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    @Kali225 Thank you so much :)
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    Heads up!
    Tomorrow is Saturday. The last day of week one - so all weights for the week have to be in and ready to be tallied by early Sunday morning, no matter what time zone you are in. It has been a great week so far! Let's get all the numbers in and see how it looks --

    Due up to and including today:

    Due Saturday:

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    @micki48 steps for January 8
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    @eggfreak ^^correction, NOT productive to encourage olive oil cakes. And yet.

    So, I gave some of the cake away and ate the rest. I think it was worth it, dee-licious, and will someday make it again. I was able to calculate the calories with the mfp recipe calculator - 535 for a big slice. So to enjoy a half slice with a cup of coffee is not unreasonable (I'd halved the sugar and was plenty sweet enough). It is just the problem, for me, of stopping at the half slice.

    Morning person? I'm a morning person but could use some rewiring too in order to become a morning EXERCISE person - especially in winter. A pre-work walk would be a good idea but it just doesn't happen. You are managing to get in a LOT of steps though, whatever time, keep it up!

    Calling all Fitbitters - anyone interested in a major workweek hustle challenge? @micki48 I think you're connected to more folks than I am...interested in throwing down the gauntlet?
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    Happy Saturday, I hope!

    Our birthdays are 2 days apart! Well done on killing the hair dye (I did it at 50), and we'll help hold you to your 1 pound goal. Go for the high volume eating as much as possible (foods that take up lots of room but don't have too many calories), and see how it goes. Stress makes it so difficult - take those deep breaths before taking the big bites. And YES on the workweek hustle! I have been slacking on actual steps - I make it to my 10,000 by doing more exercise bike, but it is not the same. Let's do it :smiley:

    @micki48 @evangsimmons170 @ells_runs @CanadianGiraffe @evelynladams527 and other quiet ones -
    Hoping you're doing OK :heart: missing you all...

    Such a relief that you didn't put on that 1.6 pounds since Wednesday! But it can fluctuate that much anyhow. If your weight keeps going up, the first thing is to double (triple) check that your calorie count is accurate, and if so, it might be time to lower it a bit. As you get lighter, you need fewer :grimace: Being one of the 5-foot barely 1-inch people, I know how miserable that can be, but you'll get used to it! More veggies (I should write a song) :smiley:

    I just ate breakfast a couple of hours ago, and I'm hungry. Grrrrr. Probably time for water, right?
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    Pw 164.4
    Cw 163

    Not super happy, but its going the right way, and that's what is important...

    Not super happy with a 1.4 pound loss?? Welcome to the "getting close to goal" slow down! It is a good thing! It means you have less to lose.
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    @eggfreak olive oil cake with breakfast sounds so, so good right now haha. I actually totally agree with you - I do wake up and enjoy mornings, but should aim to be a Morning Exercise Person. The bed is just too comfy. [It's noon now and I have been up and at em but find myself once again planted on my (now made) bed.]

    I would be very down for a workweek hustle! I run them with my family members who have fitbits, but we tend to lose consistency after a few weeks' spurt at a time. My email for fitbit is kagoglia3@gmail.com if anyone wants to add me! :smiley:

    @Gidgitgoescrazy and @healthygirlintransit losses!! fabulous!

    @KellyBgetsfit glad you caught that you didn't actually gain anything. It goes without saying, but keep pushing - we are all pushing with you!!

    This is my first weekend after changing my weigh-in day. I am excited because I don't feel cravings or like I will binge, as I so often do on a Saturday. I gave myself a TON of household things to do today to keep myself busy. I am moving apartments in early March (very excited because this place has too many quirks that irk me) and I want to start weeding through closets and getting rid of things right now. I also have to sell an extra dining set. I'm going to try putting it on Facebook Marketplace? We'll see. It's not worth anything so I feel like $50 is fair haha.

    Added 1 more mile ran in January yesterday! 3/21 down. And I did a 20 min booty workout with bands after a late work night. Happy with that. And I decided in the end of 2020 that I wanted to try to pick up the violin again so I ordered one and it arrived yesterday! (Any hobby that isn't "snacking in front of Netflix" will be an improvement over the last 7 years of my life.)

    Happy Saturday, team!
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    So sorry for your loss. I will give my loved ones an extra hug today. Please take care of yourself and remember how amazing you are!
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    @ells_runs hugs to you!
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