They talk about all kinds of stuff around weight loss and you can pick and choose episodes that suit you.

    Catherine and Donald Wygal who present it are really likeable and funny and they feel like friends to me now! I listen to them in the gym and they always make me smile.

    Really recommend it :)

    That sounds really good - will check it out.
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