WaistAways Team Chat - MAY 2023



  • AshenMoon
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    Heya sorry I missed last week, cw is 231.2 @jugar
  • jugar
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    Evening all!
    Had something weird happen today at work. All of a sudden my thumb froze in a locked position tucked into my hand. It felt like I had no control over it.. like it was paralyzed for a minute. Finally it freed itself... but then it has felt weak ever since. I have had some tingling and numbness in the hand and arm.
    Brad thought maybe carpal tunnel type stuff? I have no clue.. it was weird. Needless to say, I'll be watching it.
    Taking it easy tonight.. tired.

    That sounds scary - hand massage and rest is in order! Then if you want a good hand/wrist stretch and strengthen series that has saved me from carpal tunnel and other RSI as a flutist, let me know! But not yet if there is inflammation.
  • LoraineGB
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    PW 204
    CW 203.7

    We’re travelling to OKC to enjoy Cinco De Mayo with our amigos Mexicanos.

    For all of us struggling and feeling a little off kilter, I hear you and am supporting you from my quiet corner in MO.
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