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    kandi3570 wrote: »
    @minstrelofsarcasm no scientific reference needed. I don’t know how to get that much protein if I wanted to. At the least it would be 156 grams. I’ll never make it. Not without having a protein shake with every meal. I will look into some high protein foods and see what I can add though. Thank you.

    I've been having a love affair with edamame. Steamed, roasted, you name it. High protein, really easy to add to things, and I found a roasted version that I basically buy in bulk to snack on mindlessly when I'm streaming shows on my laptop, or add to salads, or throw into a stir fry for extra crunch... It's hard to overeat them, I've found.

    Don't focus on the numbers (oof, it hurt to say that). Find something you enjoy eating, that's satisfying, and see how you can gradually take in more protein. Jumping to the new values right away is the easiest way to fail. We're here if you need suggestions or ideas :heart:


    Because I was curious, I did a quick search for some legitimate research that wasn't just plucked from my tired brain, and found quite a few papers that said that no differences were observed "in whole body protein synthesis or indexes of lean body mass in strength athletes consuming either 0.64g/lb or 1.10g/lb over a 2 week period" and "there is simply no empirically substantiated reason to think we need more than 0.82g/lb of protein per day when cutting".

    From that, I think it would be more than reasonable to assume that 0.6 - 0.8 g/lb of protein intake is more than acceptable when in a calorie deficit. It looks like anything more than that leads to rapidly diminishing returns and isn't worth it.
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    Check in for Monday
    Food-logged and on target
    Water-64 oz
    Exercise-30 min walking video, PT, strength and stretching.

    My knee is feeling better but not quite there. I could feel a strain with some of my PT exercises and the stairs. I just avoided what bothered it. Yesterday I was dragging all day, but I forced myself to workout. I also made better food choices and didn't over eat. So although I felt like it wasn't a great day because everything was such an effort, it wasn't bad at all. Not dragging today so time to get moving! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    @1theresamcvean I don't know how I missed your post yesterday. Interesting you posted that, I am planning to read over my journal when I was doing well in Nov/December to see what was in my head.
    @jedaschultz Yes! It does help tremendously when you have a plan! Great job this week.
    @podperson1 Great start to 2021! I also had a roller coaster 2020 but the important thing is we are here and moving forward. You got this!
    @kandi3570 I am afraid it may be the sand, ugh! I may have to change my walks down there to the promenade (paved boardwalk). What a funny story with the roombah Lol! Keep us posted on your protein quest, I need to eat more myself.
    @cyndiesstuff I have been working for a long time on this so there has been plenty of journaling Lol! I feel like it finally started to "click" in November. I am not perfect but I am definitely seeing a big change. Yes, the work is worth it! Glad that you are doing so great-keep it going girl!
    @minstrelofsarcasm I love edamame! I think I will add that into my diet!
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    @sleepymom5 as far as high protein foods go I’m already eating them. I feel like the experts are off on this one. If I’m going to be serious about this protein I’m either going to need a protein shake with every meal, which is what? added calories. Or I need to eat a pound of meat a day. And well, that’ll last a day and then I won’t touch it for a month. Good sources of protein other than meat; cottage cheese, beans, nuts, eggs, and broccoli. Other than meat none of these are stellar protein additions to your diet. So I’m going to go middle of the road. I don’t feel like the fat portion of my body weight needs protein. So at a minimum I multiplied my muscle mass by 0.8 and it’s also a number I’ll never attain without adding bulk to my calorie count. Which seems counterproductive. So I ordered a protein shake mix with 25g of protein for 110 calories. From what I’ve read Isopure is one of the best. I like the Dutch chocolate. Which I bought a long time ago. And I dig it out the night before last.
    One serving should get me in range. That’s the best I’m going to get. And it’s chocolate, and I will never complain about adding something chocolate to my diet. 😉
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    @minstrelofsarcasm I will have to try the edemame! Thank you.
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    I did my second beginners yoga class with silver sneakers online today. I really should stick with it to improve balance! But I have joint pain - a side effect from the Keytruda I think that started just before the last dose - which doesn't help when I exercise. Yes, I got some pain meds from the doctor and it helps some. I will continue with the classes maybe trying a few different ones. As @debbiewsharpe says, "Keep on keeping on!"
    I made more cookies this week. My husband asked for chocolate chip cookies - who can resist home made chocolate chip cookies? Then I made oatmeal raisin cookies for me - the oats make them healthier right?! Am trying to limit myself, I froze about half the batch.
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    Hi all; I'm three days into my on-line yoga class and abs challenge. I do them back to back in the evening. Evenings seem to work best for me. I've been very much a couch person the last couple of weeks, so the workouts are getting me off the couch at least.

    My son is making supper tonight so it's a chill evening.... take care everyone!

    @minstrelofsarcasm I'm thinking I will be picking up some edamame...that sounds fantastically delicious...thanks for the science update on the protein.
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    I have to get back on the exercise horse. I wasn't doing anything because of the cough/wheeze. But it is gone now. No more (valid) excuses! Walk, kitten, walk!

