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    Love reading these updates! Please keep them coming! So inspiring :-)

    So HUNGER! OMG I suddenly want to eat everything in sight. It's helping me up the weight on my lifts so I've raised my cals a couple of hundred and am now in a considerable surplus but I still want more! Augh! Food, give me your food, RAWR!
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    GIGIbeans, your post made me chuckle so much :D

    I couldn't weigh myself at my normal time of day yet this week so will have to wait til Tuesday to see how that's going. Been at a good deficit this week so I'm hopeful it will be good news. I am also really liking this programme. I was just going about the gym doing my own full body workouts for a couple of months before this and trying new stuff every time. It was fun, but I have seen more physique changes in the last few weeks than I have in the last couple of months before that put together. Scratched my shoulder the other day and though "whose shoulder is THAT?" :D I think I find it hard to trust that someone else can have thought through all this stuff and come up with something that really works, but I honestly think I can see the difference in a way I couldn't before. My quads are starting to scare me a little in the best possible way :D

    Hope you've all had a good weekend!
  • How are you ladies? Question: How do you deal with the pain of hip thrusts? I started week 9-12, as I've been doing this workout for 3 months but had a 1 month break due to surgery. When I continued working out, I started with week 5-8 again but noticed that I wasn't feeling any of the workouts=too weak for me. So I began week 9-12 last week and my pelvic area is hurting during thrusting. I have the barbell pillow and all but its killing me nevertheless! Any tips?
  • Citrusgirrl
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    Kellie Davis has a video on Youtube somewhere about bar positioning which I found helpful. The gist is that there's a dip between your pubic bone and your hip bones, and you can hold the bar in there throughout the movement with your arms. It's not hard to do and helps a lot. HTH.
  • Hey ladies, I'm new to the group! I'm getting ready to start the program Monday , but need to buy something to do hip thrust on first. I think my bench is too high. What have you ladies been using to prop your back against during hip thrusts? I'm excited to start the program, I just got back into lifting again after losing my pregnancy weight.
  • Nadiataha
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    Here's that video about bar placement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCIO1uR0hW0
    And another helpful one, about how to get under the bar in the first place (if you're not using weight plates big enough to lift the bar off the floor enough for you to slide under): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuEjyvfZuFk
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    Hi there mpeery8! I just use the benches in the gym. They are all an inch or two too high so I use my hands to lift my self up to the right height and then stay propped on it for the duration of the set. I'm not sure that makes sense in writing, but I'm not sure how to explain it better!

    On that note, I have a constant sore patch on my back which it took me ages to work out was from hip thrusts. Does anyone else get this? Any ideas for hacks to stop it?

    My thrusts are still at 60kg while I try to be able to do three sets of 20. I can do the reps but have to break it down into more sets at the moment. Still loving this exercise though and can't get enough of hyperextensions!
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    Got it done! This was my last Workout B for week 4 of the advanced. Looking forward to weeks 5-8. I think I will take a one week break to prepare my mind, which workouts I will need to substitute, get my log sheets in order and see what happens if I do cardio all week (for fat loss). So with that said keep up the good work ladies. I will post how cardio week results are.

    Happy Lifting!:happy:
  • Thanx for the help girls! I can officially say I am addicted to this workout. I did find something on the net that was similar to what we're doing... WIth a VERY motivational pic!


    Happy lifting!
  • jamaicanlady
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    Wow I missed so much!

    GiGi, r u bulking? If so then eat ALL the food!

    Citrus, I know exactly what you mean. I had done NROL and was pretty happy with the results but needed a different program. Couldn't settle on one I liked so I just fiddled along doing my own thing. Now that I've found Strong Curves whose programming I like, I feel more focused. As for the sore patch on your back, I'm not sure maybe someone else can answer because I haven't been experiencing any back soreness, just hip soreness.

    Darlene, I hate cardio. I think I need to do some more though because I feel like I've reached a weight loss plateau. Anyway, as you know I've been without protein powder for over a month now and I think that's contributing to my lack of fat loss, I'm definitely not getting in enough protein. When I buy a tub next week and start using it, I expect to see my scale start moving again (fingers crossed).

    Jessie, it's funny that you asked that question because yesterday I started week 5 and tried to do 195 lbs for 8 reps. OMG my hip bone! I barely squeezed out 5 and had to drop the weight. I watched the video that Nadia recommended (thanks Nadia!) but I feel like that is where I am putting the weight already so didn't get much from it. I think the thing that resonated with me regarding the video is when she said that we'll eventually get used to the soreness. I hope that's so because I don't see me progressing much if I can't get used to the heavy *kitten* weight in my lap.

    mpeery, welcome! I use the steps with 3 or 4 risers to rest my back on. Saw that in one of Bret's videos on youtube.

