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  • laurelfit57
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    @jan110144 I can certainly understand that pandemic weight gain, I put on 20 lbs and it is a work in progress taking it off! Good for you staying on track!! I have been having the same sort of thing most of the summer. It is possible to stay on track, just keep focussed :-). There were a couple of times where I maintained, but I did lose 10 pounds over the summer over all.

    @leayjw this is certainly a great group to come to for support and accountability!!

    @trooworld WOW! Good for you controlling yourself at supper!! I’m afraid if I skip a meal, I have a really hard time controlling myself in the evening.

    @mcmart11 huge congrats to you on the weight loss! You have reminded me, I really need to get some meal prep done.

    @Jwhitegarcia that’s amazing, huge congratulations on 50 pounds down☀️🎉
    So exciting that you are just about at the healthy BMI range! I am the same as you, I’m not exactly sure what my final goal weight will be, I want to see as I get closer to it :-) :-).

    @vegan4lyfe2012 huge congratulations on the loss!

    Huge congratulations to all the winners!!
  • renaegry
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    Back from the lake. One more weekend left. Kids are back to school on Wednesday. Son has football practice every morning 6:30-8:00 in a town 30 min away. So 5am mornings for me starting tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back on routine with everything. My goal for September is to lose 5 lbs. will weigh myself in the morning see what I have to get to.
  • laurelfit57
    laurelfit57 Posts: 386 Member

    Weekly weigh in
    Username. laurelfit57
    Weigh in day. Sunday
    PW. 157
    CW. 155.4

    Goal Weight Challenge: Keep my eye on the prize!

    Track & Eat Within Macro Ranges
    No snacking after 8
    No unplanned sugar
    No junk snacks
    Exercise 5 x weekly

    You honestly could have knocked me over with a feather this morning when I weighed myself and I was down 1.6 pounds! I had all my fingers and toes crossed for staying the same.

    I feel like I am getting back into a routine, after such a busy summer.
  • GabiV125
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    @jan110144 and @TeresaW1020 - I’m in Northern Virginia and summers here are quite hot, but the older I get the harder it is to tolerate the extremes. Old coping was pool every day, current coping since pool is overcrowded, is to shower after every walk.
    Here’s the guy I walk 3 times a day - almost 3yo puggle
  • jan110144
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    @GabiV125 oh my, what wonderful eyes he has!
  • TheGlwUp
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    Wow I can't believe it's time for September group already.

    This week was great. I got back into my diet and exercise after a much needed break. Thankfully I didn't go crazy during my week off, I was still mindful about how much I was consuming so I was still at a loss.

    This week is also a big deal because I have officially hit......

    🥳🥳🥳50 POUNDS LOST!!!🥳🥳🥳

    Very excited about that! Now that I'm only 10 lbs away from being in a healthy bmi range I'm starting to reassess how much I want to lose. I was wanting to drop another 25 lbs originally but I'm thinking I'll check to see how I feel in 15 lbs and stop there. My goal for September is 5-6 lb loss.

    I hope for a great month of crushing goals for all of us!

  • Jwhitegarcia
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    Hello everyone, My name is Jessica. I am 29 years old. This will be my second month with mission slimpossibles. I am from central California. I am 50 lbs down with 20 more to go. I started my weight loss December 27th 2020 right after an old friend of mine same age as me passed away. I couldn't help but reflect on my life and the poor health decisions I have chose. I knew eventually they would lead to problems. I have been on this journey for 8 months now. I have worked extremely hard (especially during summer) to get back down to a healthy weight so I can be around longer with my children.

    I eat gluten free, and processed sugar free as well. I find I feel so much better when I don't have them in my diet. I work out everyday and go on a walk everyday. I track my calories and drink a lot of water everyday as well.

  • askewcr
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    Good morning everyone! Have a great day! Yesterday was a good day. Hubby grilled burgers and they were good. I'm still pushing along. Not where I need to be as far as overall eating is concerned but not where I was. Still in the game! B)
  • trooworld
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    @mcmart11 Congrats on the drop after your plateau! Well done!

    @Jwhitegarcia Wow, 50 lbs down, that's phenomenal!

    @TheGlwUp @Firefly743 @Jwhitegarcia @TeresaW1020 @davidji82 Congrats on making the leaderboard!

    @vegan4lyfe2012 Congrats on the loss!

    @jan110144 It is great exercise, I love it! I think you are on to something with making that list on unstructured days. That's a good tip, thanks!

    @TeresaW1020 I think I did do well. I am working on exercising outside of boxing, during the week, I will take 2 15 minute breaks a day and go for a walk if it's not too hot. My membership with WW isn't up for another month (it just renewed) so I have time to think about it. Yeah, I think I will decide then. I just saved the sugar challenge board, I am with you!!!

    @laurelfit57 That's what I am finding, too, but somehow I managed to control myself. :P Congrats on the loss!

    @GabiV125 Your doggie is adorable!!! <3

    Hi all. It's back to work in the office today. My back is stiff from all the work we did clearing the clutter in our spare room yesterday. :/

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
  • trooworld
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    @Jwhitegarcia Did you know you lost this much???

