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    JoDavo66 wrote: »
    So glad it's Friday & we have a "Bank Holiday" on Monday: long weekend 😀

    Yay!! Let's hope the sun comes out,we have had sleet,sun & hailstones in Manchester.Have a good weekend !
  • jessicakrall8
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    Come on people...8 missing weigh out your favorite Captain and report in today please. Thanks!
    Jessica :smile:
  • JoDavo66
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    Have a good weekend everyone.
    I'll be finalising scores tonight UK time. X
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    Greetings Trimstones

    Your May Team Chat thread is open! Please continue to post your stats for April Week 5 here. Head to the new chat for introductions and to start the new week tomorrow!
  • JoDavo66
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    Hi - I know some of you weigh in today but would be greatful if we can get this week's weights ASAP with it being end of month especially as some could be up for achievements.
    Thanks - Jo
  • DreaRN15
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    PW 288.2
    CW 291.6

    Sorry busy day
  • jenready
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    Previous Weight 248.6
    Current Weight 248.6
  • Jen_967
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    4/29: 4,747
    4/30: 11,836
    5/1- 5,263
  • Jax_Grim
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    I pretty much had a "I give up week". I kept my exercise up, but really didn't watch what I ate at all. I did end up with a loss, but I'm not 100% sure how that even happened. i've been bouncing back and forth between 211 to 215 for quite some time now. I'm not unhappy with my current weight, but woudl like to get down a bit more. Maybe the change in season will help. I've had a lot of yard work to do, so that may get me going again. I tend to not like to eat as much when the heat kicks in as well. I lost about half of my 100 punds between March and August of last year, so we will see how it goes this time.
  • kerdil08
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    Steps to close out April:

    4/26: 23,971
    4/27: 23,913
    4/28: 22,076
    4/29: 18,743
    4/30: 20,651
    5/1: 21,548
  • jennifersusanmcdougall
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    Sorry my weight is 182.9
  • JoDavo66
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    Thank you all for these.
    Some have already gone onto spreadsheet. I can't add others, myself, but I don't want anyone to loose put on awards. :)
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