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    Thanks for the encouragement, @minstrelofsarcasm . Overall, I'm aiming for progress and consistency, like you said. I'm ashamed to be past 200 though (that being the highest weight I've been at before this) and I cannot wait to be consistently below 200. My husband and I both weighed in today for our own personal accountability, and I was happy to see that I was still tracking downwards which made me happy, considering I haven't been ultra restrictive with what I've eaten. Just a little more home cooking and a few more steps thrown into my day.

    However, I'd like to admit a negative feeling to you guys today. Neither I nor my husband told each other what we weighed on Friday when we decided we wanted to be more intentional about our eating habits and activity. He mentioned today the weight he had lost already, and I realized that we actually were at the same weight, 204lbs, on Friday! I was so ashamed of that and didn't dare mention that we had the same starting weight! And today, he was actually less than me by 2lbs!

    I know its not a competition with him and that women and men lose weight differently, and I know he's not the type of person to think anything different of me if I do weigh more than him. But I've just never weighed more than him before, and it made me feel ashamed, even though I'm also losing. To realize we are so similar in weight was shocking to me! I really hope that he loses the weight he wants to lose for his own health and happiness, but I also hope he doesn't leave me in the dust and I just feel worse about myself, if that makes sense.

    But, mini rant aside. I will choose not to dwell on those self conscious feelings. I'm going to allow myself to be thankful for the small victory I saw on the scale for myself and try to focus on my own journey. I'll do a 30 minute workout in our garage, eat moderately, and enjoy life! I even still plan to visit my local coffee shop and grab one of their sweet coffee drinks to enjoy around brunch time. Consistent baby steps every day I think is what's going to make the difference for me!

    Thank you all for listening to me ramble!
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    I have PCOS and insulin resistance, and I fully admit I don't take the best care of my health to minimise the impact of these. I need to focus on my health before I develop diabetes and other complications associated with PCOS! My research on PCOS has indicated that workouts should be kept slow and low-stress so I'm focusing on increasing my daily step count and keeping track of my calorie intake, for now. I do enjoy yoga and walking, so those are some great options. I do not enjoy strength training, but it seems that is one of the better workout options for my condition so I am aiming to do more of that.

    @TwistedSassette - Glad to have you here with us! I can absolutely relate to your story. In 2017, a doctor told me that I was bordering on pre-diabetic, which led me to immediately join a gym and focus on my health, because I was terrified. And then in late 2019, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which is another condition that can be held back by eating well and exercising consistently. Health is a fantastic motivator, especially when faced with illness. And I can confirm from personal experience that being physically active in some way is fantastic for mitigating symptoms.

    If you're not a fan of strength training in general, you can incorporate small strength things into walking, if you'd like. There's a ton of benefits from carrying around dumbbells or a heavy backpack while walking, even if you're not doing any particular movements with them. The same applies for incorporating weights into yoga. What kinds of exercises were you looking into doing?

    @Sunflowersong7 -

    I remember when I started out on here, I was almost 240lbs (and was so ashamed I didn't let myself officially add in my weight until I had been at it for a month and down to 234lbs). I was so mad at myself for letting things get so out of hand. And when I finally made it to Onederland, I was adamant that I would never be over 200 ever again. Until I was. And then I wasn't again. And then I was again. And then I wasn't. Believe me when I tell you how frustrating it was. So, you're not alone in that journey.

    As for your husband being ever so slightly lighter than you... men are more likely to lose weight linearly, as their hormones do not shift as drastically, and then tend to hold onto less stress, and their muscles recover more quickly from working out, and and and and and - Men are lucky. And even knowing that, it's so much harder to feel like it's okay. It's a completely valid feeling, especially with how society has us brainwashed. I hope you feel loved every inch of this adventure, regardless of where it may take you. And know that you can always pop in here and chat with us - I can guarantee you're not the only person feeling the way you feel.
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    I have been on vacation, I feel very bloated even though I have eaten pretty well. We have had a ton of alcohol which I don't normally do. I am going to have detox when I get home, lol. I have been eating salads, they are so good someone else makes them. My plan is to get up early to walk. We only have a few days left for vacation. 2 weeks is a long time but we have been having a great time visiting family but I also miss my family at home. I will have to make some sort of plan for when I get home.
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    Thank you all for your comments! Logically, I know that his journey is going to look so much different than mine, but selfishly, I would like for him to be struggling just a tiny bit more with it! Hahaha

    Thank you all also for posting! I like to see how no matter where we all are starting from or what methods we are using, everyone is on the same team for the same goals! @TwistedSassette My job literally pays for my gym membership too, but its about a 30 minute drive one way and on top of that I always felt self conscious that I would see people I work with there... and everyone else I work with is soooo fit lol. I ended up just setting up a few dumbbells at home with my treadmill and it has made it feel much more doable! So giant kudos to you @minstrelofsarcasm for taking the plunge to the gym and absolutely killing it! Maybe one day when I feel a little more confident I'll use my work pass again!
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    Weigh in 8.3.2022
    Weigh in day: wednesday

    Pw: 227
    Cw: 218.6

    The time of day that you weigh is super important. Last week I had forgotten to weigh in in the morning and so I did it right before bed and this morning I did it at my normal time as soon as I woke up.
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    Remember to Get Your Step Counts in Today!

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    Welcome all new teammates!!
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    Sunday: 8909
    Monday: 7912
    Tuesday: 10398
    Wednesday: 13875
    Thursday: 9841
    Friday: 8493
    Saturday: 9814
    TOTAL: 69,242

    @minstrelofsarcasm Thanks for the reminder - Is it Wednesday already???
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    ~ Step Challenge Results ~

    Team Statistics -
    Steppers: 5
    Total Steps: 256,742
    Average Steps Per Stepper: 51,348

    The Leaderboard -

    @MotylekOkruchy - 69,242 total | 9,892 average
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    @ljdanny - 55,383 total | 7,912 average
    @shnkrnrynn - 50,319 total | 7,188 average - Most Steps in One Day!
    @pacsnc - 22,402 total | 3,200 average - Most Consistent!

    Team Statistics -
    Steppers: 8
    Total Steps: 1,448,526!!!!
    Average Steps Per Stepper: 181,066

    The Leaderboard -

    @MotylekOkruchy - 305,454 total - Most Consistent Week to Week!
    @ljdanny - 281,718 total
    @shnkrnrynn - 254,090 total
    @Browan19 - 190,420 total
    @shinskin - 131,425 total
    @pacsnc - 125,819 total
    @cleaneater80 - 82,865 total
    @BodyTalking - 76,735 total

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    Wow, there's a lot of steps there! Well done everyone!
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    @minstrelofsarcasm Thanks for the reminder - Is it Wednesday already???

    I know, right!?! It has been Monday all week so far, how can it possibly be Wednesday?
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