  • coolscience181
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    Happy Monday everyone!

    @leayjw I will help however I can. I am new here too so we can find our way together!,

    @mcmart11 and @vegan4lyfe2012 congratulations on the weight loss

    @TeresaW1020 those kindergartners sound adorable I am sure they will make you smile.

    Today is my last day before I go set up my classroom for the year. A little sad and a little excited To go back after 18 months. Also excited to clean out my garage from all the things I have been storing.
  • dawnhill1266
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    Good morning everyone....I hope everyone has a great week 😊
  • Cornanda
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    Oh my goodness, ya'll have been busy. I did not read posts over the weekend and to catch up, I read 50 posts today!

    I'm Lisa, and I live in NE Florida with my husband and dog. My kids are away at school, they live here part time now. I'm 53, struggled with weight most of my life. For exercise, I do step workouts, walking and strength. I've cleaned up my diet and bad habits quite a bit, and am taking a break from tracking all my food. I've been in this group for about a year and a half and the support is tremendous- it's such a blessing to me.
  • Jwhitegarcia
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    trooworld wrote: »
    @Jwhitegarcia Did you know you lost this much???


    Wow thats insane!
  • krea4
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    PW: 69.35kg 152.9lbs
    CW: 69.05kg 152.2lbs

    I'm Kath. I live in Wiltshire in the UK. I'm going to be 50 in November and my goal is to be in the healthy weight bracket. That means losing 5kg 11lbs.
    My down fall is SUGAR. I love it. So I'm joining the no sugar challenge with the aim to do at least 16 days with no sugary treats.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    One more new member joining you ...Please welcome @murdog3t :)
  • TeresaW1020
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    @laurelfit57 Great loss this week! It’s always sweeter when a good loss is a surprise. Keep up the good work! :)

    @GabiV125 Awe your walking buddy is such a cutie!! Virginia is such a beautiful state!! :)

    @Jwhitegarcia You are doing all the right things for your health and I just know those last 20 lbs are going to come off soon. And with all your great habits you will keep the weight off! B)

    @askewcr Staying in the game is the most important part of this journey. Just stay off the sidelines. ;)

    @trooworld Yayyy for joining the challenge! I will need your engaging spirit to help spur us on this month. :grin: Do some gentle stretching for your back. I pulled something in mine doing the cooldown portion of my workout. Soooo annoying!

    @dawnhill1266 I hope you have a great week too! :)

    @Cornanda Wow 50 posts!! No wonder my fingers get so tired! :D

    @murdog3t Welcome to the team!! We are glad to have you here. :)

    Hi Team! Today was grocery shopping and I started week one of my new workout programs, Let’s Get Up with Shaun T. He is a hoot, and this program is going to be so much fun and give me a great workout too. :grin: I’ve put together my September goals and will get started on them today even though we technically have two more days in August. I’m ready for summer to be over! :D

    1. Log Food 100% (Cal 1400 or less, Protein 95+ grams): I was under calories and over on protein.
    2. No Sugar (less than 5 grams of added sugar & less than 15 grams natural sugar): 0.2 grams of added sugar, 10.0 grams of natural sugars
    3. Exercise (BOD program and/or 30-day challenge, church cleaning):Let’s Get Up, day one, 33 minutes of fun. :grin:
  • murdog3t
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    Hi team
    My name is Tami aka murdog3t
    I live in Northern California near all the fires 🔥
    I am 55yo supervisor RN who works at the local mental hospital. I have 4 adult children ( 1 son who lives at home & attends online college) . 1 fur baby name hey baby. She is my walking 🚶 partner she also loves to exercise with me each morning. I have joined this group to help kick start my weight loss journey. I have gain the COVID 15 + menopause has hit me hard

    Happy Monday
  • Katmary71
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    @murdog3t Where are you located? I'm right by Folsom, the smoke has been pretty brutal but I was checking on a friend who has family in South Lake Tahoe and I'm very grateful to still be in my house and have my family safe. I hope the same is with your friends and family as well. Glad you have a great walking partner!

    @TeresaW1020 ShaunT is fun, I've done a couple of his, his dance workouts look really fun! My brother and nephew do Insanity, they get frustrated because my SIL modifies it and goes at her own pace and say she doesn't try hard enough but she's just not competitive when it comes to working out (our side of the family is totally different obviously).

    @Jwhitegarcia Congratulations on the 50lbs, that's amazing!

    Sorry for not catching up on everyone, I'm headed to bed soon. Volunteer day Saturday was cancelled because of the smoke so we have to work extra hard tomorrow to get the boxes filled. Still having stomach issues but that's not exciting, I'm trying to stop eating mostly crackers and start adding back in vegetables but don't have much of an appetite. I saw the doctor with the world's worst bedside manner Saturday, I don't think I've butted heads that bad with someone in years but I have a referral for a GI doctor now and didn't get arrested so I guess it's a win?
  • TeresaW1020
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    Tomorrow starts our 30 DAY
    If you are looking to go completely sugar-free or just want to cut out the extra added sugar from your diet then this challenge is for you. JOIN TODAY!! :)
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