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  • Miffylou
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    Hi all,

    Glad to see everyone is having a great week. Haven't been around much as it was back to work for me after 2 weeks holidays and back to school routine. I'm also an early riser and up at 5:15 to be at the gym at 5:30 so it's then early to bed.

    Bronco a huge congrat's on the 5k's. I'm sitting at a PB of 33:50 and would love to smash 30. There's lots of hills around my area so would love to do a run with no hills and see how I'd go. Was meant to be doing a 10k fun run tomorrow but it's been postponed till the following week due to the heat. Thing is it doesn't look like to be cooling down very soon. Will still do a run tomorrow just really early before the sun comes up.

    Glad to hear Claude is doing well, seems he's found a good home.

    Honey hope you're feeling a bit better.

    Have a great day all.

  • mungowungo
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    Evening all,

    Got my daughter all packed up for a horse show tomorrow in Gunnedah - crossing fingers and hoping that the horse behaves himself and doesn't try to run over one of the judges again - oops!

    Apart from that I've been reading up on Lyle McDonald's website - bodyrecomposition.com - I'd highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't already discovered it for themselves - lots of really good info.

    Have also been on burnthefatblog - home of Tom Venuto - also excellent.

    And from memory I think skim has mentioned these in links and podcasts thread.

    Apart from that for some bizarre reason I joined the ultimate accountability challenge again - maybe third times the charm - or maybe subconsciously I wanted the extra incentive to do my daily workout. So because of this from today I will be logging exercise again, but I still won't be eating it back - sort of defeats the purpose of what I'm doing.

    I have also been thinking (albeit maybe a bit frivolously) of posting on the main board that I want a kickass type friend who will go through my diary and pick it to pieces and give me hell when I don't log exercise...... maybe I still have a mindset that dieting should be hard and or difficult and full of restrictions
  • sami_83
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    Okay so I have a few weeks of taking it easy until my back stops hurting. I am going to try harder to eat within my calories. I've failed with that today but I don't mind, I am still under maintenance cals.
    I have lost almost 6kg since November last year and I have calculated that it is a fifth of what I need to lose. When I look at it like that my goal doesn't seem so scary. I've lost this much once already, I can do it four more times! I'm also still feeling motivated most of the time, which is highly unusual for me. I find that I am thinking about food a LOT (in terms of what my next meal is and should I have that paddlepop or not) but to be honest it is not much more thinking than I used to do. I was always fretting about it without making changes or logging and then stressing out about it all. At least now I have knowledge and control and it feels nice to know that if I fall off the wagon I can easily get back on.
    I am feeling really positive and hopeful, and this group is definitely helping with that :)
  • michable
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    Checking in for the week. Have to admit I've been a bit flat this week. I think I was hung over for a few days after Australia Day. I really can't drink like I used to anymore, although when I do drink, I always think I can drink like I used to, so I end up quite under the weather for days afterwards - mentally and physically. When will I learn? My husband just shakes his head. He can't understand why I do it to myself, either. Thank goodness it doesn't happen very often.

    So, I did 3 runs this week (missed one due to rain), and 1 strength session (had planned to do 3, but like I said, I was flat this week, and really wasn't feeling it)

    Did my long run this morning - 10.5 km in 67 mins.

    Hoping to be back on track this week!

    Sami - I hope your back gets better soon. Happy to hear you're so motivated and positive despite your injury!

    Broncos - congrats on getting your 5 km under 30 mins! Great time! I had been trying to get my 5km back under 30 mins too, and ended up doing it at a parkrun in Sandgate when I was in Brissie over the Christmas break. 29:06 mins: I was pretty stoked, too! I never run that fast in a training run - the race atmosphere really gets you running faster, I guess!

    Miffylou - You would absolutely run faster on a flat course! The run I did at Sandgate had a beautiful flat course out and back along the water, and I ran my best time all year. I have to run up a big hill right at the beginning of all my runs from home, and it really does slow me down. I'm coming to terms with it now, though, and I realise that even though my times won't be as fast from home, the hill is actually good for me, and I will be able to run faster on a flat course! Now that I'm doing some longer runs, I even run out and back for half the distance, grab a drink at home, then run out and back again so I'm doing the hill twice! I would never have done that 3 months ago.

    Good luck for the week ahead, guys. Keep kicking your goals!
  • SkimFlatWhite68
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    Hi there Challengers!!

    Sorry I haven't been around much this weekend, had a really huge social weekend - lots of things on and been out a lot. SO tired tonight, I've made some frozen yoghurt for dinner and will be going to bed early.

    I'm watching the Biggest Loser weigh in and Katrina just lost 6.6kg in one week and is disappointed with herself... WTF? This is where the show gets it SO wrong. Smashes the poor contestants with super super levels of exercise, hard training and focus on calorie burning and makes them feel guilty for not losing massive amounts. 6.6kg in one week IS massive!!! Oh dear.

    I'm not sure if we have Body Balance anymore at my gym, but after reading all the posts I agree with Megan's (sweetysmum) idea and I think I'll try a yoga class this coming week. It's good to do something different and I think I did too much cardio last week which made me have a bit of a crash on Friday night. I need to balance things out a bit. I used to do Pump (and loved it) years ago, but I tend to do my own thing most of the time. I looked at Fernwood online to see what it's like - the gyms all look very nice.

    Amanda (ZenP) - starting with the bar and progressing up through the weights is exactly the right thing to do. Great effort!! Monique, that's a pretty good starting weight and it's no wonder you are sore. I remember I did a pump class at the beginning of last year and I was shaking at the end and could barely walk home my legs were like jelly. I had DOMS for a week!!! LOL!!

    Donna (DeeB) - nice work on the calorie burn. PT sessions sound good too! I'm going to continue with the PT every 2 weeks up until Easter. I go once a month with my BFF (it's more of a social thing) and once a month just me to concentrate on something I want to focus on. Our next one on one session is for deadlifts.

    Merica (Honey) sorry you weren't feeling well this morning but thanks for checking in :) Hope you feel better soon.

    Mel (Broncos) that is fabulous news about your run - good on you! I'm not a runner by any stretch of the imagination, but improving on anything always gives such a sense of satisfaction.

    Hi Lou, great work getting back to routine. I'm an early riser too - not naturally but it's the best time for me to go to the gym, but yes, it does mean going to bed early. I need my sleep!!

    Robin (Mungo) those are GREAT sites and you will get LOTS of information and it's all going to be good. Not sure exactly what the Accountability Challenge is but if it helps you get to your goal, then go for it. I'm not sure I would want someone to pick my diary apart, I think as long as you meet your weekly goals going tough day to day is something for elite athletes and that's not me!!

    Hey Sam, sorry to hear your back is still a bit out, but well done being on track with food. I think we all focus on food a bit at certain stages, but it gets easier and easier as time goes on to make good choices and change our habits. Fake it til you make it!

    Mich, sorry to hear you have been a bit flat, but realistically 3 runs and a training session is pretty good for one week, so don't be too hard on yourself.

    I'm going to set up the Week 3 threads now. I hope that everyone gets right into it tomorrow morning and smashes through the week!
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