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    This is my favourite3fccwa6ttw2c.jpg
  • Winner_in_Life
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    But recently I discovered a less dangerous for the lines option. Only 102 kcal a piece. I eat it very slowly, enjoying every bite 🤤
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    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes. Walked 6.03 miles; strength training
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes.
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes.
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    We made it back to the home corral. Here is Coco looking out at the green grass and the sunset.
    Rose and I are tired but happy the trip went well.
    A lot can go wrong while traveling 1800 miles.
    I’ll catch up with the UAC team tomorrow.
    Best wishes to you!

    Beautiful horse ranger rick . I had my hip replaced a year ago and promised my orthopedic surgeon no riding til May 13 appointment. My girl classy has been waiting . My daughter rides her once a week to keep her toned

    @melodie1082 Classy is a beautiful horse too! :heart:
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    SModa61 wrote: »

    Just joining in with the traveling animals. Harry and Han did well on their shorter 1600 mile journey. Photo is during a break from their two story travel cage.

    OMGosh girl! This photo cracked me up! They look so adorable, just watching all the "goings-on" out the window! I bet that's funny to look up and see those cute faces staring back as you pass people on the highway! :lol: Your pic of your 2-story cat transport is pretty amazing too! :wink:
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    @snowshoe072 - I had to chuckle because the grin on your face matches the grin on the m&m guy. Everybody’s happy!

    @pamjsa - hope your dog feels better soon. It is so distressing when they’re sick.

    Exercise: yes
    Tracked: yes
    Under: yes

    Passes: 0/3
  • Mrs_Hoffer
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    May 3:

    ✔️ EXERCISE: Yes. 45 minutes. 30 minutes walking and 15 mins on the rebounder.
    ✔️ CALORIES: No. 1961/1900 (Late in the day I ate a "larger" piece of Ding Dong Birthday Cake than I should have! I'll be glad when it's GONE!
    ✔️ TRACK: Yes.

    PASSES USED: 1/3 (3May)

    "Maintenance is not QUITTING, it's COASTING". -Heather Robertson (Half Size Me Podcast)

    @pamjsa I'm so sorry to hear this about your dog. I hope it's nothing serious and that she gets to feeling better SOON!!!! :worried:

    @dsgoingtodoit Yes! Welcome back!! I have missed you here as well! I'm glad your mom is doing well! :heart:

    @RangerRickL I'm glad you and your family are back home safe! And I just have to say that it thrills my :heart: to read that YOU purchased and RESCUED Roxy!! I hope she makes a full recovery and that you will see her again soon. I hope that the next time you see her she is 100% better! You have such a good :heart: my friend! :smile:
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    @SummerSkier Thanks for asking about Coco and the 'deal that went south' horse Roxy. Regarding Coco: I am not sure that Coco is the right horse to take back to Arizona. He is almost always anxious and spooks at most anything.
    Nonetheless, I have often mused that when I completely retire (which I am about to do) I would like to take dressage lessons. Coco is very smart; agile, and responsive. He is an arena horse.
    Roxy is the mare who needed a rescuer. The veterinarian stated that she has almost never seen a horse so infested by large and small strongyles. (worms). I did purchase Roxy, the rescue mare. She is on prescribed feed; had vaccinations; dental and hoof work and is being administered a 5 day x 5 medication deworming panel of meds.
    I have left her in the care of a professional trainer and a 13 year old girl named Katelyn (and her Mom).
    If I made a mistake, the horse will still be better for my mistake. I anticipate that it will take 6 months of proper care and exercise to return the horse to full health and vitality.
    The veterinarian knew the horse when she was fit and believes that I have made a good decision for me and a great decision for the Roxy and Katelyn.
    BTW: the orange leggings arrived at my house before I arrived there yesterday. I'll give them a try on Coco soon.
    Thanks, Rick

    I absolutely LOVE that you bought her Rick!!!!! I had to dig to find this post. But it sounds like you made a really good decision there for all involved. I hope the leggings help Coco with his sore. They certainly have helped Bandit and he wears them on all 4 now (well snake season too). Interesting about Coco being spooky and anxious. But I agree he doesn't sound like a good horse to take out on the trail or on adventures.

    Dressage to me is like dancing. Bandit and I have danced together for a long long time. I joke that he is 29 and has 1 soundish leg left but we certainly do enjoy our daily hayfield rides. But the bottom line is that i ended up doing whatever he wanted to do and what we both enjoyed. I never bought him with a specific purpose in mind. We ended up in dressage but we had some Xcountry and jumper fun too.


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    * Loving the sound of @biketheworld's 90 Day Strong Journey!
    * @SummerSkier Your Pooh cartoons are great especially since today's, while deeply insightful, made me remember the last time you used the same image...but profanity was involved lolol
    * @snowshoe072 Loved the M&M's hairstyle
    * And happy belated birthday @Mrs_Hoffer 🥳

    Thanks for all the workout well-wishes from the Cooper Test, UACers! Late entry "today" but on time for tomorrow (which is actually today. Wait?! 🤔 ...never mind... )

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? YES | *Theresa Depasquale's 90-Day Workout Program (20) TOTAL: 20
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? YES | Base + 77
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? YES
    *NOTE: First day of the program's Phase 2 but I only did a partial workout - 2 out of 5 sets 😬

    Personal Bonus: Did I meet my protein macro for the day (40%)? NO |33%
    Pass Days Used:
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    @Winner_in_Life Not just like that. There was 6 months between my weigh-ins.
  • Winner_in_Life
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    @Winner_in_Life Not just like that. There was 6 months between my weigh-ins.

    Yes, I understand. Anyway a nice "surprise". :) I think that after 6 months away from the scales many people would find themselves 6kg heavier. I have a tendency to avoid scales when I feel that I am piling on kilos :( Not very clever, but very human behaviour
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    May 3

    Exercise: Yes
    Calories: Yes
    Tracked: Yes
    Pass days: 0/3