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    weigh in Thursdays
    PW 150.3
    CW 150.3

    Maintain is good. We'll see what happens after my treatment restarts tomorrow. Usually they give me so much fluids I bloat for a week. I am also getting IV iron since the last chemo obviously played havoc with my levels. And I am feeling so much better since the last treatment seven weeks ago. Guess I needed a break. I am getting a new combo of drugs - chemo plus immunotherapy which showed great results in a study.

    You fellow "steppers" are reaching some awesome numbers. Hoping I can start moving and walking more next week.

    I did not get a treatment yesterday ---- waiting on insurance. I did get the iron and had some weird reactions. Prickly tingling in hands and feet didn't last long, loss of vision could only see bright lights for a couple minutes, then sick to my stomach and today itching. I did report this to my doctor. No response yet.
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    The Week 3 Group Challenge has been opened and will begin tomorrow, Sunday, Sep 18th. Please join us for a Recipe/Meal Planning/Tip Exchange. Here's your link:


    Hope to see you this week!
    Jessica :blush:
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    Just did a half a marathon walk! Psyched for scale, even though its gonna take some time for water accumulation to go away.
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    Cw 193.4
  • ljdanny
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    Sometimes when I post it doesn't go through . I'm finding what I wrote just sitting here waiting to be posted days later, very strange
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    ljdanny wrote: »
    Sometimes when I post it doesn't go through . I'm finding what I wrote just sitting here waiting to be posted days later, very strange
    I have found this happening as well - the message is saved as a "draft" but not posted. Sometimes I have to hit "post reply" a couple of times before it actually posts. Grrrr.
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    Steps 9/11 - 9/17

    Sun 5679
    Mon 6020
    Tues 7393
    Wed 7179
    Thurs 6768
    Fri 7544
    Sat 7591
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  • pacsnc6
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    Sun 3181
    Mon 3223
    Tue 3445
    Wed 3284
    Thu 3363
    Fri 3964
    Sat 4073
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    Weigh day: saturday 😬
    PW: 194.8
    CW: 194.8

    So sorry I'm late this week, I know this won't count but wanted to put it here anyway. I started a new job this week and my brain is just overwhelmed with information. My weight looks the same but this time I weighed myself at the end of the day, with a full stomach and wet hair instead of first thing in the morning so I am hoping this is actually a loss 🤞

    Have a good week everyone, I will try be more punctual 😁

    And Cassie @CassieGetsFit2013 go easy on yourself, losing weight is hard especially with health conditions too x
  • shnkrnrynn
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    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW (Previous Weight): 210
    CW (Current Weight): 207

    Steps September 12- September 18
    September 12- 9772
    September 13 - 10368
    September 14 - 3998
    September 15- 3749
    September 16 - 5308
    September 17 - 31556 ( half a marathon walk :) )
    September 18 - 16266

    total KMs on foot (walking + running) = 57.23 km

    I know am still holding on to water, it will set in soon.

  • ljdanny
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  • MotylekOkruchy
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    edited September 2022

    Sunday: 10104
    Monday: 12170
    Tuesday: 10777
    Wednesday: 15041
    Thursday: 9558
    Friday: 10064
    Saturday: 10762
    Total: 78,476
  • minstrelofsarcasm
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    September Week Three

    Previous Weight: 174.8 lbs
    Current Weight: 175 lbs
    Loss to Date: 59 lbs

    This is essentially a maintain, which was a welcome surprise today. I figured the combination of the Covid booster shot and several tough workouts over the past couple days would leave me in water-retention inflicted purgatory.

    A quick comment on the booster shot -

    I experienced minimal side effects beyond feeling a little sluggish and having a sore bicep and shoulder for a day. Apparently I unintentionally did exactly what I needed to do to avoid any more serious issues: I stayed extremely hydrated (drank about 160 fl. oz), and incorporated a lot of electrolytes into my day.

    Looking at my week -

    Tuesday: Rest Day. I'm cooking dinner for my boyfriend and we're going to have a chill night in. Mexican food is a perfect way to hide a bunch of veggies and incorporate quality proteins, and keeping it homemade will help me mitigate my normal cheese/sour cream downfalls.

    Wednesday: Cardio + upper body strength day.

    Thursday: I've got a much-needed hot stone massage scheduled in the afternoon, and I'm incredibly excited. It's been too long.

    Friday: My gym hosts a booty and core focused workout every Friday morning at 6am, and I'm going to really push my limits, since I won't be working out on Thursday this week.

    Saturday: Rest Day. Work is hosting a company picnic, so I'll at least be outside and walking around, but there's definitely going to be more unhealthy food than I'd prefer.

    Sunday: Full body workout. I've been focusing a lot on improving my assisted pull-ups, but don't want to completely fatigue my shoulders, since my personal trainer will likely make my session on Monday upper body focused.

    Monday: I'm debating going to an early morning spin class, since I somehow ended up buying a couple discounted ride credits. Either way, I have a scheduled session with my personal trainer in the afternoon, so I should absolutely start moving my weigh day to a different day to avoid the impending water retention.
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    @SarahJoyManea that is a lot of steps! is it possible it just could be water retention?
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