What's everyone currently playing?

hush404 Posts: 95 Member
^^ Thread title.

I don't get as much time to game as I'd like to any more, but I still love it when I do. Currently I've gone back to play Infamous 2 on the PS3 as I envy people who own the new one on PS4 :P Its still awesome and fun. Also just started Space Engineers on PC, which looks fun. Got Final Fantasy X HD in the mail just recently too, would love to be able to rip into that as well :)

What about you, fellow MFPers?


  • Crateria_
    Crateria_ Posts: 253 Member
    I'm playing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls and Mercenary Kings right now. :)
  • Gilbrod
    Gilbrod Posts: 1,216 Member
    Just finished A Link Between Two Worlds, and South Park and the Stick of Truth. Wow to both games. On to Second Son and Mercenary Kings!!!!
  • Escloflowne
    Escloflowne Posts: 2,038 Member
    South Park and Yoshi's Island 3DS
  • xSirensSong
    xSirensSong Posts: 617 Member
    I play League of Legends, Dawnstar, Smite, Guild Wars 2 & soon-to-be ESO. Just finished the South Park Stick of Truth not too long ago, I'm sad it only took me a couple days to complete all the quests >_< Wish there was a little more.
  • I'm playing Thief on the Ps4. It's the first time a map system has ruined a game for me, I'm struggling to finish it.
  • Crateria_
    Crateria_ Posts: 253 Member
    yeah, I've heard nothing but good things about the South Park game. I'm going to have to try it :)
  • bomftdrum
    bomftdrum Posts: 270 Member
    I'm not playing anything now, since I beat Infamous Second Son. I can't wait for MLB The Show and I might get Bound by Flame as well.
  • Slimithy
    Slimithy Posts: 348 Member
    Infamous: Second Son and Skyrim
  • RipperSB
    RipperSB Posts: 315 Member
    Rocksmith 2014. Pretty much the only disc that goes in my PS3 these days, just having way too much fun with that.
  • Asheea
    Asheea Posts: 220 Member
    I'm playing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. That's all I play atm. I do play Skryim, WoW and various PS3 games occasionally.
  • StarGeezer
    StarGeezer Posts: 351
    Currently downloading Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut on the PS4. It was only $15, and you get to blow crap up in space in a cool-looking ship/robot thing. What's not to like? :glasses:
  • cacklingcat
    cacklingcat Posts: 150 Member
    Planet Explorer/Tera/World of tanks. :drinker:
  • DrNerdy
    DrNerdy Posts: 168 Member
    Wow, Infamous Second Son, FFX Remaster, and Metal Gear Solid GZ.
  • Cloudberry Kingdom & DK64 :)
  • StreetBystander
    StreetBystander Posts: 39 Member
    Diablo III and World of Warcraft primarily. Looking to get back into Left 4 Dead this weekend with my boyfriend. (I should probably give my Steam library some more lovin'. I've had several games sitting untouched since I bought them months ago: Darksiders I and II, Batman: Arkham City, The Witcher I and II . . . le sigh . . .)
  • I have been playing COD:Black Ops 2 online with my friends. and I have been Skyrim. I have also been playing all the "retro" games on http://www.snesfun.com/ (Link to the past and Yoshi's Island) :)
  • kmarshalljansen
    kmarshalljansen Posts: 187 Member
    I'm playing too much Pixel Dungeon on my phone... still haven't been able to beat DM-300 yet (I've died to him with a Warrior, Mage, and a Rogue so far though!)

    I'm playing less WoW than normal, after 'killing' Garrosh it's been hard to get motivated to keep grinding gear.

    I'm considering getting Titanfall for my 360 or PC soon, but I'm not sure if I'll like it, I've never been much of an FPS guy.

  • Dan_Lifts
    Dan_Lifts Posts: 22
    I'm replaying Borderlands 2 and fooling around with Infamous Second Son. I'm looking forward to Daylight and the DLC for Outlast later this month, and Destiny, Alien: Isolation and Witcher 3 down the line. Also, just saw that Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel was announced for late fall on PS3, Xbox, and PC...cool.
  • StreetBystander
    StreetBystander Posts: 39 Member
    Also, just saw that Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel was announced for late fall on PS3, Xbox, and PC...cool.

    Ahhhh, I can't wait!
  • greypilgrimess
    greypilgrimess Posts: 354 Member
    I'm mostly playing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, but dabbling in some Guild Wars 2 as well. Also maybe I shouldn't admit I'm playing Animal Crossing on my DS... lol