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    @micki48 I am working on the protien thing too. I am using the tru grill pre cooked chicken breast strips from Costco. 5 oz has 180 calories, 4 g fat and 36 g protien. I'm also having plain yogurt for breakfast with toppings. For dinner, I'm trying to make things that have the protien, carbs and veggies separate. Then I can customize my plate to fit my macros but not mess with other people's portions.

    It's late and I'm definitely ready for bed! Food was good but I ate quite a few of my workout calories. I lifted weights for 55 minutes tonight. I had an evening snack but it was veggies and ranch. I followed it up with some tea and that made me feel satisfied 😌 Good night 😴

    Thanks for the suggestions, Kristi, and what a great day you had. I appreciate that. Often I eat a few nuts which is satisfying, but adds lots of (good) fat.

    @Kali225, @Gidgitgoescrazy and @KellyBgetsfit Thanks for your suggestions as well. @jugar Thanks for all those protein ideas. I do like fish and I love arugula. I guess I just need to add more to my salads. I really appreciate all the responses to my question. I may start getting plain greek yogurt instead of my Cherry Chobani. Maybe I can do that. ;)

    @eggfreak I love that! I am a full believer in the benefits of a consistent 10 minute workout. I just did 11 minutes of pilates and actually burned cardio calories for 4 of them! It really makes a difference. Thanks for the article too.

    @jugar in case that was buried in there. 11 minutes of Pilates for today. :smile:

    Well, it's almost noon and I am still in my jammies. What a bum! I better get something done.

    Have a wonderful day friends!!!
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    PW 177
    CW 176.6
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    Am I to understand that 3 team members visited an auto shop in the last ~16 hours? Something's going around. :lol:

    Third workout of the week is done! This one is great because it is an instagram live workout at noon my time so I have to get it done fairly early. I totally forgot that my company set up a Zumba class at 5:30pm on Wednesdays, too, which resumes tonight after the holiday break so I will be doing that for sure!

    @jugar I am BIG fan of arugula. It's probably my favorite salad base. This week's dinners have been arugula salads with roasted red peppers, feta, and bacon with balsamic dressing. I'm obsessed.

    @eggfreak I love that they called them exercise "snacks" hahaha. My fitbit gives me reminders to move each hour but I often forget to...actually move when it buzzes. And it usually is more like 5 min of movement than 10, so maybe I should try to up it!

    I have to say, that workout had a really profound effect on me today. I went to bed stressed, had terrible sleep, woke up stressed (about work, life, trying to find a new apartment - ugh!), went on my walk stressed, explained all of this to my sister in a stressed tone - and now I have gotten a sweat on, brought in some endorphins, it's time for lunch, and I feel so much better. Things will work out. As long as I do! (ba-dum tsk!)
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    Made it for the evening run after all, and after a tough start got into it so we turned away from home and went further. Ended by going up our hill - it's 35ft climb over 1/4 of a mile (that doesn't sound like a lot actually, but it feels it!) - was doing lamppost to lamppost but it was actually easier to run as I could feel my feet sliding back walking. It was like the ice just kept spreading in front of us. And a family stepped out into the road to wait for us to pass which meant I felt I had to keep running - I hate that :D Now in the bath trying to get warm again; I cool down too far after a run!

    Have struggled with the hydration today. Not sure how much of it was getting a coke zero with lunch so drinking that instead, and how much was being busy at work and not taking a break between 1.30-5.30 so I didn't refill my empty bottle. Got 4 cups to get in and it's 8.30... I'll manage! Calories wise I'm acing it at least, but when it comes to balancing macros I'll have my work cut out.
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    Keep the messages coming! The struggle to exercise, and the good feeling afterwards. The struggle to eat well, and still making it happen and feeling good afterwards. These are the times to remember for the next one! It is easy to remember how good that pastry or soft drink or whatever is your jam will feel, but it is the afterwards that is SO different. This is a great beginning to the new year!

    We know the other teams are having great beginnings too, so tuck these stories into your back pockets, handbags, pillowcases, couch cushions - wherever you can grab them when those struggles start to get you down. The green streak so far this week is looking beautiful!

    If you want to check out the spreadsheet, there is a link on the main F2F page, or you can just go to -

    You cannot edit, but you can go to Waistaways on the tabs at the bottom, and see how we're doing. Everyone who has shared their name has it in there too, and where they live way over to the far right. The steps are there, all kinds of beautiful numbers. If ever you see I made an error, be sure to let me know!
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    AshenMoon wrote: »
    CW: 227.5
    PW: 228.4

    Back to where I was before the holidays, woo! ^.^

    Three cheers! The green just keeps on growing.
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    micki48 wrote: »
    sunny9847 wrote: »
    Back to work today. Felt determined. Got my goal met today. Steps for yesterday 12,124. Steps for today 12,118.

    Sunny, glad to have you on the step team. Please let me know what your daily goal is when you get a chance.

    @fuschiabolero Please let me know your daily step goal as well. Thanks.

    Glad to be on the step team. My overall goal is 10,000 steps. My goal since Sunday I have been trying to get 12,000 a day. Today I made 12,437.
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    @micki48 Steps for January 6
  • MandiSaysHey
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    Steps today 14,876

    Work was busy again tonight, looking forward to a few days off. I agree with the sentiments of what happened today in the U S. Checking for updates off and on throughout the night at work had me stressed out much of the night. I am praying for peace for our country.
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    Good morning Happy Thursday y’all!!!! Tomorrow is my weigh in day so I need to be on point today!! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 to a good day!
  • Gidgitgoescrazy
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    Good Morning Happy Thursday !

    I didn't exercise yesterday, I took the day off like planned, ate well and within calories, although I really need to empty the candy baskets at home... Christmas will come down this weekend, so I will toss everything then.

    I did 30 minutes of hiit this morning, it felt good...

    Hope you have a great day !
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