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Morning all
Another west wales girl. New to really using MFP this month, although have loaded and deleted a couple of times before.
Weight has gone up and down over the years. I get back to a good weight stay there for a while till something happens, comfort eat huge amounts of absolute garbage that half the time I don’t even like and go back up again but plus a bit extra. 30 December 2020 got on the scales almost tipping 15 stone, not good for a shortie. Started actually doing weightwatchers (had been a member for some months but wasn’t sticking to it) February 22 got down to 10.2.
But had a stressful year fell off wagon and by January was back up to 12.6. Back to WW and couldn’t get my head in the right place. Started Second Nature, which i’m still doing. It has got my head in the right place and is giving me good tips on dealing with comfort eating. But relies on just healthy eating for losing weight and the food tracking is not good. So downloaded MFP mainly to track food more easily. Then decided that changing eating habits as advised by SN is great, but combining with actual calorie control is much better. SN stopped the upward movement, MFP has got me down to 11.12.
Now looking to add accountability buddies to give me more reason to stay on track!