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    Hi everyone and happy Wednesday!!

    I love the Vision Board goal - I often put stuff like that together and have a magnetic board that I blutack pictures and saying to - or I make up a big cardboard one and glue stuff all over it. Then I move it around the apartment depending where I am or if I've got people coming over it goes quickly under the bed!!

    Its a really good thing to prop up in front of the TV so if you are tempted for late night snacks, you look at the board and remember WHY you are doing this.

    I'm still feeling a bit "bleugh" today after my huge calorie intake on the weekend, still having a few gut issues from the wheat overdose - I really need to stop binge eating... I've been listening to Brene Brown "The Power of Vulnerability" this week and today I got to the part on "numbing". Yep, that is me. I binge to NUMB out the feeling of vulnerability and then I don't have to feel it.

    Sailing the ship of Avoidance down the river of Denial!!!

    So I'm really going to concentrate on this - facing my fears and doing it anyway. A lot of it for me is to do with love and self worth (baggage from past relationships) and Emma I've had my fair share of therapy too, I think we ALL should have therapy and a safe place to say whatever the hell we want without being judged.

    Anyway, this all translates into the whole binge/purge cycle and yo-yo dieting for me. Granted, I've gone from yo-yoing up and down 40kg to now up and down 3-4kg, but the same triggers and emotions are still there.

    My 12 week challenge is about getting a handle on that sort of stuff too. And finally getting to a place where I can just maintain within 1-2 kilos and stop feeling like I need to be perfect all the time.

    So today's mantra for me is this:

    I am worthy of love and belonging. I am imperfect but lovable.

    I am developing clean eating and consistent exercise habits that are so ingrained into my lifestyle that they stay with me for the rest of my life.

    Hope you all have a terrific day :)
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    Morning - well we went to the pediatrician yesterday and I have some reports to fill in for the doctor and take back before the next appointment next week. Normally it is a 6 month wait between appointments and the doc agreed to see us after hours too. He seemed pretty confident that there was opportunity for substantial improvement - yay.

    Had to laugh a bit at the censorship - was talking to someone one day about cats and I referred to p.u.s.s.y. Cats (without the stops) and it got censored - I thought WTF!

    Which reminds me - I hope that Claude is going well.

    Have a great day everybody.

    ETA - have also had experience with psychologists - the result of feeling like I'd been in a train wreck after relationship breakdown with my children's father - I had the odd feeling that something was missing in my life. I was right "I" was missing - My life was so full of everybody else's needs that I totally neglected myself. Not happening any more - that is one of the key reasons I started on MFP - to do something for myself and take control and responsibility for my health and physical fitness.
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    Emma!!! You are a superstar!! How did you put the photos in your Intro post???? I've been trying and can't seem to get it right. Shannan did it too... I need help :)

    LOL at the censorship - I'm keeping it clean (at present), but I can certainly be a bit of a potty mouth!

    Terri, have a great time in Tamworth, I've been there...

    Zen, welcome to the group - loving your long term goals. You can do it, going well so far!

    Gemma - I tend to eat, overeat, when exhausted too. And it's usually carby things like bread that I don't normally eat. I think that is what happened to me on the weekend, I was SO tired on Sunday night I just sat down with a Vienna loaf and butter and ate it. Didn't care, just ate it. *sigh* Need to stop doing that.

    Mungo, that's awesome news! Sooner the better!!
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    Hi everyone, I've been out for my run this morning: intervals today. I have discovered that I quite like intervals, actually. Never done them before this training program. I find it easier to keep up a faster pace when I know I only have to do it for 90 secs before having a recovery slow jog for a minute.

    Emma, it's great to hear you went to the psychologist. I remember also crying buckets the first time I saw a psychologist, too. I think it's because you suck up your feelings during your everyday life, and avoid thinking about what's troubling you, then when you start talking about your issues, all your emotions come out too, and the floodgates open! I found the psychologist helpful. He helped me challenge the way I felt about myself, cos I was really down on myself after my first marriage broke down. Good luck with it - remember we are always harder on ourselves than we would be on anyone else.