    So ladies, as I mentioned, I started week 5 yesterday. Not sure I got the best workout because I went really low with the weights on most of the exercises. Except the hip thrust. Tried it with 195 lbs and that was a big no no, couldn't get the 8 reps. The pain on my hips was SO bad. I dropped it to 190 lbs and barely squeezed out the 8 reps. Will stay at that weight for next week and see if my hips would have gotten used to it by then. In terms of my butt, I was too focussed on my hips to think about my butt, that's how you know it was too heavy. Not sure why I got so overly ambitious :laugh:
  • GiGiBeans
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    Hi ladies! Hmm no back sores or sore hips here yet, but you guys are pushing more weight than me.

    Yes, I am bulking. My body just kinda made me. Yeah that's my story and I'm sticking to it. My bench and OHP are way up, woot woot, my butt is err ummm hardly contained by my pants now tho. Not sure in a good way and how I feel about thast when I wake up and look in the mirror, but when I keeping adding 10 lbs to sets I'm like "RAWR, hell yeah!".

    One nice thing I noticed is less cellulite on my upper hammies. The tush, well, that big flat thing is going to take time :laugh:

    I LOVE this program tho. Will def be trying the Goddess program you guys are doing once I'm done!
  • jamaicanlady
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    LOL @Gigi! As long as your eating mostly good food nothing wrong with that.

    I know I said earlier that I started week 5 and felt like I didn't get a good enough workout because of using weights that were pretty light (I tend to do that whenever I switch to a new set of exercises). But let me tell you, right now I don't know which part of my body is NOT sore. I mean my inner thighs, my triceps, my back, my abs and I could go on are all in pain, the good kind though. The kind where you feel like you did something right in the gym. I think it may be the change of exercises. I love how after only 4 weeks you get to switch which keeps your body guessing and prevents it from getting used to the exercises.

    So I've finished week 5, on to week 6.
  • So today I started the beginner program. I changed up certain exercises, using a barbell for squats, Romanian deadlift, and for the bench press because I was doing that before the program. I really enjoyed today's workout. I've been eating at least maintenance, if not more, the last couple weeks while lifting. Hoping I can add some muscle to my flat butt. I ordered my aerobic step and hampton bar pad this weekend, so I'm excited for that to come sometime this week.
  • Would anyone be able to supply me the PDF/excel spredsheet with the exercises? Message me and I will gladly give my email address!
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    Hey all, I am new to strong curves :) I just started the advanced program today. I don't have an unassisted chin up yet but I have been lifting since October (started NROLFW and switched to a bodybuilding.com one mid november) and I have been doing 135 lb box squats (175 normal ones), RDL 155, glute bridge 185 so I thought I should do the advanced program anyways.

    I am loving it so far. It is a great set up and my glutes are a burning for sure!
  • Citrusgirrl
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    Hello ladies! Sorry for my absence recently. On Monday I shattered my wrist very badly so I've been sulking around the house! Operation on Friday and then six weeks in plaster, physio after that. Just this week I managed negative pull-ups for the first time and got my one arm rows up to 20kg, and now I can't do anything. Gutted!

    Once my arm's screwed back together and I'm less sore I'm intending to do the lower body programme as best I can. I'll be back to hang out with you all then :)

    Good luck with your lifting! Hannah x
  • GiGiBeans
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    Welcome to the new ladies! Have fun, I know I am. Although sometimes I feel like some old scary cougar lady hip thrusting and side clamming at the gym.

    Citrus, I'm so sorry, that is all kinds of suck. My gym has weighted vests which come in handy if you can't hold weights, hopefully you have some access to some.
  • Citrusgirrl
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    Weighted vests are a great suggestion, thank you!
  • Week 1 is done, so far so good! I really enjoyed the program. I'm almost sad to take a rest day today. I'm on a bulk and may have went a little overboard this weekend because all the good Super Bowl food.

    Sorry about your wrist Citrusgirrl. I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. :(
  • jamaicanlady
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    Hey everyone! Took the week off last week to deal with some stuff so I'll be doing over week 5. I haven't been eating as well as I should have but I'm changing that today.

    Welcome singing! Those are AWESOME numbers!

    So sorry to hear about your wrist Citrus. I know how disappointed you must feel. Hang in there and do what you can.