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    Hey all, it's coming into Thursday evening here and it's cold. We're due heavy snow overnight/tomorrow, so I'm planning to do the supermarket shop tonight (or send OH tonight). I've already meal planned but need to check ingredients. I can walk to the butchers tomorrow if needs be, and unless the snow is exaggerated, it might be unrealistic to run anyway.

    Doing better on water this afternoon; struggled this morning but it's 4.30 and I've had 6 cups so I'm happy with that. I am in a bit of a hungry/snacky mood, so I've just had a banana to keep me going until tea which is a diet cola chicken stir fry with rice (and very tasty).

    Exercise wise today I'm leaning towards a walk, as my brain is a bit frazzled from work. Plus... more ice!
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    PW: 219.0
    CW: 218.6

    @jugar My start weight was 255.0
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    @eggfreak ^^correction, NOT productive to encourage olive oil cakes. And yet.
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    Thursday is ending already! How does that happen...

    I made the mistake today of going snowshoeing before doing my Pilates workout or my little kettlebell squat routine. BIG mistake. The Pilates workout for today was a challenging one, and once that was over, there was nothing left for any kettlebell squats, that's for sure! Snowshoeing is always intense, and I usually try to do any other workout before it, but got the order mixed up today. Live and learn. Food is going well, and I'm less crazy hungry than yesterday at least!

    Weigh-in update! I know you have all been waiting for that :wink:

    due Friday:

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    @micki48 steps for January 7
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    @DD265 Hope you don't get buried in the snow! I always drink more water when I have a straw🥤Great work getting those glasses in!
  • DD265
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    @DD265 Hope you don't get buried in the snow! I always drink more water when I have a straw🥤Great work getting those glasses in!

    There was zero snow overnight and no sign of any this morning (it's now 11). I know British weather is unpredictable but... :D I finish work at 12.30 on a Friday, so I'll probably drive to the butchers then go for a run nearer home and make the most of the daylight.

    I was thinking about a straw - it'd need to be a long one for this bottle - or even getting my hydration pack on the desk and clipping the tube on my jumper. I've asked OH that if he's going downstairs, could he check whether my bottle needs filling? I usually offer him a drink but I walk past him/have visibility of his glass and he can't see my water bottle. Either I'll ask him to fill it, or it'll prompt me to do it myself rather than forgetting.

    I was already planning on tracking (and increasing) protein intake in February, but I'm thinking of adding a 'move hourly' thing then too. My old Fitbit could prompt you to do 100 steps an hour, and my Garmin pops up at 10am to say go move, but I don't know if it does anything more frequent - will need to check. I can always set alarms to achieve it.
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    Who do I contact about rewiring my brain into a morning person?
    Too bad you live far away and across our closed border - my son, who was my daily completely reliable but ridiculously early alarm clock for years, now gets up at 3:30 am every day and is at work for 4:30. He actually likes this! Want a transfusion?
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