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  • CasandraW
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    @Pupowl thank you for the video. I feel this one.
    I don't know how many times I spoke with different doctors for help with weight loss. I knew something wasn't right, I would do all the things but not loose consistently, or have to eat so little just to maintain the loss I had achieved. They always said the same thing, "you must be eating more than you realize" "you're obviously not exercising as much as you say you are" "you're not active" "there is not quick fix, it takes time" clearly implying that I am lying, without saying it.

    So many years on diets, and exercising and getting almost no where.

    I sign up for this program I'm doing now and the doctor says, "well of course you're not loosing weight anymore with what you are doing. You are insulin resistant!" "has no one check before?"
    "you have done such a great job to accomplish what you have already on your own"
    "we can help you"

  • frankwbrown
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    April week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday, April 21
    PW: 239.5
    CW: 238.2 ( lost 1.3 lbs; 0.54%) this week
    LTD: ( lost 0.5 lbs; 0.21%) this month
  • mulecanter
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    PW: 223.5
    CW: 226

    Boing! salt
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    edited April 2023
    @pupowl - The video you posted was both poignant and powerful — Very well-told!

    In the USA, many of the libraries have a specific day on which we can return overdue books with no fines, penalties, or questions asked. I’ve often said physicians should have a policy that allows patients to come for an annual appointment or treatment with no weigh-in requirement or discussion of weight loss.

    Yesterday, I had my annual physical and although I’ve gained weight since my last appointment, my blood work and other health measures were better across all categories. There are many complex interactions that need to be considered related to individual health and wellbeing.

    General attention to data patterns and guideposts have a place in larger systems planning, etc., but individuals are more specific. For example, I tend to have a low white blood cell count (3.0 instead of between 3.8 and 10.8) and lower absolute neutrophils (1131 instead of within the normal range of 1500-7800). So, I try to increase my intake of protein and I’m considering to take a B-12 vitamin supplement, if I continue to struggle with adding more protein, but it’s also part of my overall pattern when I look at past bloodwork. Maybe it’s just part of my personal profile and I have to take other precautions to avoid infections since I have less ability to fight them.

    Anyway, my point is that weight is just one data point and seems to be over emphasized. Shame does us no good! Thanks for reminding us with the video @pupowl, and your personal story @CasandraW!

  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    @pedal__power - I have the same problem when I don’t get enough sleep or come home late after some activity. I’ve heard feeling tired mimics hunger cravings so I try to tease out the difference when I want to eat a snack later in the evening. Coming home late is more difficult for me to deal with in a healthy way. Sometimes I need to wind down after a late evening soccer game, etc. and it’s hard not to turn to food. I try to drink herbal tea or take a bath instead but it’s still a work in progress!

    Congratulations on your good week of nutrition and tracking — and the insights you gained by reflecting on your week!
  • KHill875
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    Friday Weigh in
    PW: 144.5
    CW: 143.0

    4/14 - 16,009
    4/15 -5,496
    4/16 -7,492
    4/17 - 11,442
    4/18 -17,694
    4/19 -13,691
    4/20 - 13,216

    My husband has been out of town this week, so it has been harder with two young kids. We have not eaten fast food this time. When he was gone last week, we ate fast food a lot. It is so much easier to limit calories when you limit fast food.
  • jessicakrall8
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    @PatriceFitnessPal Will answer your email tomorrow...I'm just too tired tonight. Thanks for understanding!
  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 630 Member

    Maybe the cleaning

    I also saw the perfect job vacancy announced, which I’m tempted to apply for if it’s still accepting applications by the end of the week. I’ll try to keep an eye on it, but I may not be able to squeeze in the extra task.

    Any advice on which ball to drop and which ones to keep in the air?

    My advice- drop the cleaning ball! Haha! Definitely not rowing or soccer- you get too much out of it. Good luck!

  • SavageMrsMoose
    SavageMrsMoose Posts: 630 Member
    Waiting on transportation to head back to the states. Will be in NYC for 3 days and then back to Denver for a night to pick up the dogs before driving home Wednesday.

    We had a wonderful trip. I got on the scale 3 times and was 147.8 this morning so up about 5 pounds. It could have been worse- I only ran twice and had wine every night…. And I enjoyed it! Back to the grind when I’m finally sleeping in my own bed.

    Everyone have a great weekend!
  • Pupowl
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    I am glad you found out what the problem was, but it is sad that it took so much effort on your part. It is very dangerous of doctors to blame everything on someone being fat. I don't have a lot of bad experiences thankfully, though I did go to the doctor once because of a really bad skin rash and instead went home with an appointment to test my blood sugar when I had zero symptoms that could be related to diabetes. That one kinda made me a little angry.

    Great pictures! I hope the travel back home will go smoothly.
  • Pupowl
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    Saturday weigh in
    PW: 220.3
    CW: 223.6
    If the challenge was gaining weight, I'd be a total winner!
    I am getting new plants delivered today, so my dad is coming over to help. I will see if I can take some pictures to show you all tomorrow.
  • izzyred9400
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    PW 138.6
    CW 142.2
    Good job I only went away for 1 week Oops !
    @Pupowl I'm sure we will both change direction soon.Thank you for the inspirational video.Society needs to listen to that girl.
    Thank you @PatriceFitnessPal it's nice of you to miss my contribution to the group.
    @SavageMrsMoose your photos are amazing,I couldn't decide if you were in Greece or Italy or both ? Safe trip back home.
    @CasandraW I'm glad you eventually got the correct health checks & good advice.Hope your plan continues to work for you.
    I will think of today's card & look forward to getting active & less alcohol this week.
    Have a good Saturday y'all 💜
  • CasandraW
    CasandraW Posts: 491 Member
    @KHill875 great job this week! Solo parenting is a big tiring challenge.
    @SavageMrsMoose wonderful pictures! I’m glad to hear you had a great time.
    @izzyred9400 l’m glad you had a good vacation, thank you for the kind words.
    @Pupowl you've got this!
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    edited April 2023
    Wow 🤩 @CasandraW - Congratulations on finding solutions that work for you and making such tremendous progress! 🎉🎉🎉
  • nancyinmo
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    Saturday weigh-in
    PW: 165.0
    CW: 162.0
    Had a wonderful few days in Bloomington, IN visiting my daughter and celebrating her 21st. Indulged a bit, but this training for my Jazzercise instructor audition has been really kicking the calories. It was great to see such a good loss this week!
  • jessicakrall8
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    Shape Shifters...we are seeking the assistance of a new Motivator for our team and would like to open the floor to anyone who might be interested in helping us. You've all seen what our Motivators do, in posting topical discussions, answering/posting questions, putting up inspirational memes and pics to help keep us all "on our game" with our nutritional/fitness if you'd like to join our leadership team in the role of Motivator, please let me know!

    We are fortunate to have such great leadership team...I want to take this time to say thank you to our great leaders... @Pupowl (Captain), @PatriceFitnessPal (Motivator) and @Angmarie28 (Motivator)...thank you all for all that you do!

  • Pupowl
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    Going to bed soon, because today was exhausting. We were done around 16:00. We fixed the last bit of fence with a gate on the drive way, made a big planter because that area was really messy, put up 2 more climbing racks (we will do the 2 above it later), put down lots of treebark and soil. I got new bee hotels that I already put up myself a few days ago, so they have plenty of spots free again. A few plants were sold out, but I am happy with the ones I got. So what is new: a big hawthorn tree, a hybrid witch hazel, two gooseberries, 12 vinca plants, 12 thyme, 3 sage and 2 honeysuckles.
    Pretty happy with everything, though there is still some more work left.
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