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  • rwood566
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    @888Angie888 very nice numbers. Grats.

    @Megan_smartiepants1970 why do they wrap a bandage around our arms when they can't get blood? It's not like we will suddenly start spurting in the produce aisle. Lol. I hope you get great results.

    @Beautyofdreams I hope you can get better soon.

    @mthomas0228 milk shakes are devious that way. I hope it was good, though. Great job working thru all your social engagements with your planning.
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    @lindamtuck2018 ... what I do is have my coffee in the morning ....lunch at noon or so either a fruit smoothie or real lunch ....a handful of almonds for snack and then dinner around 6pm... and my version of ice coffee after dinner ...this works for me .... I am not a big breakfast person so my coffee keeps me full

    You have protein powder in your coffee right? Maybe I should try that or just a protein shake itself in the morning.

    rwood566 wrote: »
    Good morning everyone. Happy friday eve.

    Check in for 8/11:
    Steps - 8729 plus 17 minutes bike medium effort.
    Calories - 1740.
    Exercise - gym then zoo. 5 machines and 17 minutes bike. No more gym before breakfast. Hit a wall and legs stopped working.75 rpm to 30 rpm instantly. Zoo was mainly riding bus and air tram but still had to walk from far side of park. 85 degrees and high humidity and hills.

    Awesome steps Roger! You had a great exercise day.

    Just got back from our 136 minutes..5.89 miles walk.... now I am off to labs

    Nice walking! No headache today.

    Tazaria87 wrote: »
    Tracked Yes
    Under Calorie Yes
    Water 80oz
    Steps 6181

    Still dealing with this cold but was able to get the lawn mowed at least. Today has become an unexpected babysitting day so I've got all the kids again. After they get picked up we have my son's open house for kindergarten. He's very excited to meet his teacher, as am I. We also get to see his classroom, which we didn't get to do at kindergarten round up cuz they didn't let parents into the building.

    Nice check in. You must have mixed emotions about your son starting kindergarten. I remember my kids first days. I think it was harder on me than them.

    Username: Beautyofdreams
    Weigh In Day: Tuesday
    PW: 142.0
    CW: 140.4 before IV fluid, truer to say 142.7

    Sorry this is late but I have been sick all week and had to go to the hospital for outpatient IV fluids. Still have fever and chills but am feeling better.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Daily Check-In For Wednesday 8/11

    Calories: Over by 1,000 (I had a milkshake - and that was all it took!)
    Water: 90+ oz.
    IF 16/8: Yes, 18 hours fasting
    AF: Yes, For the month 9/11 days AF
    Exercise: No (Rest Day)

    Pretty sure there will be a gain on my weigh-in tomorrow, but in spite of that, I feel really positive about where I am in weight loss. I'm in a good head space with my goals. My exercise, water, fasting & alcohol consumption are all on point. I'm about 80/20 for my food this week & next week, but I think that is okay as there is a lot going on the next couple of weeks. Will buckle back down on my food choices on the 23rd to finish the month strong.

    8/11 Steps = 4,932

    I like your attitude. I think it’s important to look at the things we are doing right. My granddaughters just had a milkshake at the restaurant and I am sure it had so many calories. It was in a 35oz mug.

    Weigh Day Thursday
    PW: 225.6
    CW: 221.4

  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    @lindamtuck2018 ---I make my own coffee creamer this time it is vanilla cinnamon....SF mocha cappuccino powder, grass fed butter, collagen powder, mct oil powder and skinny syrups vanilla caramel cream syrup and it keeps me full until lunch time
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Nice walking! No headache today.

    Thanks no headache today :)
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 38,913 Member
    @Megan_smartiepants1970 why do they wrap a bandage around our arms when they can't get blood? It's not like we will suddenly start spurting in the produce aisle. Lol. I hope you get great results.

