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  • dcresider
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    Hi all. I'm a happily married 46 year old runner with no kids living in the heart of Washington, DC (which is noted as one of the most fittest in the USA). I've been an avid runner for the past 20 years and prefer to run 10 milers and half marathons at least twice a year. The newest race is the Philly Half that's coming up in a few weeks. While I love to run, I also love to eat so the weight isn't coming off as easily. Now I try incorporate weight training and hope I'll see some kind of loss. Good luck to everyone.
  • Redhouse6758
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    Hi my name is Renee from Philadelphia, PA., I started running in August 2015 with Black Girls Run. I completed my first 5k at Trenton in October 2015,my pace is in 14 minute range. I haven't done much running this year as I also started road bike riding. My goal for this year is to run Broad Street (10 miles) and possibly Minneapolis half Marathon.
  • 20ever
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    Forty something beginner/intermediate runner. I've completed a half marathon and a handful of 5k run one of which was a trail run. I started running in 2014 and took some time off in 2015 and have been back at is since May 2016. Ultimately, I am looking for weight loss and better fitness however I have grown to enjoy running. I wasted a lot of years inside a gym on a treadmill, these days I am outdoors regardless of the weather (excluding extremes) and pounding the pavement.

  • Getfitat54
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    Hi all, my name is Tony... I'm a runner. (all echo, Hi Tony)
    While I say I am a runner, I am a true novice.
    I started my first Holiday Streak in 2013 on a dare from a friend, who is a die hard runner. Since my birthday falls just a few months before Thanksgiving, and as a middle age man, with a big middle…. I was game for the challenge. I couldn’t honestly wait until January 2nd when I could stop running.
    2014 – my friend reminded me, hey dude, Holiday Streak coming up… so once again I was game this time I had been doing a little bit of running prior to the start of the Streak. The beginning of December, he suggested hey your running is looking good… good weekly mileage (for a beginner) , why not run a half marathon… I stopped running, looked at him like he was flippin’ crazy nutso. We finished our run and we talked about it…. Next thing I know I was training for my first half marathon….. I was up to 30+ miles a week…. Then…. I somehow came down with double pneumonia… and eneded up in the hospital for 3 days getting breathing treatments and IN antibiotics. Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper. It took me a long time to get over that…..
    2015 – seemed more like a “chore” to do the holiday streak, but my wife asked my around the beginning on November if I was going to do the streak again, I told her if she’d join me. Hahahaha, she is not a runner, of into fitness at all. But, I did it anyway.

    My goal for this year’s Holiday Streak is to break my mileage record of 79 in 2014.
    2013 – 57.83
    2014 – 79.00 (training for the half that never happened)
    2015 – 53.04 (more like a chore)
  • Getfitat54
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    Also, please feel free to add me.
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    I'm from Colorado Springs, at least for the last 19 years. We are at 6500 feet so the running feels different here and different when I visit other places. I have in the past run pretty long races, but gained weight and ran less after kids. Now I run 5k races current time around 29 or a bit more I would guess on a flat paved course. My goal is to hit 25 minutes someplace somewhere for a 5K. I run about twice a week and do weights once a week.
  • Colorado1runner
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    Hi everyone my name is Tim from Colorado Springs, over the last year I have lost a total of 65LBS from running and managing my diet. I ran my first race this year the bolder boulder under a hour for a 10k. Looking to train for a half marathon and a full marathon with the goal of one day doing 50.. please feel free to add me as a motivational friend..
  • Getfitat54
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    Tim welcome. I have my first half planned for early April.... good luck and happy running
  • Hevenerk
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    Hello all, my name is Kevin and I have been on MFP off and on for a few years now. Currently I have been on track for about two months and am training to run a 1/2 Marathon (will be my 5th one) in Feb. I am always looking for more supportive friends on MFP to help with this journey.
  • OSUbuckeye906
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    Hi, all! I'm not sure how I missed this thread before. I jumped into the monthly challenge thread around this time last month but I guess I never formally introduced myself. I'm Hilary, 29, and live in Buckeye Nation in central Ohio. I began attempting to run around 2009. I tried the C25K program several times throughout the first few years and completed my first 5K in May 2011 but quit shortly after. In 2012, I started actively trying to lose weight and started up running again as a supplement. I ran a few more 5Ks and completed my first half marathon in the spring of 2013. I got a crazy bone in my body that summer and decided to train for both a triathlon and my first marathon. As you can probably imagine, that did not turn out well. Carpel tunnel kept me from continuing triathlon training and a heart breaking stress fracture led to a DNS for my first marathon. I recovered from the stress fracture and took my doctor's orders to a more conservative marathon training program and completed my first marathon in April 2014. I PRed in the Chicago Marathon that year (4:42) just around the time I hit 60 pounds lost. Several relatively minor running-related injuries later and a bit of weight gain back, I am buckling back down again. I'm working hard to improve my overall marathon pace and shed a few pounds in order to aide with that.

