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    Here is how I'm currently dealing with my run away thoughts when the scale goes up.

    Is that an Erin Condren planner I see? I have a bit of a planner, sticker and washi tape obsession.
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    I found this over in the Habit Tracker thread! No problem - here it is where it belongs :smiley:
    YinxFed wrote: »
    Greetings Team Waistaways!

    So here's my little intro for the new teammates - and a reminder for everyone else!

    My name is Yinka, I'm 57 and married with a grown up son. I am an online English language teacher and I live with my husband in a lovely Georgian town called Bewdley in Worcestershire UK. We also have a little cantankerous doggie called Edie. She's a grand old lady so we forgive her her little peccadilloes.

    I lost about 30lb a few years ago, but I've managed to put most of it back on in the last few years. The menopause doesn't help! I'm currently the heaviest that I've been for a long time and I'm not happy, so I need to make some real hard changes.

    I work out between 5 and 6 times a week for at least 30 minutes each day and I love it. My problems lie in not drinking enough water and sometimes just eating too much. Checking in with myself before I eat is starting to work.

    And I have bought a new water bottle - this one has an integrated straw and it's a real game changer! I'm trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. This is an area that I'm still working on.

    I've been with the Waistaways for more than a year now. I do love this group, they're all so supportive.

    @micki48 sorry that I haven't updated you with last week's steps and activities - here they are:

    27/12 - 3672
    28/12 - 5494 & 37 minutes HIIT & General Aerobics
    29/12 - 2627
    30/12 - 7008 & 42 minutes HIIT & General Aerobics
    31/12 - 6506 & 43 minutes HIIT & General Aerobics
    01/01 - 3068
    02/01 - 6684 & 28 minutes Dance

    And can I stay in the steppers group please? My target is still 6000 steps a day.

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    step aerobics 60 minutes -Kick your butt hard but the 80s music kept me going!
    Have a great day/night/morning everyone!
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    sunny9847 wrote: »
    Back to work today. Felt determined. Got my goal met today. Steps for yesterday 12,124. Steps for today 12,118.

    Sunny, glad to have you on the step team. Please let me know what your daily goal is when you get a chance.

    @fuschiabolero Please let me know your daily step goal as well. Thanks.
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    @micki48 steps for January 5
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    @micki48 I am working on the protien thing too. I am using the tru grill pre cooked chicken breast strips from Costco. 5 oz has 180 calories, 4 g fat and 36 g protien. I'm also having plain yogurt for breakfast with toppings. For dinner, I'm trying to make things that have the protien, carbs and veggies separate. Then I can customize my plate to fit my macros but not mess with other people's portions.

    It's late and I'm definitely ready for bed! Food was good but I ate quite a few of my workout calories. I lifted weights for 55 minutes tonight. I had an evening snack but it was veggies and ranch. I followed it up with some tea and that made me feel satisfied 😌 Good night 😴
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    I have so much reading of posts to catch up on but just wanted to jump on quick before work to say there was an interesting article in the NYT recently regarding 'Exercise snacks' I like the concept and somehow throwing 'snacks' into it was even more appealing. summary - you don't need to throw on the lycra for a dedicated fitness activity for an hour, just 10 minutes of something spread out the day, helps your cardio, etc....'
    have a great day all!
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    PW 153
    CW 154.6

    I am not surprised because I haven't been putting in the effort since New Years. I did start my period today so that is part of it. I also struggle with eating while at home. I tend to gain 5 pounds every summer. I meal prepped this week, but didn't eat it. I made a set eating schedule, similar to my work one, but I didn't follow it. Today is a new day and I will try again.

    As for increasing protein, I recommend collagen powder. I buy Vital Protein at Costco. It is 70 calories and 18 grams of protein for 2 scoops. It is tasteless. I add it to my coffee or oatmeal. Collagen is supposed to have lots of benefits for you hair, skin, nails, and joints. I also cook with bone broth instead chicken broth. It has 9 grams of protein. It is more expensive, but I buy it at Costco as well.
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    Yesterday was a good day, turned in my notice and the boss was clearly shocked and surprised, and just couldn't fathom why I was unhappy, or why I didn't just tell him I was bored... I think once he has time to reflect on it, he will understand. This is a small company, and it's not a company that is going to grow, so it's kinda stagnant and the work never changes, it's the same processes day after day... But he was extremely appreciative that I gave him 4 weeks notice... And I feel 50lbs lighter, I am so glad that is done...

    Anyway, so food was really good, I did not exercise after, I dropped the car at the shop and hubby picked me up, so we were late getting home, dinner took a long time, etc. But I got my 30 minutes done in the morning... And again this month is about FOOD intake... I did get a little snacky, but it was all in budget...

    I didn't exercise this morning, It's my day off, but I think I will exercise when I get home tonight, even thought it will be later, as I have to pick the car up ! I have a facial peel scheduled for Friday, and I won't be able to exercise for a day or two after that... Well I can exercise, I just can't sweat, lol... So I would like to get my 5 days in, and will switch my rest day to Sat & Sunday...

    Sleep has been awesome lately, I've gotten Mid 80's on my fitbit everyday this week, good sleep is important...

    Edited to add, I am increasing my protein also, So I have added protein shakes and protein bars.. I use Premier Protein Caffe Latte shakes, they are yummy and 30grams of protein (160cal), and then Built Bars, they are like a candy bar and super yummy, they have 17 grams(130 cal)... So I use them as breakfast and part of my lunch...

    Okay have a great day !

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    @jugar Sorry about putting my post in the wrong thread!
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    micki48 wrote: »
    I am finding it hard to get enough protein with out getting too much fat. Anyone have any suggestions for good protein foods that are low in fat?

    Fish! Tuna on a salad (no mayo!) with a bit of good olive oil and balsamic vinegar, oregano - you won't miss the mayo. I like to make sure the salad has lots of different greens, including arugula (my fave, but not everyone agrees :grimace: ), and any other raw veg you like. Tomatoes help make the tuna seem less dry. Shrimp are amazingly low calorie and go with any stirfry, on zoodles or spaghetti squash with some nice strong herby tomato sauce, etc. Any nice think white fish is very low fat, and even salmon and other fatty fish have the fats we need like omega 3.

    If you don't like fish, poached skinless chicken breast goes with everything. I poach it in just a bit of broth with plenty of herbs, or even just water, herbs, salt, and pepper. Don't even get close to over cooking it and it is tender and moist, not the usual dry that can happen so easily.

    Low fat feta is usually good, but watch the salt. And nonfat yogurt - this is my every day breakfast. I make it in my instant pot and have come up with a great method to get nice smooth high protein yogurt. Let me know if you want the recipe. I add chia seeds or a few nuts, a chopped up apple, and some blueberries and bob's your uncle.

    Good luck getting home! Hugs to you and Monica.
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    Weigh in Wednesday
    CW 210.6

    I managed to gain about 6lbs over the holidays and this is the last of it to get back off now that I'm getting back on track.

    I've been under the weather for the past week including pink eye and a few other covid symptoms so I got tested and stayed home from work feeling like crap but the test came back negative today and I'll try to drag my butt outside. The neighbours and I have spent hours this past two weeks shoveling off our tiny corner of frozen lake and since feeling sick I've gotten zero skating time in to make it worthwhile! Skating doesn't burn nearly as many calories as snowshoeing but the shovelling after every dusting of snow falls sure adds up!

    I hope to be back on the green side of the scale by next week.
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