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    Oh yeah - I'm good on giving up wine today, since it's only 11:30 a.m. :tongue:

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    YEAH SHARKS! :heart: :love: :drinker: :flowerforyou:


    FOUR out of five of the Top Ten were Sharks! Sheri called us a "dominating Team"- and so we were!!!!

    Only sad thing is that we seem to have lost Donna :sad: And I know she had internet issues, so that makes it doubly hard to see her go :sad: Donna - if you DO see this and if you DID manage to complete (or nearly complete) last week, perhaps we can appeal for some grace? Let us know!

    I will write a summary for this week later. Have to go out right now - husband waiting at the door for me, but I just HAD to say YEAH SHARKS! before I went :bigsmile:
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    I am soooo excited about this week! Let's all do everything in our power to STAY on top!

    I am already planning in my mind what things I can add for 'extra movement' EVERY DAY so that we can get A MILLION points and show (again) that we're the best! I know that I will be climbing my step-stool (makeshift stair) for 5 minutes here and there...and maybe do 20 minutes on the HIIT workouts instead of 15, while I'm already sweaty and working anyway!

    Support for today:
    We will only regret not having done MORE!!!
    So, NO REGRETS this week! Let's give it all we got!!!
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    Just so nobody misses it, Sheri posted a clarification that the 'extra movement' points ONLY count Monday-Friday! (not today or next Saturday morning!)
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    Yay SHARKS ... I have just read the challenge and last weeks results and I just have to say ... congrats ... great work this week.:drinker:

    So sorry that we have lost you Donna, but hopefully you will be able to check-in now and again and continue to do some part of the challenge.

    Anyway good night all - it is 11.30pm and this Shark needs here beauty sleep :yawn:

    SHARKS ROCK :love:
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    A new day and a new week dawns ....

    Summary of requirements for this week below:

    :heart: #1 30/45/60/90 work outs required - all must be consecutive minutes i.e. 90 mins w/o cannot be broken up into 2 parts.
    :heart: Minimum individual calorie burn is 1500 calories
    :heart: #2 15 mins HIIT x 4 days
    :heart: #3 Goal Stretch - 5 mins x 5 days but feel free to do more :tongue:
    :heart: #4 REPS - 100 NEW core reps again PLUS 100 full sit ups (or variation if medically necessary) :explode:
    :heart: #5 Extra Movements for bonus points - for every 5 consecutive minutes spent on EM's you earn 5 points. Team with highest average points per person and with at least 15 points for each team member earns an additional 15 bonus points per person. (EM POINTS only count from Mon - Fri).

    Good luck Sharks .... lets dominate again :laugh:
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    My Sunday stats are below:

    #1 65 mins (rowing and circuit training) / 659 cals (30/45/90 work outs still to go and 841 cals still to burn)
    #2 zero HIIT today (15 mins HIIT x 4 days still required)
    #3 Goal Stretch - 5 mins today (5 mins x4 days still to do)
    #4 REPS - zero done (100 NEW core reps PLUS 100 full sit ups still to do)
    #5 EM's for bonus points - zero (only runs Mon - Fri)

    Have a great week all.

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    Thanks for posting the summary Mary :flowerforyou: I meant to do that when I came back from the party we were at but my youngest daughter got ill, and then when I realised I hadn't been back on here it was 5 to 9 pm. Had a big debate with myself about whether to check in here anyway, but that would have meant losing my good habit points (had no "grace days" left!) so my competitiveness won - I decided I wanted those maximum weekly points :laugh: So just came on here to post the summary and saw Mary had it all in hand anyway :bigsmile:

    Daughter still sick (hate her being so ill :cry:) - also hoping it is not something we will all catch.

    Enough waffling!!!! Here is my SUNDAY:

    WORKOUT: 60 minutes total (40 minutes circuits and 20 minutes aerobics)
    Calories burned: 581
    (30/45/90 workouts to go)

    REPS: none today
    (100 sit-ups and 100 new reps to go)

    STRETCHING: 5 minutes done
    (4 more days to go)

    HIIT: none today
    (4 x 15 minutes to go)

    SPREADSHEET UPDATED TO HERE (just mine - that efficient Mary has been at work again :happy: )
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    I forgot to add my week 9 points:

    Water: 5 points x 7 days = 35
    Sodium: 5 points x 7 days = 35
    Workout minutes: 60 minutes on 6 days = 60 pts
    Positive posts: Every day = 7 pts
    Smack talk: (to Dolphins) = 5 pts
    Bad Habit +25 (5/7 days)
    Good Habit +25 (5/7 days)
    TOTAL: 192 points :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
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    To help us all keep on pressing on this week:

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    I don't know how I made it another week. Sorry to see you go Donna. I will do my best to kick this week's butt! I didn't have any time for anything this weekend and now I'm back to work. I'll try my best to keep up but the holiday season is so busy. The craziness of planning the office party is behind me so I won't be pulling any more 12 hour days in the office which will hopefully lead to more workout time.
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    I am amazed by all of you who work outside your home and still manage to keep up with these challenge requirements; I don't think I could manage that!