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Hi all

    Hope your day is going well. Its my last day of hols and I'm dreading going back to work, although I know I will be fine once I catch up with everything. I sit at a desk all day which is not great because sometimes I realise that I haven't moved for a couple of hours. This year I am going to try and make a conscious effort to get up and move around a bit more!
    I have a PT session this afternoon and am really looking forward to it, I have spoken to her before about doing a pump class and she tells me I will have no problem getting through one. But here is my problem........back when I was very unfit and heavier, I tried a spin class. I lasted about 5 mins and then went into a cold sweat and became dizzy. I managed to get off the bike and get to the change room and just laid on one of the benches until I felt better. I was so embarrassed and disappointed with myself .
    I really want to try pump but I don't want to find myself in that situation again. I think part of my problem was trying to keep up with everyone else and I forgot to breathe!
    I think within this 12 weeks I'm going to make it a goal to at least do a group class.

    Thanks for listening :)
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    Hello again.

    Well, I have just spent time working out my bmr, calorie defecit etc... All set to go for when I get back from Tamworth.

    Skim, like you I tend to yo yo and do the empty minded eating.

    Mungo, great news to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel for you. Your paediatrician sounds very genuine - it's not very often they are willing to see you out of hours.

    It seems we have all seen a psychologist/councillor at some point in our lives. And they do help.

    Hi Donna, your PT will guide you and know the signs of when you are pushing yourself too hard. Good luck and enjoy!
  • FitterTerri
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    Hi all,

    On a side note. Does anyone know if you can have message appear when you turn on your iphone. I want to put my mantra on my phone so that everytime I use it, I remind myself of my mantra and goals etc. I have an iphone 5, so if any knows if/how to do it, can you please let me know.

    Cheers Terri
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    Skim - I'm a small yoyo-er too and I guess yoyo-ing 3-4kg is waaayyyy better than 40kg but it's something I really want to work on too. The main thing really. Not feeling like I have to eat all the food just because it's there. Consistent healthy eating 7 days a week with the odd treat meal or splurge

    DeeBee - give yourself permission to go really really easy on your first try at anything new at the gym. Don't compare yourself to anyone else in the class as they could have been doing it for years. Go in with the aim of just making it through the whole class no matter how light you need to go and count it as a win that you could get over your fear of going. Remember it takes a few tries before you become comfortable at anything and the great thing with those type of classes is they don't change a lot from week to week so you'll know what to expect the next time you go and where you can start to push yourself

    Terri - One thing I do to stop having a snack after work while I'm cooking dinner is having a protien shake. It fills me up enough that I am not starving and can make it to dinner. If you need to snack veggies are good as Skim said. Give yourself permission to eat as much as you want as long as it's veggies
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    Does Anyone Know Whats Happened To Xenaroadwarrior?
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    Random question and possible TMI but I have to ask anyway - how do you guys go when you've upped your protien intake and you're constantly gassy and, um, smelly? I've do eat things like hard-boiled eggs and a protien shake here and there. I eat a bit of fruit but don't go overboard on it I don't think (2-3 serves per day) and eat a big container full of veges for one or two of my main meals a day. Is it something your body just gets used to after you've stopped eating as much junk or is it something you just have to get used to?

    Donna - Pump is a great class to go to. You can scale down the weights to suit you and your strengths/weaknesses. Your PT wouldn't have said you could do it if they thought you couldn't. Also, most Pump instructors ask if there's any first timers out there and keep an eye on you. Maybe rock up 5 or so minutes early for your class and have a quick chat to the instructor if you're worried. They'll put your mind at ease :) Pump classes are a lot of fun - I miss them a lot!
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    Ok, so this week has been terrible. I am deathly sick with a silly cold, but it has taken away all of my energy and taste buds. I have been crashing as soon as I get home and so unwell in the mornings after very little sleep. I have still been going to the gym in the morning for the main reason being we only have one car and my hubby must be at work at a certain time so I get to my work 2 hrs early and have nothing to do. so cardio this week has been lame :(
    this weekend is our 1st Wedding anniversary so we are going away, so food will be indulgent :)

    but good news, next week im only working half days, so more opportunity for a longer and better gym session, a big walk with the puppy and more food prep time

    so basically this week is a write off for what I wanted
    but next week ill be back into it and focused on my goals

    hopefully I will feel better
  • It my and my husbands 2nd anniversary this weekend so I also will be a little self indulgent on Saturday :P what date is your anniversary, ours is the 25th!

