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    @Pupowl sorry if I offended I'll keep it to myself
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    dcresider wrote: »
    Weigh in: Tuesday
    PW:161 lbs. (3.25.23)
    CW: 158.8 lbs. (4.2.23)
    Down 2.2 lbs. - Hurray!
    (May goal: lost 5-7 lbs. if possible)

    Goals: No changes on macros so use the same calories and protein intake, drink lots of water, cut down salt, no boozy woozy, get at least 5 workouts in this week..

    UPDATE: Loss of 2.2 lbs. Can't subtract right.
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    I'm super addicted to sugar. I know it's an addiction because about every four hours it cues me to go eat something sweet. I miss it and dream about it and it's like a best friend that brings the dopamine fairy. I'm really tired of being hooked to this monkey. Any tips for quitting? It's in darn near everything. I don't think any weight loss is going to work for me until I get this under control.

    Unfortunately, I'm the opposite of you with more of a savory addiction (think salty crunchy goodness). Maybe you can have a fruit when you get a sugar craving and if that doesn't help, then have something small to curb the craving. Just my 2 cents.
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    Weigh Day Tuesday
    PW 212
    CW 212
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    @dcresider great job! I remember weighin GB myself before and after a workout just to see if there was a difference. For some reason, I was always more after the workout.

    @JenHul and @SavageMrsMoose —Way to go on those steps! I love seeing the frequent posts, it’s a visual reminder for me to keep moving!
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to all the new Shape Shifters!

    I haven't posted an intro in a while, so here's a little bit about myself. I'm in my early 40's with a couple kids and an energetic dog. I work a full time desk job at home and my desk is right next to my kitchen. I love to exercise, especially walking or jogging with my dog, going for bike rides, doing weight/HIT classes and playing hockey. I coached two kids teams over the winter and that was a lot of work but very satisfying. I'll be playing once a week over the summer with a women's team in a league with mostly younger players (it'll be a good workout to keep up!). Other than exercise, my hobbies include playing music. I play trumpet in a community music ensemble and I'm trying to learn the violin. We have a spring concert this weekend which I'm really looking forward to.

    I joined this amazing group last August after reaching a peak weight of 207 last spring. I managed to get down to 195 last Nov/Dec with dedicated food tracking and better sleep. I gained a bunch of weight around xmas and I'm back hovering around 200 now, feeling like I'm in a rut with some poor nutrition habits persisting.
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    4/28 11,990
    4/29 13,985
    4/30 14,165
    5/1 11,461

    I'd like to continue with the step challenge for May. I'd like to bump up my goal from 14K to 14.5K to give myself a little more challenge. thx!
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    Pupowl wrote: »
    Good morning Shape Shifters. Here is the card for today. Happy Monday everyone <3
    Sbus12 wrote: »
    Happy Monday! Ooh that weekend went too fast!

    weigh in: Monday
    PW 188
    CW 185.3
    Goals: 8,000 steps a day, record my food daily and work on weekly meal planning for the family
    Happy Monday all 🙂
    Just got back from the gym,did a Dance Fit class & then some strength training .My hubby got up for work at 6 eventhough it's a bank holiday.So I was awake at 6.30.
    My steps for the end of the month.
    4/28 11,782
    4/29 7,710
    4/30 9,984
    Wow great stepping. (Sounds funny in my head- but those are great numbers!!!)
    @vicky2767 , I'm in Missouri.

    Mondays are weigh-in
    Pw. 229.6
    Cw 231.4

    Knee is really sore and swollen today but I see the chiropractor this morning. Have a great day yall.
    Hope your knee feels better. Never been to Missouri.
    I am really feeling energized by all our new members. It’s encouraging to see such I high level of support and encouragement being shared. Nice job, everyone!! 👏👏👏

    I thought it might be helpful to share the timeline below with new members. My earlier introductory post set the context and described the conditions in which I’m approaching this challenge; but, the bulleted list below is specifically about the experience using MFP, and how the F2F challenge group helped me achieve my goal.