    For today:
    "We are all strangers to our hidden potential until we confront problems that reveal our capabilities." - Apoorve Dubey

    To me, this meant that since I've confronted my own laziness, apathy, and bratty I-should-be-able-to-eat-anything-I-want attitude, I have seen the potential to change my body! :happy:
    Now, I have to confront the problem of being consistent FOREVER! :noway:

    I choose to believe that WE CAN DO THIS!!!

    edit to add...even with TOM scheduled to arrive in a day or so! (Why does this always happen to me on a major core-work week?!)

    Water: 35
    Sodium: 35
    Workout: 40
    Support: 7
    Smack: 5
    Good Habit: -10
    Bad Habit: -10

    Total: 102
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    My Monday stats are below:

    #1 90 mins (5 mile advanced walk with LS & circuit training) / 799 cals (30/45 work outs still to go and 42 cals still to burn)
    #2 16 mins HIIT today (15 mins HIIT x 3 days still required)
    #3 Goal Stretch - 6 mins today (5 mins x3 days still to do)
    #4 REPS - 70 new core reps done made up of straight leg ankle crunches & double knee crunches & 25 sit ups done. (30 NEW core reps PLUS 75 full sit ups still to do)
    #5 EM's for bonus points - 10 mins / 10 points (only runs Mon - Fri) - walked to/from shop for office messages 8 mins but will take my 5 points & I did jump rope for 5 mins outside of my workout while waiting for my daughter to come out of swimming.

    And my points for last week:
    Water: 35
    Sodium: 35
    Workout: 45
    Support: 2
    Smack: 0
    Good Habit: -10
    Bad Habit: -10

    Total 137 points.

    .... And my encouragement for today.

    The more I practice, the luckier I get - unknown

    I'm taking from this that the harder I work at it the fitter I get and the more I can do ... It's not luck but pure grit that will get us to our goals. :bigsmile:

    SPREADSHEET UPDATED TO HERE. (which is just mine)

    @Pam - I know how you feel, working and fitting all these challenge requirements in is some juggling act ... but hey, we are doing it because we are pushing ourselves to do it. And I hear you on the timing of the core exercises :laugh:

    @Ali - you are amazing the way you always get your maximum points in - you are one determined lady :flowerforyou:

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    Congratulations on a great week, Sharks! I'm sorry that we had to lose such a supportive Shark this week :cry:

    Here are my points for last week:
    Water: 5 points per day = 35
    Sodium: 5 points on 4 days = 20
    Workout minute points = 35
    Positive posts = 3
    Smack Talk = 0
    Bad habit = -10
    Good habit = -10

    Total 73 points :noway:
    I will do better this week, including earning lots of extra movement points for our team!

    My motivation for the day:
    "If you can dream it, you can do it." Walt Disney

    I dream of being in good shape, feeling healthy and looking good in my clothes (and looking good naked for that matter) :laugh:
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    I am amazed by all of you who work outside your home and still manage to keep up with these challenge requirements; I don't think I could manage that!

    I so agree with Pam here! I work from home most of the time and spend my day sitting in front of my computer working on translations, so for me it is "easy" to rearrange my schedule to accommodate the workouts. (I actually find it harder at weekends when the kids are home all day!) Also I have more time to come on here and enter information in the spreadsheet, so PLEASE don't feel bad about that Mary! It provides a very pleasant break from pages of French! :laugh:

    And Melissa - my dream this week is to see the second number on the scale be a 6 and not a 7 this week! I have been hovering around 170 for the past 3 weeks, would love to even see 169.9 this week :laugh:

    Would be better if I hadn't just eaten a load of pringles :mad: at myself! My husband bought the tube for my daughter who has refused to eat anything all day and yet loves Pringles. I think she managed about 5! Needless to say I ate more than that :embarassed: - and now that tube is open! When hubby comes back in I am going to have to get him to HIDE it and only get it out for Hannah :noway:

    SPREADSHEET UPDATED TO HERE. (Just a few points). Also Sheri sent me a PM and told me to add our thanksgiving bonuses to our week 8 points since she had forgotten to put in an extra column and other teams had already added theirs in, so I have done that. The Sharks are doing well on the points table too :bigsmile:

    And I am a victim of my own success - ever since I got that first week of full points, I have pushed myself to repeat it. This means I even do 60 minutes of workout on days when we don't "need" to for the challenge! I honestly would have stopped at 30 minutes on Sunday if I didn't know that the points week was almost over and I had done everything else so well! :huh:

    What I want to know is WHY I can not get the same self-discipline without the points motivation! I have had bread EVERY day since we have been "allowed" too! One day I might get self-discipline sorted ... maybe :grumble:

    Keep going Sharks! I :heart: this team.
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    Way to go sharks on dominating last week! You guys are doing so awesome!

    We have had a cold snap up where i am at that has been highs of 6 degrees! Not so much fun for this mama! But at least it is supposed to start warming up a little and then snow . . . ugh lol I am already counting down the days till spring!

    Have a great week sharks!
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    Here are my workouts for Sunday and Monday:

    SUNDAY: No workout, not even stretching. Just fun with friends :drinker:

    Workout 90 minutes (60 min. bike and 30 min. circuit training)
    Calories: 708
    HIIT: 15 minutes (used bike for this, and yes, my butt was numb!) :ohwell:
    Stretching: 5 minutes
    Reps: 25 full sit ups AND 25 new ab reps (Roman chairs)
    EM: 10 minutes = 10 points (Did 10 extra minutes on the bike for this - numb!)

    I am so tired from the weekend's debauchery and today's workout that I will be in bed by 8 pm I'm sure :yawn:
    Have a great evening, Sharks! Stay healthy :happy:
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    Sharks, I have two questions.

    1. Is there a daily maximum for extra movement points? For example, if we do 15-20 minutes EM in one day, can we count 15-20 bonus points?

    2. Are we still counting calories for ONLY the 90/60/45/30 minute workouts, or can we include calories burned for EM and/or HIIT. I haven't been counting calories burned during EM or HIIT, even though I can see them when I log the activities. I want to be sure that I'm doing it right. :happy:

    Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!
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    Melissa, I haven't heard about a maximum for EM points...

    And yes, we only count calories for the regular workouts...

    Here's my Monday:

    workout: 30 minutes with Leslie...170 calories
    HIIT: 15 minutes
    stretch: 5 minutes (this is soooo much better than 10 minutes!)
    new core reps: 100
    sit-ups: 50
    EM: 15 minutes (5 min each - stepstool w/ arm raises, HIIT, rebounding)
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    @ Melissa - 85 minutes of bike :noway: No wonder your butt was numb :laugh: Hope you're not in too much pain today :flowerforyou: WELL DONE though - VERY impressive :bigsmile:

    I don't think there is any maximum for the EM points - I'll send a message to Sheri to check, but just keep going and get as many in as you can in the meantime! All helps towards weight loss anyway :love:

    And, yes, Pam is right that you ONLY count workout calories, not the extras like HIIT etc. :cry: (BUT it all counts in ways that really matter :bigsmile: )

    @ Pam - I agree ... 5 minutes of stretching is so much better than 10 minutes :laugh: Totally do-able! :heart:

    Here is my MONDAY:

    WORKOUT: 60 minutes (30 minutes circuits - I have got to Week 4 of Ripped in 30 now - very proud of myself! Have given up before this stage in the past :happy: ; and then 32 minutes of 2 Fast Miles with Leslie Sansone) (OK - so actually that makes 62 minutes! I can add up really :laugh: )
    Calories burned: 516
    (Still need to do a 30 minute and a 90 minute workout)

    REPS: 50 full sit-ups. (Still need to do 50 more of these)

    Then I need your advice on the rest - I missed that the new reps were supposed to be CORE ones. So I did more of a new one that JM had introduced me to in the Workout I did. They were jumping jacks but with forward leg raises. I guess the leg raise part was working the abs. Can those 25 reps I did just before going to bed count as new core reps? I certainly worked them! If not I might add 5 minutes to my EM. Let me know what you think! I will put it on chart as 25 new core reps for now, but can change it.

    STRETCHING: Did my 5 minutes
    (3 more 5 minutes to go)

    HIIT: Did 15 minutes
    (2 more lots to go)

    EM: Once I got my clean laundry sorted I carried it 2 items at a time into the bedrooms they belonged in. Took me 17 minutes (normally would only take less than 5 if I had carried in piles) - so I am claiming 10 EM minutes here.