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Goals and Victories



  • Runningcircuits
    We all know the ultimate goal is to lose 20 lb by Christmas.

    How about a place to write about goals we can set to achieve along the way and the victories we achieve.

    Here are mine...
    I have been working on my flexibility and I am way more bendy than I was a week ago.
    I did 10 "real" push ups yesterday....In.A.Row!
    Goal: be in the 150s on Saturday for the weigh in.

    I kept thinking about this and tried to do one real pushup this morning. I got down and couldn't get back up. You are damn impressive, girl!
  • boflexn
    boflexn Posts: 15 Member
    I am probably the opposite of most, Im addicted to weight lifting,in 30years and even as a pro athlete I did very little cardio, (usually 10 min after lifting) this was and is still excellent, and although Im now overweight my bmi isnt horrible,BUT Im also now an old chic who has to work harder to move the scale, (Im 30lbs over weight) sooo Im gonna have to up my cardio, so my goal is to gradually up my cardio to 25min, with 1 day of 45min cardio, Let me add...I hate cardio! but I gotta do what I gotta do....
  • Alisontheice
    Alisontheice Posts: 9,611 Member

    I kept thinking about this and tried to do one real pushup this morning. I got down and couldn't get back up. You are damn impressive, girl!

    Ha ha I was sore for days after. And of course I end this and decided to try again...I should be sore for a few more days now.

    I have a new goal of reducing my hip measurement. I have reduced everywhere except there
  • Shirley61
    Shirley61 Posts: 7,758 Member
    Goal: is losing those 20 lbs. !!!
    Right now to be realistic, get back down to my ticker weight.

    Exercise is not a problem for me, I am self motivated but eating could be better.

    Victories: I have made many changes along the way to be a healthier me. Still learning,
    you are never too old to learn new things. Have been to two Nutritionist lately and still
    getting information to be a better me.
  • k9hrd
    k9hrd Posts: 351 Member
    I finally beat 190!
  • MommaRobs
    MommaRobs Posts: 24 Member
    This would be fantastic if I could do it! If I succeed I will meet two of my weight loss goals, I would be under 200 lbs for the first time in 7 years, and I would be down 10% total.
  • sashagaye82
    I am 220, goal to get out of 200's..would love 165..I work out daily with Shaun T. I stop eating after 8, snack on almonds and dried cranberries, drink breakfast shakes, try to watch portions. I am being more patient when it comes to weight loss because I usually rush it then give up. This time I am going to make it a regular thing. As for weigh in on saturday, I am not sure what will happen
  • Alisontheice
    Alisontheice Posts: 9,611 Member
    I finally beat 190!

    Yay congrats!
  • djess050
    djess050 Posts: 66 Member
    My goal is to eventually be able to do 3 pull ups and to get into the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water daily! And hopefully get to 147. My lowest last year was 148 while training for my 1/2 marathon then I got burned out after the race and stopped everything all together...reached 167 :( but now im at 159 and going strong! thanks to lifting and running again!
  • meowlymary
    meowlymary Posts: 84 Member
    Everyone has such great goals!

    Other than losing 20 lbs by Christmas, I'd like to:
    1. Get in a pilates routine 5-6 times a week in addition to my normal 3-4x cardio/strength workouts. I'm leaving my gym so I want to get used to working out at home and outside. Even if it's just a 15 minute video!
    2. Encourage my husband to eat healthier
    3. Cut back my booze to one night a week, if that
    4. Drink more water!
  • lesaw01
    lesaw01 Posts: 207 Member
    My weight goal by Christmas is to get into Onederland.When I loose the 20 pounds by Christmas I will be there.
    My next plan is to be able to run most if not all of a 5K by the end of the year. I have started C25K so hopefully I will get there.
    I have just joined a local gym and meet with a personal trainer this afternoon to start working on strength training.
    My ultimate goal is to get down to 150 pounds before this time next year since my daughter will be getting married in November and I want to look great in the wedding photos.
  • lharri0209
    lharri0209 Posts: 128 Member
    My personal goals:
    *To be in the 150's by Christmas (now 169 lbs)
    *To be in at least a size 14 in the next 3 wks
    * To tone up my post prego belly, bum and thighs by strength training
    * To be able to do planks (I can't as of yet)
    * To build up my upper body strength enough to do push ups
    * To become even more confident in my body shape and size
    * My ultimate goal is to never give up on my weight loss and to see this through. Ultimate goal weight is 130 lbs.
  • Curvimami
    Curvimami Posts: 1,853 Member
    Fitness goals:

    To reach 160 or a size 10/12 by Christmas (whatever comes first)
    To Be able to do at least 10 regular pushups
    To do a full unassisted pullup
    Increase Glute strength and size with all the SQUATS, Deadlifts and Hip thrusts :drinker:
    Workout 4-6x a week with one active rest day (yoga or dancing)
  • lharri0209
    lharri0209 Posts: 128 Member


    * To cook at least 95% of my meals myself so that I can properly log my nutritional facts
    * To keep sugary foods at bay so that I don't have a relapse
    * To drink water or a healthy snack whenever I may have a craving instead of binging
    * To exercise 5-6 days per week for no less that 60 min
    * To be in the 150's (lbs) by December
    * To drink a minimum of 64 fl oz of water every day
    * To properly log my meals every day
    * To tone up my belly, thighs and butt
    * To push myself during my workouts more and more each week
    * To never not workout just because "I don't feel like it"


    * Lost 36 lbs so far
    * Have only drunk water every day for over 60 days now
    * Have not had any sweets since July
    * Only eat fast food may be once every 2-3 wks (within daily nutritional goal)
    * Can play with my kids without getting tired
    * Have dropped one full pant and top size