    Everyone is unique but it’s common for many of us to underestimate how long it takes to reach our goal and how much persistence it takes to deal with fluctuations. I encourage you all to stick with it through the inevitable ups and downs of establishing healthy habits. Here’s one example over a period of about 3.5 years:

    -Joined MFP App in December 2019 at high of 168 but didn’t track my calories and exercise well
    -Improved tracking consistency by March 2020 and gradually adjusted portions and nutrition choices during the pandemic stay-at-home time
    -Moved to a healthy BMI after 6 months - March to September 2020 - through healthier portions and food choices, and some walks/hikes with family as pandemic restrictions lessened a bit
    -Engaged in MFP general discussion pages April 2020 through May 2021 and rowing exercise resumed when I learned single sculling with some rowing friends to replace our usual 8-person rowing sessions (closed due to social distancing)
    -Continued to move very slowly from high end of a normal BMI (140 at 5’3”) toward my goal of 125 (middle of BMI range)
    -Joined the MFP Challenge in June 2021 at about 135 pounds for more accountability and support
    -Achieved my goal of 125 by September 2021 and maintained weight between 120-130 until November 24, 2022 when I weighed-in at 130.5

    I’ve continued to creep up about another five pounds and keep fluctuating around 133-135. I need to improve my nutrition by adding more fresh vegetables and fruit while reducing my snacking. I’m still figuring out ways to sustain my healthier weight, eat better, and improve my fitness levels. Thanks for being in this together so we can support and encourage one another!
    Thanks for sharing
    Sbus12 wrote: »
    Cyncia85 wrote: »

    My weight has gone up and down. Alot of it has to do with the sedentary lifestyle. I sit at a computer way too much. My diet fluctuates. I would like to log my food daily. I am a stress eater and this is something I am seeking to find the root cause so I can remedy it.

    Hi Cindy! I’m right there with you with the sedentary job causing havoc on my body! Looking forward to encouraging each other on this journey!
    You got this !!!
    dcresider wrote: »
    Thanks at @Pupowl.

    Let me introduce Nyx (tabby) and Luna (white). My 3 year old babies. rphpmvzb7rft.jpeg
    @dcresider What a sweet photo!!! I have dogs now, but I grew up with cats. Love them all.

    Hello! Happy Monday Everyone! I second @PatriceFitnessPal It's really nice to have the fresh energy of the new members. Weight loss is HARD and FRUSTRATING and definitely NOT LINEAR. I've found this group to be such a nice place of support. Welcome!!!

    My name is Melissa and I'm 53, a retired attorney who splits time between Houston and Telluride, Colorado. I have a son who is a junior studying Finance at IU in Bloomington, IN and a daughter who will graduate from CU Law School in Boulder NEXT WEEK! YEA!!

    I love to run and ride my Peloton, as well as hike, ski and swim. My love of exercise has never been enough to control my weight though. I must focus on my diet, which isn't easy for me, as I really think my activity drives my hunger. But I'm trying. I started this group in June 2022 at about 165 pounds and I'm about 146 now. My goal is 130. I'm 5'6" (maybe a little less with age lol)
    Thanks for sharing
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    Sbus12 wrote: »
    Misty and rainy here in Chicagoland but I came home from work and went for a walk and clocked almost 5,000 steps. At least it’s not freezing! Feels good to make time for myself between work and kids sporting events
    Monday Weigh-in
    PW: 305.6
    CW: 304.8
    Hi everyone. My name is Ryan, I turned 36 last month and live in the Houston area with my wife (she's also in this group, KHill875) and two young children. I've been on MFP since college, but let my weight creep up with kids and a couple cross-country moves.

    My current activities include weightlifting and cycling. I finally hired an online weightlifting coach last fall and have made great progress. I also just got into road cycling this year in preparation for RAGBRAI, which is an annual bike ride across my home state of Iowa.