    Pump is also super fun and addictive, give it a few weeks and you'll never wanna stop !! :)

    In other news I had a really nice dinner logged, planned and even prepared ready to chuck on tonight so I could go to the gym but then we had an emotional crisis within our family (some issues with my sisters pregnancy) which led to me spending the evening there eating chocolate and fish and chips and being all round supportive.

    Didnt go to far over but I am already feeling like rubbish from ti!
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    First day back at work but was determined to get to the gym and then to touch base with our little group. I have loved reading all your bits and pieces.
    This is a totally trivial and probably sexist post but I have found out that boxing circuit is way, way better when it is run by a very cute Columbian/ Chilean (something around there) man with a gorgeous Spanish accent because when he says "squat" , 'run" or 10 uppercuts" its just so cute to hear.
    So my tip to you all is find a gym or class with a man just like that - I am going all the time from now on just to hear him speak!!! Just keep telling me what to do and I will do it Luciano. See even that name is cute.
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    Skim and michable, I've been seeing a psychiatrist for nearly a decade now - what with all the Troubles, though, I've doubled-down and am seeing a psychologist as well. Add to that the anti-depressants (which have increased over the last few years), etc, etc...I got it all going on. Joy! :-P

    Thanks, Terri - I actually started three years ago. Still going! :-/

    Now, Skim, re pictures, I followed this - used Flickr:


    Hope that helps!

    I had an okay day today - went for a swim, which was nice. Ate pretty well - had a couple of mini Mars Bars after dinner, but only two and it was still within the calories (plus swimming calories), but I was still wanting just FOOD and feeling sad, so I got on the exercise bike for half an hour and drank my 1L of water. Seemed to help. Really friggin' over being sad though. It'll be 6 months on Australia Day that I'll have been unemployed. This is really upsetting me. :-(

    Anyway, trying to keep myself going, eating the good food (little treats notwithstanding), doing the exercise and hanging out with my two gorgeous furbabies Asher (dog) and Sheba (cat). No matter how bad a day I'm having, a cuddle with them always helps and makes me smile.

    Oh, I'm also working my way through NRoLfW. I'm liking it, but I'm only reading so far. When I go home on Sunday, I'm going to see if my brother has spare barbells I can use. That might be useful.

    Hope you're all going well. :-)
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    Ignore this...I didn't realise you could edit, then I couldn't delete the new one!

    I have the dumb. :-P
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    Hi everyone, happy Thursday!!

    XenaRoadWarrior has deactivated :sad: I'm so sad to see that. DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!! Things get tough sometimes and we fall by the wayside and make bad choices but today is a new day and there are buckloads of possibilities. Please if anyone is having a tough time, stick with it and stay the course. Reach out. This is what we are here for - the good times and the bad. I'm sure that there is NOT a single person in this group who has breezed through life and not able to relate to someone else's difficulties.

    So please - hang in there if you are having a hard time. A problem shared is a problem halved.

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I'll check in with everyone else later - have to go to work now, but just wanted to say - there is NO such thing as failure.
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    Morning all :smile:

    just a quick update, week has been pretty good, struggling with my water but today is going to be a warm one so I should be able to drink it all. Hope everyone is having a good week, have a great day!!!
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    Happy anniversary Merse and Candirose. This must be the weekend to get married. It's our 18th Anniversary on the 27th.
    Mum is pretty stocked as it is also her 50th Anniversary of when she moved to Australia so it will be a double celebration this year.

    Egirl, hope you find work soon. Can you do some volunteer work in the mean time. Keeping busy and exercise are great for the mind.