    I took two 20ish minute walks today. Yay! It was cold early and a bit slick. But this afternoon all the ice was melted and it was lovely. Well...up until my ankle decided to dislocate itself two blocks from home. Took a bit to get it to shift back. That smarts!

    I should have expected it. It had made some commentary earlier...I need to do some ankle exercises to build it back up...hasn't been the same since it twisted around backwards 4 yrs ago.

    And my walking was rewarded...after I got back, my neighbor dragged her kiddo over (she is reluctant to come find me for some reason...I usually have to hunt her down) to ask if I wanted to buy girl scout cookies (because she had seen me). Well, duh. Of course I do. It is a bad plan but I'm pretty good about rationing them.

    @pacsnc6 You could always make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

    @minstrelofsarcasm & @kandi3570 I love edamame! I should snack on that...though it is a bit more calorie dense than other beans.
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    My husband told me he is going to use my bike and treadmill, that his BMI is obese. He wont start anything til my bike arrives. He'll probably just drop weight looking at the bike just to piss me off. I went and got a manicure and pedi today. I think the girl was new. 3 hours is a long time. I didn't think my nails were that long but having second thoughts. They came out very pretty though. I have a nerve pinching in my neck so I took a muscle relaxer, hoping that helps. Going to also finally be getting into pt for my feet just waiting for them to get me in.
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    Good morning team weight no more. I had an on plan and on track day yesterday. I drank at least 64 oz of water and got my sleep. I am working on a new hobby. maybe. haven't decided its for me but it could be. I am going to give wood working a try. my dad use to build stuff so he has all the tools. he does not use them any more because he has the shakes pretty bad. he is 89 years old. yesterday was day 10 in my string of consistent day. I am feeling pretty good about that. consistency builds momentum. I woke up hungry this morning. that doesn't happen very often. I will be very conscious of the added hunger as I make my 24 hour food plan. have a great day everyone.

    My one thing today is to plan for the added hunger so I don't feel deprived. Whats yours?
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    GingerPwr wrote: »
    Hey everyone!

    I've been doing a lot of thinking the last few days, and I think I'm going to need to leave the group for now. Right now with so many other things going on, I can't give the group the attention I need to. Might be good to go ahead and step back before 2021 gets fully into swing.

    The last two years with y'all have been inspiring and awesome, and I've enjoyed the celebrations and encouragement both that I've received and have been able to share.

    I'm still working on me and on my health, and I'll be rooting for all of you!

    Much love!!!

    @GingerPwr -

    It's been lovely to have you on our team. You've been a marvelous support, and if you ever need anything, we are still here for you. Once a WNM, always a WNM. :heart:

    Wishing you all the best!
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    @GingerPwr we will miss you here. Be sure to come back when you get a break. Keep up the good work on yourself.
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    Check in for Tuesday
    Food-logged and under
    Water-80 oz
    Exercise-45 min walking video, PT and Stretching

    Good day! Here's to another today. I have an early appointment so I have to get going. Have a great day everyone

    @kandi3570 You are much better off than me. I need to start paying attention. Getting 25 grams of protein for 110 calories doesn't sound bad at all.
    @pacsnc6 It is nice that silver sneakers has different types of workouts available to you online. I hope you find some that doesn't aggravate your joint pain. Great idea to freeze the cookies so there aren't as many available.
    @goingape I am glad that yoga and the ab challenge is working out for you! How nice your son cooked for you too!
    @melaniedscott Great job getting out for a walk but sorry about the ankle. Hope it feels better soon. Is it already Girl Scout Cookie time? It is probably a good thing I don't know any girl scouts Lol!
    @ljdanny Guys always seem to lose so quickly. Lol! At least he is trying. I hope that the pinched nerve in your neck is better today.
    @GingerPwr I will miss you! Good luck and remember we are here if you want to come back
    @cyndiesstuff Woodworking sounds interesting. Might as well try if you already have access to the tools. My one thing for today is to make today a little better than yesterday. One day at a time. :)
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    Week 1
    PW: 208.6
    CW: 215.4
    Gain: 6.8

    I know why. Too much food, healthy and not so healthy, really no exercise to speak of and not nearly enough water. Time for me to step up and do what I need to before I gain back everything I've lost.
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    @melaniedscott I thought about mixing some chocolate chips in the oatmeal cookies but I used them all in the chocolate chip cookies and my husband does not eat oatmeal cookies!!
    @sleepymom5 I was happy to see the exercise classes available online. The only thing I wish they allowed video so the instructor could see me and whether I am doing the right moves. She did try to give suggestions if you might have problems with balance of doing the moves correctly.
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    I woke up yesterday hungry. It sent my mind thinking old thoughts. I have been practicing answering those thoughts and it worked yesterday. I included extra food on my 24 hour plan because I did not want to feel restricted. and then I spend the day doing my minimum base line activities. the things I said to myself are non-negotiables. I ate a larger than normal breakfast because I was hungry and I was very mindful to stop when I was satisfied. that is a practiced skill as well. I realized in short order there was no restriction and I can eat if I am hungry. I took my walk, I drank my water, I followed my plan. what had changed was I did not over eat from the discomfort. I was kind and loving. so I ended the day yesterday on plan and on track, I left bites behind at lunch and dinner and I had no evening snack. that is day 11 in my string of days. I am learning how to be the cyndie that is very loving to myself. I needed compassion and understanding yesterday, not restriction or over eating.