    I'm also a fan of barefoot or minimalist shoes. I used to have extremely flat feet. My feet were sore from almost any activity, regardless of the duration, and I thought it was normal growing up. After having my knee collapse twice in less than a year in my early thirties (once while holding my daughter) I finally went through with a surgery to help correct my feet. That was one of the best decisions I've made, as I no longer have knee or foot pain. While my feet were healing I had super supportive shoes (like vionics) but after some research and my feet could handle it I started buying minimalist shoes, or at least shoes with a very wide toe box. They take some getting used to, but my feet and ankles are much stronger than they used to be.
    Good luck. Nice that you and your wife are doing this together
    ganival wrote: »
    Hi Everyone, I'm new and posted an intro in the April thread but a brief recap for anyone who is also new.
    • 45F
    • Western Canada
    • I'm somewhat of a serial starter on MFP, but each time I come back I learn something that helps me
    • My main food/health goals are to track food each day, break up with sweet stuff and avoid eating after 730p. Without these goals I'd have my hand in a box of Cheezit all day, everyday. Fun Fact, Cheezits came to Canada in Jan 2020 and probably account for my last 10lb gained.

    @dcresider I have 2 tabbies like yours, they are siblings but don't snuggle each other like yours do! so cute

    @bearchested I watched some YT vids of Ragbrai - that looks really fun!

    This evening I was super tired and unmotivated to exercise. Made every excuse but finally told myself to just do 30 mins on my bike. I knew that if I'd start, the 30 would turn into 45 which it did.

    Nice to meet this lovely group.


    Thanks for sharing
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    @pedal__power I commend you for your dedication to exercise! I sit for 8-9 hours and then I go home and sit at my kids sporting events. This week is a change where I’m carving out time for myself though. I even brought gym shoes to work today and went for a walk at lunch. Food portions are my focus right now but I’m slowly adding exercise and hopefully some weights into it. I tried a HITT workout the other day and last 2 minutes 🤣
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    @bearchested - I love that you are from Iowa! My dad was born there, his whole family is still there, and my parents met at University of Iowa over 60 years ago. I've had several cousins that have done that ride and say its really fun! Enjoy!


    4/30 16,284
    5/1 23,684

    The charity, Stepping Strong, for whom I ran the Boston Marathon for in 2022, is having a step challenge this month. Extra motivation!

    Have a quiet day today. I'm going back to Houston in a couple days in part to fly with my parents to Denver for my daughter's graduation. They are a little overwhelmed by the travel on their own at this point. My scale in Houston is pretty close, so I'll keep my weigh in day the same. Hopefully travel will go smoothly.

    Happy Tuesday!

    That's awesome. My family is still in Iowa, near where I grew up in Grinnell. My wife and I met in college at the University of Northern Iowa, but I did attend law school at Iowa before moving to Houston.
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    @Itadakimasu7 I can so relate to your post and your battle with sugar. It took me quite awhile to even realize that I was honestly addicted to it! I have been on Mounjaro for weight loss, and that has been a god-send for eliminating the cravings, but I can’t stay on it forever lol. So I have started to incorporate more fresh fruit into my diet: frozen grapes, oranges, etc. I also carry sugarless gum with me and TicTacs. I know the TicTacs are sugar, but they take a looooong time to melt, which seems to help. It’s a struggle, for sure.
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    If anyone is interested in supporting your teammates, we could really use your help...just sent me a message and let's chat!

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    @Itadakimasu7 I had/have a huge sugar addiction. I found going cold turkey for 2 weeks helped reset my cravings. I’ve had to do this a couple times when I go back to old habits. I also quit all artificial sweeteners a couple years ago. They definitely increased my cravings. I totally agree, it’s an addiction. I felt I couldn’t stop and the more I had had the more I needed. I couldn’t cut back, I had to cut it off to reset. Don’t know if that helps, but that’s my experience. I also buy frozen fruit like mangoes and cherries, when I want something sweet at night.
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    Daily step goal: 10,000
    Sun 4/30: 12,134
    Mon 5/1: 10,443
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    Hello! You can still squeeze in if you want. We just need your starting weight from last week and what day you would like to weigh in for the group. Also if you have a highest weight, feel free to share. I hope you will enjoy the group and please introduce yourself so we can get to know you a little!
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