    It's funny, I've now completed 8 marathons but since I just started really running 4 years ago I still consider myself a new runner. I was involved in just about every sport growing up and was a great sprinter but really HATED long distance running and NEVER would have thought I'd be a runner in my adult years. When people ask me why I started running, I tell them it was for the was one of the few sports that intimidated me because I struggled with it. I definitely don't consider running much of a "supplement" anymore but rather a big part of my life. Funny how things work out.

    I'm still pretty new to MFP so feel free to add/friend me!
  • Hello, all. I'm Cassie. I am 37 years old, and have been running off and on for quite a few years now. My first real running experience was as the worst runner on my high school cross country team for one season my senior year. After that, I didn't run again for at least a decade. I have a tendency to run for a while, then switch to a weightlifting program or something else to work out with my husband.

    I was just getting back into running a lot in January of this year when I sprained my foot. In April, when I was healed up and ready to go, I sprained my ankle in a bike wreck! That took forever to heal properly, so hubby and I focused on lifting. I am finally back, doing a 10k trainer. Hoping to stay healthy this time!
  • Indygirl_81
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    I've been running for about a year and have worked up to consistently running between 1-2 miles, 3x per week. I am still very overweight, so hopefully this helps me lose and my stamina continues to increase.
  • Spartan1230
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    I started running just under a year ago. I'm preparing for Spartan race soon. Just doing 5K distances right now and trying to get more trail runs then pavement.
  • MEMD1974
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    New to group - just joined today. Goal is 60 miles for the month of December. Farthest race was a half marathon in 2009. Would love to do another. I try to run before work as I am just too beat after work. Living in Texas and it is finally cooler out - perfect for running! Looking forward to December!
  • sandsarita
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    Hi I'm Kim from Oklahoma. I have run off and on now for about 12 years, have done lots of triathlons and a few half marathons. I signed up for another half the end of April, the Okc memorial. Need to get consistent with running again. And work on weight loss as I have increased significantly
  • Nikkha
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    Hi I am Yanni and I am new to running, but I enjoy it, one of the few exercises I can keep up and maintain, really. I guess I never really push myself to my running limit so I usually only run on the treadmill for 20 minutes (2KM) and then stop, because the gym's rules says so.
    And because I already a bit tired by then. I once injured myself when I run, so I am looking for resources/advises on how to run.

    I really want to join a 5K and preparing myself to do that. How long did it take? I practice inconsistently but I hear if we are consistent we can change from a couch potato to running 5K just in a month.

    My goal is only 50km but I doubt I could even reach that. Surprised at everyone else goal!
  • rterry1968
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    Hello everyone - my name is Robin and i'm in Florida - the weather is finally cooling off enough for me to consider a daily run (or as i call it "wogging" walk and jogging). i have many pounds to lose so a slow steady pace is where i keep it. my running partner (jack russell terrier) is my inspiration to get this started again - he loves to see me put my running shoes on! wish me luck as I just try to get back to three miles a day - i know it's late in the month to start but i figured better late than never, right?
  • Run4theluvofit
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    Hello, My name is Jen. I am new to this group, but not new to running. I started running in late 2014. I've ran 1 half marathon and loads of 5Ks and 10Ks. I suffered a couple of nagging injuries earlier this year, and gained a bit of weight in the meantime. I'm finally back to injury free and I'm excited to get back into running again. I'm looking forward to running more half marathons this year and beating my PB times from 2015.
  • rosalie115
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    Just starting out with running - usually walk/jog. Decided to pickup the pace! I welcome any suggestions you may have. Looking forward to running my first race! Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • Determined_Cupcake
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    Hi! I love running, but an ankle injury kept me from working out. I'm hoping to get back to 30 min 5ks! For now I have to couch to 5k it lol nice you meet everyone!