    I am not sure why she wrapped my arm that wouldn't produce blood ... she kept moving the needle around (OWIEEEEEEEEE) she asked if I was a problem child when it came to getting blood ..I said nope I am not then she shoved the needle into the another arm and for 4 tubes of blood ...glad I only have to do that every 3 months
  • Aqualang26
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    @lindamtuck2018 For increased appetite with exercise, I try to make sure any exercise calories I eat back are protein since that's what it needs. I do still try not to dip into them much because they're so notoriously inflated. Plus, as they say, you can't outrun a poor diet.

    With new exercise that leaves muscles very sore, remember that they're holding liquid to recover and that can add a few pounds.

    I think you're right not to worry much about it right now while it's new. I'd only be concerned/switch up diet if it continues past the first few weeks of your exercise.

    You're doing great!
  • Shannonsto
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    Previous weight: 174.2
    Current weight: 175.2

    I have no idea why I gained...😔

    Steps for 8/11
  • Piqueaboo
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    It's weigh-in day!

    Username piqueaboo
    Weigh In Day: Friday - moving forward I would like to change this to Saturday, and for next week I have to skip, I'll be out of town
    PW (Previous Weight): 212.1
    CW (Current Weight): 212.2

    I'm not sure why the small gain, I ate rather well this week and did sports everyday 🤷‍♀️ Next week I'm heading to London for my friend's wedding, so all bets are off. Not only is there the wedding, but also Nando's, Burger Lobster, Flat Iron Steak, Wagamama, Shake Shack, I want to try everything!!! I will be packing my running shoes lol.
  • rwood566
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    Good evening everyone. Ready for a fantastic friday?

    Check in for 8/12:
    Steps - 10418. Finally a 5 digit number again.
    Calories - 1710. Made some slow cooker chili. Yes it is broiling outside but I have been wanting it for a while.
    Exercise - 4.41 mile walk in 1:26. I drank 28 oz water on it. Not nearly enough, I found out the hard way. It took most of the day to start peeing. I have had 168 oz water today. That should make tomorrow interesting. I am going back to give blood.
  • Shannonsto
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    Steps for 8/12
  • lindamtuck2018
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    Thanks for the thoughts. I used to make a very delicious protein shake. I am going to try and get some of the protein powder on the weekend. I can grab that when I feel hungry. Thanks again.

    Sorry your still feeling sick. Great job on staying within those calories and avoiding takeout.

    Those mystery gains are frustrating. Keep with your plan and the weight will follow. Your steps are fantastic!

    We had a few unexplained gains this week. Frustrating! I will change your day and note you will be away next week. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast.

    Congrats on the amazing walk! You have to stay hydrated. I love slow cooker chili. One of our previous teammates gave me my recipe. We had some pretty wicked heat this week and I made soup. Cravings have to be satisfied.

    YAY for the whoosh. Great workout today and bonus getting the free protein bars.

    Awesome elliptical session! Looking forward to hear about your leg workout later tonight.

    Sounds like you have a great plan for today.

    Nice loss!
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    @lindamtuck2018 No worries about the over due thing I just didn't want it missed. The handstands are a part of my cross fit class. He uses them like planks. I would prefer not but my childhood gymnastics came back to me but so did the PTSD. I broke my wrists when I was 10ish trying to learn how to do a round off back handspring. So for me to do this is helping me conquer my fears and gain confidence. The first time we did it I just did it and the body remembered but then I got confident and tried it on my own and tweeked my elbow. I am now forcing myself to continue doing them to get over the fear.

    Work out this morning is called Forge. AMRAP 1)100 meter run. 2) 3 55# power snatches. 3)5 overhead squats. 4) 7 burpees.
    Strength was 10 minute EMOM 1 hang snatch and 1 power snatch my load was 65#

    Loose shoulders and joints just make me have to be careful and slow. So I was 1 amrap less than the average. The run and burpees always get me. Not my favorites. They tend to get my asthma and vertigo going so yeah I take it slow. I know my spirit animal is a manta ray/ dolphin but on land I am a sloth. I really need to find a pool!!!
    @Poobah1972 Thanks for the badge of honor reminder. Strength training always does that. Today I am back down of course!!!

    Everyone have a great day and weekend. Remember its Friday the 13th!!! Usually a lucky day for me but I won't jinx myself.
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