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  • Sbus12
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    Misty and rainy here in Chicagoland but I came home from work and went for a walk and clocked almost 5,000 steps. At least it’s not freezing! Feels good to make time for myself between work and kids sporting events
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    dcresider wrote: »
    Thanks at @Pupowl.

    Let me introduce Nyx (tabby) and Luna (white). My 3 year old babies. rphpmvzb7rft.jpeg

    @dcresider Your fur babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
  • jessicakrall8
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    No Habit Tracker for May - I'll make my own, thx

    @Lauriewrobo The link was posted while I was at work and I can rarely connect in my office due to really tight security. Here's the link:

    Here is the Habit Tracker posting for MAY!

    I just got home for work and posted it as quickly as I could.
  • Sbus12
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    @ganival way to go! It’s such a huge win when you don’t want to yet your push through and get it done! 30 to 45 is a nice jump too!
  • Sbus12
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    Sbus12 Steps
    4/30– 10,817
    5/1– 10,083
  • eahrenee
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    Weigh In Day: Monday
    PW: 191.4
    CW: 193.6
  • Pupowl
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    Good morning Shape Shifters. Here is the card for today. Happy Tuesday everyone <3
  • PatriceFitnessPal
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    edited May 2023
    Great steps @Zaxa2021! 🤩

    @dcresider - I LOVE the beautiful cat embrace! Thanks for sharing your photos! They probably deserve their own thread 😉 but I’m glad @jugar was able to bring the lost kittens back to our group. It definitely takes a little time to navigate the various F2F pages but don’t let that deter you from posting more pictures to liven up our group— I love the motivation and it’s so interesting to see different scenes from ShapeShifter landscapes! 💕 Thanks to all the moderators and group leaders helping us find our way and nudging us along the path to healthier lives! 🙏🏼

    @Sbus12 - Good for you for finding time for yourself. It’s not easy during your busy phase of life, but it’s so important! And, I join you in applauding @ganival for pushing through the inertia and finding the energy to start moving. 💪

    Let’s keep up that kind of commitment and momentum, ShapeShifters!
  • SavageMrsMoose
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    @bearchested - I love that you are from Iowa! My dad was born there, his whole family is still there, and my parents met at University of Iowa over 60 years ago. I've had several cousins that have done that ride and say its really fun! Enjoy!


    4/30 16,284
    5/1 23,684

    The charity, Stepping Strong, for whom I ran the Boston Marathon for in 2022, is having a step challenge this month. Extra motivation!

    Have a quiet day today. I'm going back to Houston in a couple days in part to fly with my parents to Denver for my daughter's graduation. They are a little overwhelmed by the travel on their own at this point. My scale in Houston is pretty close, so I'll keep my weigh in day the same. Hopefully travel will go smoothly.

    Happy Tuesday!
  • dcresider
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    Today is weigh-in day for me and I'm so terrified and hesitant to get on the scale for fear of no loss. I just had HITT workout. Is it better to weigh myself before or after workout? Thoughts?
  • JenHul
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    Monday weigh in day
    PW: 173.4
    CW: 174.1
    gained +.07

    Good Morning everyone. Well the wobbly pops over the weekend definitely didn't help with weight loss this week. I have been doing really well with my water intake, so I'm happy about that.

    Steps April 28= 10,728
    April 29= 6607
    April 30= 13,262

    Steps May 1= 10,902

  • dcresider
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    @Pupowl - Thank you. I'll try keep that in mind and I know weight loss takes time, so I'll have to patient with myself.
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