    Hope everyone has a great day. ????????

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    Morning all!!

    Terri, have fun away! I've NEVER been to Tamworth, guess I missed a word earlier. It makes me think of country music for some reason. As for your iPhone, I've got the 4, waiting for my new 5s to arrive any day now, I ordered it last week but they sent me a 16GB by mistake so I had to send it back... Anyway, I use the EASYNOTE App for lots of things, it syncs to my iPad and Dropbox as well. You can set up reminders and it will pop up on your screen at the allocated time.

    You could also put a motivational picture or saying on your wallpaper so every time you look at your phone it's in the background.

    Donna, good luck going back to work. Try the Pump class, but use just the bar or very low weight. It's best to get your form correct first, and then add weight, so you don't injure yourself. Besides, it's purpose is high rep, low weight. Spin can be like that, I was much the same in my first class last year, I thought I was going to pass out in the first 10 minutes, but just pulled back and didn't go so hard for the rest of the class. It's all a progression, if you tried it now, I'm sure you would be much better at it.

    Bronco!!! LOL!!! I eat a lot of protein and I'm happy to say it doesn't smell unless I've had a lot of wheat! and then I'm in trouble for lots of eras is with gas and bloating and diarrhoea. Ugh. Maybe your body does need to adjust a bit, not sure, I think we are all different in that area.

    Merse, it's hard to focus when you aren't feeling well. Sleep is really important for recovery, so maybe have time off the early gym starts and just focus on getting well this week, have a good weekend for your anniversary and start afresh next week. It doesn't have to be a total write off, but don't push yourself so you are sick for another week on top of this one.

    Candi, happy anniversary to you also!! Hope your sister is ok, family troubles like that usually lead to overeating with me too. But on the flip side, how good is it that your body doesn't like it anymore. I think you are doing really well, keep up the good work!

    Danielle, ah YEAH!!! Of course!!! Totally!!! Sign me up for that class, I bet it's full every week. With women. Hope you have a good day back at work.

    Emma, thanks for the photo thread, I had tried to find it, I knew it existed, but my search was turning up other useless threads. I'll give that a go on the weekend. Must be really hard being out of work, something will come up eventually I'm sure. In the meantime, would you change directions and look for something casual until another library job turns up?

    Sweet, hi! It's so bloody humid today, not hot in Sydney but oh so sticky. Ugh.

    I didn't go to the gym this morning due to a late night last night and I need my sleep, so I slept in until 6am.

    I must say, while it's great having new boyfriend ... If I can call an almost 53 year old man a boyfriend ... It's not good for my routine. I'm either up late talking on the phone, or he comes over, or we go out on weekends and it's not HIS fault, because he always tells me to go to bed and sleep and he's got to be one of the most considerate and thoughtful people on the face of the planet. It's ME. I can't seem to switch off so easily anymore.

    Plus I've stopped being so obsessive over every little thing I eat. Which, let's face it. Is a GOOD thing. I think I feel a little bit lost with my weekly goals. I'm still reading my 12 week goals every day, and yes, I still want them but maybe I need to change my daily and weekly goals a bit, because I am certainly not doing very well with them!!!

    I'll never give up though. I just need to change things a little bit. Maybe increase calories to 1700 and accept a slower weight loss (still up on the scales from Christmas) and also do 3 x full body weights a week rather than a 4 day split. I'll have a think about this today.

    A bit sad about Xena, does anyone know if someone deactivates, can they come back under the same user name, or is that over and done with for good and you come back with a new name? Only asking because I don't want to delete her as a friend if she comes back I won't be on her list. It's a shame, I don't know why she deactivated, but I hope she doesn't give up her quest.

    Right, so I better get to work, currently sitting in QVB coffee shop and the big clock just struck 9am... I fell like Cinderella having to run off and get to work on time. Ok, I'm late already. LOL!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!

    From Skim
    #TTTAussies on Instagram
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    Gosh Lou, I almost missed you, happy Anniversary to you as well!!
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