Week 1 Chat (20-26 January)



  • DeeBee042
    DeeBee042 Posts: 34 Member
    Good Morning all :)

    Its amazing how the weather can dictate my motivation. Its overcast here and a little demotivated. BUT!! I will go to gym this morning and do a session of cardio! I always feel so much better when I do....its just getting there.
    1.5 ltrs of water yesterday and am aiming for that again today.

    Have a great day!
  • michable
    michable Posts: 312 Member
    Hi everyone,

    I just joined the group last night. I have posted my stats and goals in the Intro thread. I am happy to accept friend requests!

    My goals for this week are to:
    - hit 100 g of protein per day
    - eat at around 1700 cals per day
    - complete week 6 of my half-marathon training program (4 runs - Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun)
    - complete 3 bodyweight strength training sessions from "Body By You" program I am doing (Mon, Wed, Fri)
    - play squash on Mon and Sat
    - not go too overboard on long weekend with all my fam visiting! My brothers love to have a drink (as do I), and I can get a bit carried away in the moment!

    I made my diary public so anyone can look. I will say now, though, that my food tracking may be incomplete this weekend with my family visiting. We will be eating out 1 or 2 nights, and drinking, so usually I don't even track that. I will be on track all this week, and back on track Monday!

    Update on goals for the week:
    - Mon squash and strength done
    - Tues 30 min run done

    Good luck everyone on hitting your goals for the week!
  • FitterTerri
    FitterTerri Posts: 91 Member
    Hi everyone,

    It's great to see everyone posting. Thankyou to those of you who mentioned drinking water. This is something I tend to forget so the reminders were great.

    Gym workout done this morning and eating on track so far. My hardest time for resisting snacking is while I cook dinner. I get home from work hungry, pick while I'm cooking and then eat my dinner.

    I must admit that I was crying watching the biggest loser last night too. I can't remember her name, but the lady who is around the 180kg mark really opened up my eyes. I've never been that big myself, but to hear how she struggles to just get out of bed and to have ramps built because she can't use stairs just is so sad. Hopefully she gets the help she needs and can shed the weight. Looking forward to Sunday night's episode.

    Mungo, how did your son's appointment go? I hope you come away with some remedies/action plan.

    Well, I had better get back to work. Looking forward to reading your posts.
  • sami_83
    sami_83 Posts: 161
    I'd like to see a picture of Claude too! How is he going today?

    Yesterday was a bit of a bummer in terms of calories but I am on track again today. Going to the pub after work to catch up with my old boss and I am limiting myself to one wine (which is standard because I am driving), and probably a lemon lime bitters. Then sensible tea when I get home.

    I don't watch much tv but caught the first biggest loser episode. I always feel for these people, they struggle so much and you can see they're at a point where they don't even know where to start in order to get themselves fit. Then to see them smash through their workouts and watch their confidence grow over time- it's so wonderful :)
  • wahelga
    wahelga Posts: 304 Member
    Hello all

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Claude might actually be Claudette as he/she let me get within 6 foot last night and there seemed to be a tummy. Happy to tame and take on a cat, but not a whole family, so hopefully I am wrong.

    Our cat died last year at 16, so was going to get a new cat this year anyway. But then this one seems to have found me :smile:
    He/she is slowly getting used to my voice and while still wary, is no longer terrified. Small progress, but still progress.

    When I can take a picture without scaring him, I will. He is a mottley brown/grey colour and seems very small after Fletch who was a big burmese cross. This one has stumpy little legs and all the grace of an elephant!

    I had a mixed day yesterday. Walked 6km and did a total of 26 floors of steps. BUT went off the rails with food last night and ended up 400 cals over - a combination of too much dinner and 5 (yes 5) icy poles as I tried to cool down. Just as well each day offers a new start
  • SkimFlatWhite68
    SkimFlatWhite68 Posts: 1,254 Member
    Ooohhhh... Potential kittens! Well we will have to see what Claude/tte turns out to be!!

    It seems a lot of us have issues with after work or late night snacking. I've found that the solution is to always have a glass of water with ice nearby, cut up some raw veggies to munch on when I'm preparing dinner and I make sure I have enough calories left over for dessert every night, or just about.

    The other thing is that getting up early means I'm in bed most nights by 8:30pm, so that cuts down available time to over eat!!!

    I used to do my nails late at night which is also a good distraction. You can't eat with wet nail polish and also get the benefit of nails looking good.

    Checking out the MFP forums is also a good distraction.

    Any other tips for NOT snacking at night?
  • michable
    michable Posts: 312 Member
    My top tips for not snacking at night:

    - leave enough cals for dessert / treat after kids go to bed; for me, it's a hot milo every night
    - I have a rule that I don't eat after 9:30pm, cos that's usually about the time I might start thinking about snacking
    - brush your teeth and go to bed! That way you can get up at 5am and workout!

    Who else?
  • broncosbabe
    broncosbabe Posts: 50 Member
    Just a quick check in to say that I'm here and cheering you all on, even if I don't have time to contribute much to this thread. I'll also have to vicariously watch the Biggest Loser through you, since I've just moved back in with my Mum to save money for travel (long story) and she and her partner are rabidly-anti TBL, so without a working tv of my own and I can't watch it!

    33 years old and back to only watching what I'm allowed to on TV. Jeez Louise...

