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    eggfreak wrote: »

    That's definitely a win, Sarah! Welcome to the group. I'm a haphazard poster since last January. Check in, read the comments - you'll glean tips and hints - and post when you can. Is that a cute cat on your shoulder in the pic? :)

    Yes! That is my stepdaughters cat, Sawyer. He is cute, but also fat and can’t do that anymore!
  • sunny9847
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    Met all goals. Steps 12,613.
  • MandiSaysHey
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    Hello everyone!

    Steps today 6,717

    I wanted to have a lazy day again but I convinced myself to go for a walk.

    I had a good day calorie wise and finished off the last of the ice cream cake from my son's birthday so that won't be tempting me anymore.

    My grandmother has been having some health problems so my mom may go stay with her for a few days. Typically my mom is here with my son while hes remote learning so if she goes to stay with my grandmother, I may have to take a day or 2 off work, so hopefully that will be okay.
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    sarkrisd wrote: »
    PW: 211.4
    CW: 210.5

    I’m still going down even though I did very little last week. I call it a win.

    I realize I never really introduced my self. I’m Sarah. I live in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. I have 2 step children (20&14) and a 2 year old daughter. I love to bake and read. I don’t always check in, but I do read all the comments.

    Welcome Sarah! Didn't you check in earlier and tell us you had Covid or was that someone else on the team? If it was you, how are you feeling? If it wasn't you, I am so sorry.

    @Kali225 Way to go girlie!!! Congratulations!!!! You have been working so hard. Your steps are awesome and your dedication to your journey is amazing. Wahoooooo, 50.2 pounds!! :)<3
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    @sarkrisd good to know a bit more about you! Being from the middle of nowhere is wonderful, especially these days. I am glad to be far off the beaten path and able to enjoy a lot of land between me and any neighbours. Your stepdaughter's cat needs to do whatever you're doing - first place last week, and still going down this week! Excellent work.

    @MandiSaysHey I hope your schedule works out all right with your mother gone for a few days, and that your grandmother feels better soon. Hang in there! And keep taking those walks, even on lazy days :smiley:

    Here is the heads up notice for the Wednesday people:


  • micki48
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    sunny9847 wrote: »
    Met all goals. Steps 12,613.

    You are doing so great every day! Keep up the great work.

    Met my 9,000+ step goal today. Took a short walk with the short one. But I also did ballet with her, and bounced on my ball. That got me to a disco ball reward of 150 minute active minutes so far this week. I am ahead of my goal. Yay! Logged all my food. Pretty good day. Did have a brownie and sorbet for dessert.

    @Gidgitgoescrazy So sorry to hear you were having so much pain. That's not fun and a little scary. Glad you found a work around. Hope you feel better soon. When is your start date for the new job?

    @jugar My fingernails are also little paper thin finger coverings. Maybe I need something too.

    @MandiSaysHey Hope your grandmother is feeling better soon.

    Have a great night.
  • fuschiabolero
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    Barre3 class 45 minutes medium level 6391 steps
  • CurvyCalorie
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    @micki48 steps for January 12
  • PlaneMonkey
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    PW 210.6
    CW 209.4
    Almost back to pre-holiday numbers. Behaviour is back on track at least! I'm going for a skate after French class today and before it gets too dark so that should burn a few calories. I've been walking around the house and doing random exercises with the free weights I have set up in the corner of the bedroom but haven't done a full workout yet due to some lingering back pain from last weekend. Hubby's co-worker's teenage daughter came over to skate and tried to teach me some figure skating jumps and spins. I'm a hockey player... The techniques are very different so I spent a lot of time picking myself back up off the ice after failed attempts. Hope to be all better by this weekend to do it again!
  • Kali225
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    @jugar @micki48 @conleywoods thanks ladies!

    I am still donning the tiara today - I (drumroll) got yoga done before I logged onto work!! Who am I. It was a quick practice today so maybe that helped mentally motivate.

    @DD265 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A very strong-willed choice to forgo cake.

    Another very long work day for me yesterday, but I have added another 3 miles ran to my January total the last 3 days, which is now 7.5/21 miles. My Panera dinner was delicious, just what I wanted, but ate it quite late. I cannot wait for February when work calms down again! I have my regular Zumba class at 5:30 which will be a good excuse to pause work. Hoping to get in a separate workout as well, although not sure what time that would end up being. This weekend will be one for NAPPING. I also did a haul of online clothes shopping post-holidays, so the weekend will also be for trying on new things, which I love to do now (a sharp shift from just a few years ago when I dreaded getting new clothes because I thought nothing would fit me. Progress!).

    @Gidgitgoescrazy I love FitOn! My favorite trainers on there are Danielle, Sydney, and Kenta. Kenta has really good, not too long, arms videos and one of my fave cardio options - "Fat Burn Cardio." (It's tabata style, so if that isn't your groove, then ignore this haha). And Sydney has a lot of Barre and dance-style workouts that I really enjoy. (Core Barre and Booty Barre Toning are my top faves - killers). Which ones did you try that you weren't feeling?
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    jugar wrote: »
    Maybe by the time I am 70 I'll be able to do a pistol squat! A girl can dream, right?
    I had to look that up (although I could kind of envision what it was). Yeah, no, will not be happening for me in my lifetime. :D
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    PW: 227.5
    CW: 227.7

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    eggfreak wrote: »
    jugar wrote: »
    Maybe by the time I am 70 I'll be able to do a pistol squat! A girl can dream, right?
    I had to look that up (although I could kind of envision what it was). Yeah, no, will not be happening for me in my lifetime. :D

    That looks hard. Good thing I am anti-guns
  • KellyBgetsfit
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    PW 152.6
    CW 154.8

    My weight was really high last week due to my earing and period Thank you everyone for your kind words. 🥰
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    edited January 2021
    Great morning for reading! You all are putting the smiles on my face this morning. I was feeling very serious before that :neutral::smiley:

    I can't get over how many Capricorns we have in this team - I may be missing some, but @ells_runs @eggfreak @DD265 and me. Happy BDs all! I will also plan to have no cake, unless I can give most of it away to my son. It will have to be a cake he likes! We do have an amazing gluten free upside down cake that I have been making from time to time (my husband has celiac disease) that might make an appearance, though. It is SO good, spicy, and not too sweet. And my husband will finish it fast!

    @ells_runs your post is beautiful. I am glad you left that one small job - driving your kids to school will be wonderful time spent with them. I always found I had the best conversations with mine while there were in the car, especially while they were in high school. They like it better when we can't look them in the eye!

    @Kali225 Who are you indeed! Sending off sparks like a comet! And giving me serious grief in the Fitbit steps challenge...

    @Gidgitgoescrazy I can just picture you poring over your new books and trying on clothes for your upcoming job change. So exciting!

    @happimess01 I don't like guns either, but this way I can impress my daughter (who is in the Canadian Army, go figure) without ever touching one :blush:

    Don't make me come and pester you for weigh-ins, ok? Two late ones are @sodonovan74 and @Evallusion and all the remaining Wednesday people know who they are, right? Thanks!
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