What's everyone currently playing?



  • elispeli
    elispeli Posts: 103 Member
    I've been playing a lot of Zelda MM on my N64 and Halo on my Xbox
    I guess I'm not so much into the games out recently...
  • ShyFeather
    ShyFeather Posts: 138 Member
    I recently beat the first Assassin's Creed after buying it two years ago and never finishing it xD I ordered the Ezio Trilogy and it should be delivered next week :) I also ordered the Last of Us so I may play that first. Atm, I'm messing around in inFamous since I also never beat that, and Kingdom Hearts since I got the 2.5 is coming out in December but I haven't beat 1.5 yet. So glad it's summer and I can play all these games before college starts again.
  • elispeli
    elispeli Posts: 103 Member
    right!? we gotta crunch before September!
    Also, Assassin's Creed is THE BOMB. I feel like a murderous spider-monkey assassin from legends. Sometimes I don't even play for the plot, I just love to run around.
  • LucasEVille
    LucasEVille Posts: 567 Member
    Finally bought GW2..... Got bored of LOTRO, SWTOR, STO, etc.... So far seems to be a much more polished MMO than other products.
  • Sassia
    Sassia Posts: 465 Member
    Not played on consoles for so long. Bored of them until something amazing comes along. I keep going back to Skyrim on PC. Waiting for Alien Isolation though.......Please be good, please!
  • Slimithy
    Slimithy Posts: 348 Member
    This past weekend 2 things conspired to cause me to pick WoW back up.
    1. The beta for Warlords of Draenor started
    2. Found out 2 friends I play Pathfinder with are back into WoW.

    So I spent the weekend playing a fresh new Worgen Warlock. What's worse than a Werewolf suffering from an ancient druidic curse? A Werewolf who suffers from an ancient druidic curse and is totally into demons and setting things on fire.
  • MartialPanda
    MartialPanda Posts: 919 Member
    MASS EFFECT - so good. I've never been into shooters but I like this a lot. I also realized how terrible I am at it lmao. Getting better slowly. But so much fun.
  • zenalasca
    zenalasca Posts: 563 Member
    Just finished Assassin's Creed II and am finishing FFXIII Lightening returns
  • Krizzle4Rizzle
    Krizzle4Rizzle Posts: 2,704 Member
    World of Warcraft because I cannot not play World of Warcraft.
  • Shalaurise
    Shalaurise Posts: 707 Member
    Nothing! /sob With MFP and work and kids... games went bye bye :( Hopefully I will find some time when my Wasteland 2 gets here.
  • Penthesilea514
    Penthesilea514 Posts: 1,189 Member
    I have been playing Rift- love it! Big MMORPG gamer, played Wow (don't play now though), Guild Wars (fantastic), and SWTOR (fun).
  • Kyronos82
    Kyronos82 Posts: 2
    League of Legends (mainly ARAM and not too often I'll play Normals)
    Was playing Aura Kingdom, tried/trying out Elsword, and created a Steam acct recently but am open to try out some the FTP/F2P games also.

    Destiny Beta (on the 23rd) but I find myself going back to playing some arcade games on there while I wait. Wouldn't mind gaming with others on past games either because I am not too impressed with the newer games on the 360 atm.
  • alodiaa
    alodiaa Posts: 23 Member
    A LOT of Smite. Also Diablo 3, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne and Banished for when I get bored of all of that :wink:
  • Slimithy
    Slimithy Posts: 348 Member
    While listening to the IGN Beyond Podcast they recommneded Final Fantasy Tactics as possibly one of the best games ever made. So I picked that up on my Vita and have started it. I'm not sure yet, it's very different. I'm not very far so I'm witholding my judgement for the time being. Also started the Destiny Beta last night and fell in love again. The game is awesome!
  • homerjspartan
    homerjspartan Posts: 1,893 Member
    Finished Wolfenstein. Cried like a baby at the final scene.

    Now I am lost without something to play.......hmmmmm.
  • minx112
    minx112 Posts: 13
    Couldn't find a single post of someone saying Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate! Dang it, looking for people to hunt with!
    Besides that, I play League of Legends, Borderlands 2, and Disgaea.
  • alamarana2885
    alamarana2885 Posts: 91 Member
    Tera Online! I love my little Elin archer soooo much! She's just so damn cute! :D
  • hellomanen
    hellomanen Posts: 96 Member
    I was playing Zelda: a Link to the past... but college got in the way and left it before I could finish it :( and still waiting on that darn copy of StarCraft HOTS a friend borrowed - lesson learned - and I haven't even played it yet! :noway:
  • W0nderGiirl
    W0nderGiirl Posts: 121 Member
    Just restarted Skyrim. I never finished it when I first started, but today is a new day. I'm trying to finish every quest and side-quest given this time. :]
  • Midiusia
    Midiusia Posts: 5
    I play League of Legend and Nostale . This are my two favorit Games.