    You can watch it online....that's what I do sometimes, especially this week because I'm on late shift with work.....just a thought :)
  • broncosbabe
    broncosbabe Posts: 50 Member
    Day 2

    I felt horribly guilty for not going to the gym after work last night like I promised. I got home around 12:30 am, had a quick snack and went to bed. Then slept straight through until 10:00 am so I must have needed it! at 13:30 I was at the gym doing my legs session that I was supposed to do last night. It was so damn hot in there today - like a sauna! I was shocked I only burnt 294 cals but still a solid effort. I find on B Shift I don't eat as much as I would in a normal day, so I'm making sure I eat my dinner and have something after I get home (for those of you that look at my diary, this week it'll be a mess because 'breakfast' is really 'lunch' due to the time I'm waking up after working).

    I do plan on trying to get back to the gym tonight after work for Back & Bicep day. Tomorrow is Chest & Triceps and I think I'll add some sprints in there as well to prepare for Thursdays long slow distance run of 8km at a pace of 6:19-5:57/km.

    I also registered for another triathlon yesterday! For those in the Brisbane/Sunshine Coast area, the Bribie Tri has a short distance event on the Sunday 300m swim, 10km cycle and 3km run. On the Saturday there are even shorter events. They're a lot of fun to do and I'd love to meet some people there so I'm not on my own for this one. It's on 8/9 February on the calm side of Bribie Island.
  • oh kittens! I hope not for you tee hee!

    I cant get tv signal at our house (aerial broke)
    Might have to see if the boy can help download it for me :) anyone know where I would get it??

    As for me horrible stressful day at work again and I really want a bottle of wine, but will resist heh heh. I am also already up to 8000 steps despite not taking my fit bit for my run this morning so feeling pretty good about that!
  • Miffylou
    Miffylou Posts: 307 Member
    Day 2 without snacking after dinner. Yeh!! :smile: :smile:
    Tonight went for a walk, put the kids to bed, now catching up on here. Off to bed in a moment so I'll be up early at the gym.

    Have a great night everyone :yawn:
  • Miffylou
    Miffylou Posts: 307 Member
    Ps candirose well done on the steps.
  • wahelga
    wahelga Posts: 304 Member
    Better day today - did a 10km walk, climbed 27 flights of stairs and was 650 cals under for the day.

    Plus Claude / Claudette ate the food I put out and only hid instead of running away when I changed the water :drinker:
  • EGirl7
    EGirl7 Posts: 39 Member
    Day 2 pretty good for me. My bloated tum has come good, thank GOD, so that's nice. It was actually quite painful. :-P

    Had appointment with psychologist today and cried for a goodly part of it. Cathartic, perhaps? I do tire of it, though.

    Jumped on the exercise bike here for half an hour and watched the Djokovic/Wawrinka game, which was ludicrous...can you imagine how fit these people are? Staggering!

    Skim, I remember last year or the year before, I was watching TBL and realised that the year previous, I had been watching and feeling so **** about myself (which, granted, I tend to do...hence psychologist! ;-)), but that this time around, I had actually done something about it and lost a bunch of weight. That was a really nice moment. :-) Seen a few very anti-TBL posts on Facebook and the like, but I just think, you know, for people to be willing to put themselves out there - to be potentially ridiculed by an entire nation (because, you know there's people who will do that, *kitten* that they are)...that takes real courage. I don't think I could do that. The feeling of being judged by people is something I cannot bear and I really do take my hat off to them. They know it's entertainment, but they still sign up for it. Whatever anyone thinks about the show and how it works, it definitely doesn't take away from that!

    Have a good Wednesday! :-)
  • EGirl7
    EGirl7 Posts: 39 Member
    Ooh, I got censored! LOL! That's nothing compared to some of the stuff I've been known to come out with. ;-)

    And yay Helga and Claude/tte! That's a great sign! :-D
  • Miffylou
    Miffylou Posts: 307 Member
    Good morning everyone,
    Hope you all have a great day ????????
  • zenpoppy
    zenpoppy Posts: 20 Member
    Hi to all 12 week Challengers......

    I'm am really excited and so ready for this challenge.
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

    2014 is my year......To get this weight off for good.....

    My commitment this week is too:

    * Go to the gym 6 days a week
    * Eat 1470 calories or less each day
    * Start Couch to 5k running app
    * Start Vision board on my goals

    Thanks Skim for putting the challenge together and I look forward to hearing about everyone's posts and gain support.

    Have a great week everyone. .....
  • gmallan
    gmallan Posts: 2,099 Member
    Good morning all. I did okay yesterday despite being exhausted which is usually a trigger for me to eat everything in sight. I also did my normal gym session despite being in the mood to skip it (one of the perks of having a gym buddy). Off to a good start today and I have a bootcamp style session for football pre-season tonight.

    Hope you all have a fantastic and healthy day
  • zenpoppy
    zenpoppy Posts: 20 Member
    Just finished watching the biggest loser... The weigh in...
    Omg.... crying my eyes out....I just feel for Mary..... Not easy being 181 kgs. ....
    TBL is going to be great motivation and the timing is perfect with doing this challenge....
  • FitterTerri
    FitterTerri Posts: 91 Member
    Good morning everyone.

    Well I slept through the alarm this morning. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because our dog kept barking at and chasing a dingo which likes to visit us.

    I'm off to Tamworth tonight, so not sure if I can get any gym workouts done and don't know how the nutrition will go, but it is only for a few days and I will make the best choices I can.

    Skim - thanks for the tip of the iced water and chopped vegies. When I got home from work, the mindless snacking kicked in again. I'll definitely give your tip a try.

    EGirl7 - good on you for making a change before the start of TBL this year.

    Have a great day everyone.
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