    So my one thing today was to recognize and give credit for how far I have come. I have done that.

    So what is one thing you can do today to further you to your goal? If we continually strive to do just one thing a little better we can change our lives. it is the act of compounding.

    @sleepymom5 and thank you for sharing your just one thing with me. It really helps motivate me to know what others are doing to make this work.

    Why don't we give it a try, Team weight no more, what is one thing you will do today to further you to your goal? Make a commitment for the day. It is just one day. You can do one day.
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    I know why. Too much food, healthy and not so healthy, really no exercise to speak of and not nearly enough water. Time for me to step up and do what I need to before I gain back everything I've lost.

    @tryingagain5 -

    It's almost impossible to gain that much fat in a week. You would have needed to consume over 21k calories on top of your standard BMR (basal metabolic rate - the amount of calories you burn by merely existing). So, I'm betting most of that is water, if not all of it. If you currently feel bloated, that means that you're storing carbon dioxide in your body, which will leave as you breathe or... release gas in other ways. I bet you'll have an impressive loss before you know it!

    @BlueSkyNomad -

    There's no pressure to post here regularly! As long as you update your weight once per week, you've achieved everything the team requires of you. Everything else is a lovely bonus. So happy to have you as part of our team. Take your time getting comfortable, ask questions if you have any (I bet you someone else is afraid to ask the exact same question), and don't be afraid to find the way the group works best for you.

    Why don't we give it a try, Team weight no more, what is one thing you will do today to further you to your goal? Make a commitment for the day. It is just one day. You can do one day.

    @cyndiesstuff -

    I woke up incredibly bloated today. My weight on the scale confirmed it. And while I know that the bloat comes from high sodium levels and working out harder than normal, I am still struggling with the thought that my weight is even higher than it was last week. So, my one thing for myself today is to remind myself that weight fluctuations are normal, these were expected, and I know how to make it through the day without sabotaging myself.
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    January Week One

    Weigh In Day: Thursdays
    PW (Previous Weight): 167.6 (NYE)
    CW (Current Weight): 169.0 (January 7th)
    LTD (Loss to Date): 65 lbs

    As I said in my above post, I woke up incredibly bloated today. I was hoping that would disappear as I slept, since I felt the bloat coming on last night, but no such luck. And that's okay. I might even update my weight again tomorrow, or over the weekend, just to show how quickly my bloats can disappear (or linger - they're temperamental). This bloat was likely caused by my high sodium diet this week, as well as my sugar intake, and not taking a rest day yesterday, as was my original plan. I'll probably take one tomorrow, but who knows?


    I've been within my calories most days this week, but overshot my sugar and sodium goals quite regularly. The good news is that the only candy in my apartment is watermelon sour patch kids, which I tend to only consume in small doses anyway. So, no more KitKat binges, no more mango gummies, no more Reese's clusters. Whew. The relief.


    Oh boy, I have overextended myself this week. At least one spin class per day, every day. And on top of that, I've been doing a weighted squat challenge with a friend of mine (100 squats daily, holding a dumbbell or two, for two weeks). To say my quads are sore is an understatement. Maybe I should suggest an arm-based workout for our next challenge.

    I'm debating getting some cryotherapy done today to relieve the inflammation in my body, and definitely consuming as much water as my body can handle... and maybe abusing my foam roller throughout the day.


    This is the highest weight I've seen in a while. And though I understand where it's coming from, and I know how to get rid of it, it's still a difficult number to see. Prior to Christmas, I found myself around 165 lbs. Four pounds in two weeks is possible, especially with the nonsense I was putting in my body during the holidays, but I strongly believe I didn't consume 14k extra net calories between December 24th and now.

    So, I wrote myself a post-it note to remind me that one incident is not representative of who I am as a person, what I'm capable of, and where I'm going. And also one to chug water. Because you gotta hydrate before you die-drate.
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    ~~ Happy Thursday!! ~~

    We are missing a couple weigh-ins. Please let me know if you need to be excused this week!

    Waiting On...
    @Mom2mdv - Monday
    @Freeglerock - Wednesday
    @pattee2010 - Wednesday

    I am also missing a starting weight for the month from @justmeagain275x - You can either provide it during your weigh-in on Friday, or post an update some time today.

    Lastly, if you would like F2F to track your loss to date, be sure to submit your highest weight so we can congratulate you when you reach milestones! I do have most of you, but there's 12 on our team without a LTD in the spreadsheet because they have not given me a highest weight yet.

    I think that's all of the logistics I need to post today... maybe... we'll see :wink:
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