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    WOW! It is amazing - and not just your belly! Your butt is definitely more compact, and your legs look stronger and leaner too. Great job!
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    @KellyBgetsfit Kelly, that is so inspiring and so important for everyone to note. You lost NO weight, but you did a fantastic job exercising!! What a great example to us all how hard work to get fit is just as important as cutting back the calories. The reminder to not place all our hope of the scale is especially important. Your progress photos are amazing. Like @jugar said, the difference can be seen everywhere. I will add that back wrinkle is also gone. Great job! So happy for you and thank you for sharing with us. Way to go!!!!

    @SMcFall0215 Goals...I set monthly goals, but have not always had them come to fruition. I also set daily goals. I am much better with those. Daily steps, log food, 15 minutes of exercise. I can do that. I usually don't have too many weekly goals. I do currently aim for 150 active minutes or more on my fitbit, but that's kind of an extension of my 15 minutes a day. But that's ok! Another thing to check off. I always would like to lose weight, but I rarely set a specific weight loss goal. Our bodies are to cranky, particular, I don't know, uncooperative for that. Sometimes we are totally on target and our the scale refuses to budge. And sometimes we are not so focused and we lose. See what I mean about our crazy bodies? I am reminded of something Amber (@terytha) said a while back. Our weight makes up all the stuff in our bodies. Food, water, salt, bones, muscles, poop. Our best intentions don't always have control over all that. And just look at what can happen when the scale doesn't move. See @KellyBgetsfit. I also lost NO weight this past year, but I can tell you I am in better physical shape. So, play with your goals and see what works for you. Know that we are always allowed to make changes whenever something is not working. Good luck.

    Not a huge number of steps yet today but I have done Pilates, listened to my 2 year old granddaughter read two books to me, built a magnetile house with her, played Boomwhackers, served lunch, read stories, and got her napping! That's a win!

    Now off to tally those step results. I see a few missing, but I am going to go ahead without them. :)
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    TOTAL TEAM STEPS - 652,362



    1st - @Kali225 122,917
    2nd - @jugar 107,699
    3rd - @Sunny9847 88,057


    @Kali225 7/7
    @CurvyCalorie 4/7
    @jugar 7/7
    @sunny9847 7/7
    @KellyBgetsfit 4/7


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    @micki48 steps for January 11
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    Looking good out there! @Kali225 is crushing us on steps in Fitbit today with @KellyBgetsfit close behind! We're having a good laugh and getting the steps done!

    Just a small weigh-in reminder list tonight. Hoping for green!

    Due now:

    Due Tuesday:
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    Steps jan 11: 13,259
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    @KellyBgetsfit great progress photos, you can absolutely see a big difference!!
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    @CurvyCalorie congrats on the latest milestone! Amazing job.

    @KellyBgetsfit HOLY COW! Those are amazing results and you look like you dropped 20 lbs. I'm so glad you shared those. Very inspiring. One of my favorite things to look at for inspiration are pictures of women who swapped weight lifting for cardio. Most of them have changes like yours. No weight change but brand new body! Keep it up, you look amazing 👏

    @SMcFall0215 I set a series of goals and then break them down. I'm trying to be very intentional this year. I have daily mini goals that build towards my weekly goals. Those build towards monthly goals. I start with the big goal and keep asking "how will I do that?" Over and over again until I have small actionable plans for each day.
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    @Gidgitgoescrazy Plantar fasciitis really rots! I had it for 10 months on the right side and 5 on the left before I was able to get a plan that worked. In order to break the pain loop, I had an injection on the right side. Now, when I walk, I stretch my feet, calves, etc. as I go, which helps keep everybody happy.
    Heel dips on stairs and “wall-climbers” help me. I call it “wall climbers” ‘cause you put your foot against the base of the wall or doorway, heel as close as possible at the base, with toes on the wall edge. Move your body closer to the wall and feel the stretch through the foot/arch and lower calf. Make sense? I know - it’s a strange one but effective. While walking, I use tree trunks, curbs, or steps to do the same thing.
    Happy Tuesday!
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    Happy Tuesday indeed! A fresh dusting of snow, very quiet out there. I'm gonna have to work on my plan to beat @Gidgitgoescrazy today :mrgreen: Walking to the mailbox (almost 1 mile each way), maybe a Sansone instead of exercise bike this evening... I hope your pains go away, though Vikki. That sounds rotten. I take collagen usually as well, mainly to keep my nails from turning to wimpy cracking miserable things and to get ready for my butt surgery. I never heard of it causing crazy bloating and stuff - yikes!

    The 30 day kettlebell squat challenge I am doing is also starting get serious! It was really easy the first few days, but it is building up now. I am not going to be able to do some of the variations in it, but it will still keep increasing gradually through the month. It feels great afterwards, but it is intense. Maybe by the time I am 70 I'll be able to do a pistol squat! A girl can dream, right?

    Have a good one, and feel the joy of your exercise today. Smile from gun to tape!
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    @evelynladams527 Yes that makes sense, and I try to remember to stretch, the weird thing is I only get it from the treadmill, so my podiatrist thinks it is just the way I walk on the treadmill verse regular walking... He told me to just stay off the treadmill as it causes so many feet problems for people, but if I insisted to do it super slow, and really pay attention to how I walk on it..
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    Kali225 wrote: »
    Tuesday Weigh-In
    PW: 189.1
    CW: 182.8
    LTD: 50.2

    !! I had to step back on the scale TWICE to make sure my eyes weren't seeing things. I would say a solid 2.5 lbs of this was still holiday bloat (you've all seen that I've been pretty range bound in 186-190 the last 2 months really). It was a very steady week, sticking to the plan, getting in a few workouts, and letting myself have measured snacks. But this is probably the biggest real 1-week drop I have had since like summer 2014. I met my January goal (184), my second goal (183 - since I was pretty sure I would hit 184), and crossed the line of 50 lbs lost for the first time ever!!!! Gobsmacked. But so happy!

    And ordering Panera Bread for delivery for dinner tonight. I planned it a week ago and have a gift card and work is kicking my BUTT (worked until 12:20am last night ugh) so I have earned a giant caesar salad and some kind of carbs. :)

    Wear the tiara!! Dance and shout! You have lost the equivalent of $1000 in American quarters, the weight of an average male bulldog, or 6 gallons of water :lol: but if I were you, I'd take the quarters :wink:
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    sarkrisd wrote: »
    PW: 211.4
    CW: 210.5

    I’m still going down even though I did very little last week. I call it a win.

    I realize I never really introduced my self. I’m Sarah. I live in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. I have 2 step children (20&14) and a 2 year old daughter. I love to bake and read. I don’t always check in, but I do read all the comments.

    That's definitely a win, Sarah! Welcome to the group. I'm a haphazard poster since last January. Check in, read the comments - you'll glean tips and hints - and post when you can. Is that a cute cat on your shoulder in the pic? :)
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