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  • ashleycarole86
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    @DD265 I applaud you and your husband for having the strength to acknowledge a tune up in the form of therapy would be helpful. Sorry to hear that life stress in general is hitting its peak.
  • jugar
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    It's Tuesday evening here, and I'm feeling tired. I love all your news about houses and half marathons and negotiating portions and exercise. I did my usual on-the-road overeating on the way home from my dad's AGAIN today - but now I am just staying home for a while! Enough bouncing all over the place. Tonight good sleep, tomorrow lots of outdoors and good working out and wild biking in the evening. I don't have a Peloton, but I'm there with you Pelo People in spirit!!

    Wednesday we're back to weigh-ins! We have quite a wonderful Wednesday group :smiley:

    BUT we are missing some numbers from earlier in the week --- eeeeeek! No worries - late is better than never, right? Or let me know if I missed you, or you need the week off, or anything -

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    @jugar Sirry. I thought I posted on Monday. I think my CW is 191.0.
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    Had a major snack craving tonight...
    Dill pickles, am I right?
    Like free.. and so low cal!
    Not great on the sodium...but man that hit the spot.

    Good reminder of the pickles! going to pack a couple for work right now .
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