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    I have noticed that people in general interact with me differently. For example - I was given a free sample of high end face cream at Macy's last week. I have been buying this same brand make up for years and have never been given any free samples... much less one of their more expensive items. Also - last Friday night I went to meet some friends out. I was walking up to the door of the bar and a man sitting on the bench outside smoking with a friend deliberately stood up, opened the door for me and then went to sit back with his buddy on the bench. Again... never happened to me before.

    Your friend could well be right @Marni3369 I consider myself a gentleman (I may be very wrong and nowadays may be wrong to even try and be one) and will open doors, allow others thorough, smile and wish people a good day though ONLY if they look like the are happy to have that interaction. You may carry yourself differently, walk more positively and look like you are happy to be there in which case people will pay more attention to you. Nothing to do with weight - all to do with attitude. Keep smiling, you make a difference to other people's day as well.

    :@jessicakrall8 I would like to join the step challenge. My app is giving me 8,120 steps so lets go with that, Thanks Bob
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    @TheMrWobbly I've got you registered for February with a daily step goal of 8,120. If I'm interpretting that incorrectly, please let me know and I'll switch it up. Welcome to the insanity!! :blush:
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    edited January 2022
    Steps (12.000 goal)
    Fri 21 - 13.050
    Sat 22 - 12.251
    Sun 23 - 12.887
    Mon 24 - 13.624
    Tue 25 - 12.242
    Wed 26 - 14.309
    Thu 27 - 12.863
    Fri 28 - 12.569
    Sat 29 - 14.166

    Pardon the long list! I will skip reporting steps for Feb, but I will be back in March. :smiley:
    I don't really have much to share. I have been focussing on the gym the past week. Haven't had any more muscle pain so that is nice. The weather hasn't been good and my energy was low, so no walks. Doesn't look good for next week either. Hope everyone is doing well and good luck for February! <3
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    @Pupowl Glad you're doing well at the gym & not experiencing muscle pain at the moment.Bad weather always effects my mood & energy levels.I don't mind the cold as long as the sun is shining ! Take care.
    My last steps for the month.
    1/29 10,405
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