Tattoos & piercings



  • At this time I only have one tattoo and one piercing

    Tattoo= goddess symbol on my right foot as I am a witch

    Piercing= tongue ring

    Plan to get more tattoos and piercings in the future

    I love the art, but the tongue ring is annoying because I have to take it out all the time for my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • shooting_star27
    shooting_star27 Posts: 39 Member
    I have 2 tattoos. A black dog pawprint on my left upper arm, and a green and purple dragon caduceus on my upper back. I really love them and have ideas for a few more I want. I do have some piercings as well, but will have to remove them soon if I get into the Navy plus it's annoying always have to take them out to play rugby. I have an industrial and 2 lobe piercings (left ear), and a cartilage piercing and 2 lobe piercings (right ear).
  • BraveNewdGirl
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    I've got a tiny little diamond nose stud, my tongue pierced – ladies – and three holes punched in each of my earlobes (because that's how many Buffy had)! I've also got a baby tiger on my right shoulder blade that's due for a cover-up! I've got ink planned as the reward for hitting my goal weight that'll start there and wrap around my shoulder, then wind down my arm into a half-sleeve, ending just above my elbow.
  • firebloom
    firebloom Posts: 109 Member
    No tattoos here. I love how they look on others but I'm not sure if I could ever commit to have the same design stuck on me forever. If I did get one though, I'd probably get something with blue wrens in the design.

    I have my nose pierced and that's all of the piercings that I'm getting because my body always rejects them and takes like a year to heal even though I follow all of the care instructions :(
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,474 Member
    on chicks, no.
    on guys, yum.